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What weird smells do you like?

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CormoranStrike · 19/09/2020 17:52

I passed a garage today giving cars spray jobs and oh! The smell of spray paint was amazing.

I also love the smell of firelighters, the kind you would use to help a log fire start.

Freshly cut grass too, but that’s more normal!

OP posts:
HollyHocks13 · 19/09/2020 23:06

Nail polish remover
My dog's paws (like digestive biscuits)
The warehouse bit in Ikea where all the flat packed furniture is kept in aisles - it's a lovely woody smell!

SophieGiroux · 19/09/2020 23:09

@sqirrelfriends I also love my cat's breath! When she yawns I have to go in for a sniff 😂

jay55 · 19/09/2020 23:16


Carrigfada · 20/09/2020 00:00


Jeyes Fluid


Also cow manure, silage, slightly rotted kelp, that damp stink of drink you get passing the door of old man pubs, henfeed pellets, old bookshops.
SunburstsOrMarbleHalls · 20/09/2020 01:38

Underground train stations, not the actual trains but the smell in the station as the train pulls in.

Slightly damp musty garages and outbuildings

When I was at primary school years ago the pva white glue that you would use in art with a spatula and also the big jar of Quink ink that you would refill fountain pens with.

drigon · 20/09/2020 04:26

The mingled smell in chemists' shops.

KihoBebiluPute · 20/09/2020 04:38

Another vote for Petrichor

KihoBebiluPute · 20/09/2020 04:39

also old books. second hand bookshops are wonderful.

WezWally · 20/09/2020 05:04

Birthday cake candles once they've been blown out
When you first walk into a hairdressers or tattoo place

TheNoodlesIncident · 22/09/2020 10:45


My newborn's poop when breastfed, used to smell extraordinarily sweet, like toffee yoghurt 😲😐

I'm so glad this wasn't just me Blush but honestly, it seemed like Werther's Original, definitely smelled like toffee to me I didn't actually sniff at the nappies no sir not me That's not a weird smell though, probably some sort of innate instinct that makes it perceived as pleasant rather than minging...

Also want to add Swarfega as mentioned by PP, lovely odd smell.

We made aprons in Domestic Science and the bolts of fabric we used smelled like rancid butter. I remember repeatedly sniffing mine as the smell was so odd but compelling, I don't know why!
MissClementine · 22/09/2020 10:49

Gift wrapping paper

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