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What weird smells do you like?

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CormoranStrike · 19/09/2020 17:52

I passed a garage today giving cars spray jobs and oh! The smell of spray paint was amazing.

I also love the smell of firelighters, the kind you would use to help a log fire start.

Freshly cut grass too, but that’s more normal!

OP posts:
The3rdWatermelon · 19/09/2020 20:52

Horse breath. My pony’s breath as a foal, when he was still drinking milk from his mum - amazing! Like warm apple pie and cream

My cat’s head smells so good. I suspect what I’m smelling is the dried spit of the other cat, but it’s addictive

I love the burnt hoof smell when the farrier is fitting horse shoes

CentrifugalBumblePuppy · 19/09/2020 20:54

Rubber (especially popping on a brand new black indoor plimsoll over my nose like a mask)
Fresh tyres
Hot hot water bottles
The smell of a Kaye’s or Janet Fraser catalogue (years ago, obviously)
The coal fire smell you get when it’s going to snow

Covert19 · 19/09/2020 20:54

Surgical Spirit

ChiefClerkDrumknott · 19/09/2020 20:57

Slightly sweaty horse
Horshage and graze on (horse feeds)
Grassy horse breath

tsmainsqueeze · 19/09/2020 20:57

My dogs feet , i work at a vets and all my colleagues love the smell too.
I only like the smell of my own dogs though !

TheChristmasPrincess · 19/09/2020 21:01

My newborn's poop when breastfed, used to smell extraordinarily sweet, like toffee yoghurt 😲😐

cookielove · 19/09/2020 21:01

Cememt, especially when wet.

The smell of the tumble drier.

Grey breeze blocks

flourbroach · 19/09/2020 21:26

The smell of crushed grass inside a marquee on a hot day.

Igglepigglesgrubbyblanket · 19/09/2020 21:29

Tights slightly singeing on a hot radiator.

I also find the smell of fresh cigarette smoke nostalgic, although I didn't like it when it was everywhere.

TheoneandObi · 19/09/2020 21:35

The washing powder aisle in Tesco

Zoflorabore · 19/09/2020 21:59

Petrol, fresh tarmac, old fashioned furniture polish with beeswax ( none of this pledge shite ) new school pumps. I love smells Smile

Youngatheart00 · 19/09/2020 22:00

Olbas oil, especially when it’s settled in to a pillow. I find it so comforting!

SconNotScone · 19/09/2020 22:02


Slightly burnt toast.
Watercolour "blocks".

I used to love the smell of exhaust fumes when I was a kid.

Yes! Watercolour blocks! I would never in a million years have thought of that off my own back, but as soon as I read it, I was transported back to being a young teen and using the watercolours at school, the smell is so distinctive!
VaggieMight · 19/09/2020 22:05

Wet clay

Perming solution - I know I'm on my own on that one, I think it's a childhood thing of the excitement of getting my first permGrin

Inside pencil cases - again, childhood excitement of getting new stationery

Manure - summer holidays, again probably childhood related

Youngatheart00 · 19/09/2020 22:07

Oh, also, glossy magazines and brochures

DoctorTwo · 19/09/2020 22:11

In no particular order.

Old Holborn tobacco.
Freshly laid tarmac.
Pitch pine.
New cars.
My own worn socks.

NemosPoorlyFinn · 19/09/2020 22:13

Swimming pools
And my son when he was newborn 💙

homemadecommunistrussia · 19/09/2020 22:18

Hamster tummies
Really old books
Scorched pillowcases.

CamelotSweetheart · 19/09/2020 22:25

Damp old buildings - eg cellars and churches
Newly laid tarmac
But most of all creosote!

Batfinklestein · 19/09/2020 22:53

Yes to cats feet! They smell a bit like hay.

AriesTheRam · 19/09/2020 22:56


FallonsTeaRoom · 19/09/2020 22:57

Sesame oil
New jar of coffee

udnertheradar · 19/09/2020 22:58


AriesTheRam · 19/09/2020 22:59

Thought of a couple more.

Beer breath on someone else if they've been to the pub and you haven't.


My dogs biscuity smelling fur

SophieGiroux · 19/09/2020 23:05

Jeyes fluid
Coal tar shampoo

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