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What weird smells do you like?

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CormoranStrike · 19/09/2020 17:52

I passed a garage today giving cars spray jobs and oh! The smell of spray paint was amazing.

I also love the smell of firelighters, the kind you would use to help a log fire start.

Freshly cut grass too, but that’s more normal!

OP posts:
DuckonaBike · 19/09/2020 18:12

Mildew (reminds me of childhood camping holidays)

HelloViroids · 19/09/2020 18:17

Marker pen, TCP, chlorine

EscapeTheCastle · 19/09/2020 18:20

Yes to creosote like others up thread. I think Putney bridge tube station smells like creosote!

SospanFrangipan · 19/09/2020 18:21

A newly open post it note block, when you fan the sheets. It's delightful

GoldHedgehogLamp · 19/09/2020 18:26

Proper old spicy roses.and swimming pools too. The tiny wee.carnation plants you get (forget their name).. They smell cinammony spicy, like Oddfellows sweets if anyone is old enough to remember them?

Cassie71 · 19/09/2020 18:27

Rubber bands, I used to chew them when I was young.

UnfinishedSymphon · 19/09/2020 18:28

Library books

Wet dog

The morning after bonfire night, that damp, smokey smell

Freshly dug soil

New car smell

angelaEhen · 19/09/2020 18:30

The shed and garage

flowersun2 · 19/09/2020 18:31



Me too!
YellowandGreenToBeSeen · 19/09/2020 18:34

Cow sheds / fresh cow shit. It’s a sweet manure.
My dogs ears.
Good quality composting soil.
A blown out match.

YellowandGreenToBeSeen · 19/09/2020 18:35

Damp woods and decaying leaves
Bonfires / woodsmoke (but that’s not particularly unusual)
My ex’s armpits after a day at work #aintnothingbutmammals

Shodan · 19/09/2020 18:37



The pages of old books, in particular my old school atlas.

MMM2 · 19/09/2020 18:37

New babies head.

AndNowItsHappeningInMine · 19/09/2020 18:40

Baby sick

CoronaIsWatching · 19/09/2020 18:42

My own farts

frumpety · 19/09/2020 18:43

The sea.

Roses that smell of roses , always reminds me of trying to make perfume as a child.

Wet dogs and horses.


Fields that have been freshly ploughed.


sqirrelfriends · 19/09/2020 18:43

I quite like the smell of my cats breath and would never admit it in real life.

sqirrelfriends · 19/09/2020 18:45

The smell of burning wood, it reminds me of the big open fire we had growing up.

Twospaniels · 19/09/2020 18:47

Cigarette smoke - just if a bit wafts past. I grew up when you could still smoke in pubs and clubs and although I have never smoked myself, it reminds me of those times.

Wet or sweaty horse

Cows, reminds me of childhood hols in Derbyshire on a dairy farm

Carpet glue

Roast pork, reminds me of my grandparents flat.

xanthippe8 · 19/09/2020 18:54

Truffles (not the chocolate ones).

TheNoodlesIncident · 19/09/2020 18:56

Scraps (the 70s ones with that shiny coating)
Very old books (I have one from the 1700s and it's intoxicating!)

The tiny wee.carnation plants you get (forget their name).. They smell cinammony spicy, like Oddfellows sweets if anyone is old enough to remember them? Those are Pinks, said to smell like cloves GoldHedgehogLamp

elp30 · 19/09/2020 18:56



Chocadoddledoo · 19/09/2020 18:58

Old engine oil
Green Swarfega.

Remona · 19/09/2020 19:06

Another one for tar
A log fire

Crunchymum · 19/09/2020 19:07

Another vote for petrol and also white spirit.

Absolute favourite smell is 2 part filler.

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