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I never thought I'd be the person who goes on holiday to the same place every year

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Prestia · 29/06/2019 21:04

But every year it comes to booking and look at loads of options and then think that it might not be as lovely as the place we usually go.

If you'd have asked me in my 20s I'd have been very disappointed in my 30-something-self.

OP posts:
Shockers · 29/06/2019 21:08

I found somewhere last year that felt like ‘home’. We do holiday in other places too, but I’ve already booked a third trip there.

We always go to the same ski resort too- it’s cheap and I love it there.

Zofloramummy · 29/06/2019 21:08

I have to ask where is it?

user1471453601 · 29/06/2019 21:09

I have been going back to the same plac for over 15 years, four weeks in May/June, three in September.

PennyPlum · 29/06/2019 21:10

Where are these places everyone goes to year after year?? Please don't say Center Parcs because that would be our rut.

Isthebigwomanhere · 29/06/2019 21:13

We always have one week a year on the same Greek island.
It's just so relaxing.
We love it there

EleanorLavish · 29/06/2019 21:14

Please say where you are talking about it this thread becomes annoying, Grin.
I need to know!!

AuntieMarys · 29/06/2019 21:16

We have found our favourite hotel ever. Definitely going back next year. And the year after Grin

user1471453601 · 29/06/2019 21:16

Ok, I go to Halki in Greece. Love it

Isthebigwomanhere · 29/06/2019 21:17

I go Kefelonia for a lovely chilled week each year

JellyNo15 · 29/06/2019 21:18

We have a week somewhere new each Spring and a week in Tenerife (Costa Adeje) in the Autumn. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but we just can chill there.

Verily1 · 29/06/2019 21:19

I’ve been to the same area a number of times.

Not the same hotel/ resort but it makes the holiday less stressful knowing the airport, the roads, the bus routes, where the supermarkets are, where the hidden beaches are, what is good value and what isn’t.

We don’t have to waste time orientatating ourselves but there’s always something new to do.

Love it!

OhTheRoses · 29/06/2019 21:22

Found pur dream holiday in 2003. So when we got home dh bought the villa.

DH and ds have been to the same ski resort since about then too. Same week in feb, every year. DD and I prefer the sun and mix it up a bit Smile

Sinuhe · 29/06/2019 21:24

Lake Constance every other year. 2 weeks camping. It's soo beautiful and I just love looking at the Alps it's magic.

Prestia · 29/06/2019 21:26

Lake Garda. Any other English speakers are generally 60+ Grin but I just love it so much.

OP posts:
Doyouthinktheysaurus · 29/06/2019 21:26

If I find somewhere I like, I find myself wanting to go back rather than risk a lot of money on somewhere I might not like.

I love the Peak District, Lake District and Annecy. Hated Lake Garda.

For some absolutely unknown reason I find myself going to Whitby this year. Had the money for Annecy but was persuaded by DH. I am really regretting it.

LadyOfTheCanyon · 29/06/2019 21:26

Yeah I never thought I'd be that person either but I've been back to the same place in Crete twice and planning a third. When all I want is a week by the sea in beautiful surroundings and relative luxury and all I'm going to do is swim in the sea and read books I can't be arsed with having to spend days looking at places on websites. I spent my thirties travelling the world and while DH and I still go to new places, once a year I take myself off for a week of R'n'R.

Prestia · 29/06/2019 21:27

It's the thought of wasting my precious week away on somewhere I might not like as much.

OP posts:
ninebiscuits · 29/06/2019 21:31

For the last 15 years I have never been to the same country/resort twice, but since having my DS we have been to tenerife twice and contemplating a third time next year.
Money is tighter now and saving for a holiday is what we look forward to each year... I think I want to know we are going to enjoy it and it'll be money well spent! Think I'll get more adventurous again as DS gets older!

ElloBrian · 29/06/2019 21:32

I do this. Not telling you where though - too many other people already Wink

SoundofSilence · 29/06/2019 21:33

We've gone to the same Glamping site in Wales for the last five years. The whole family looks forward to it all year.

Clayplease · 29/06/2019 21:34

I think it makes a lot of sense! Though completely with you on 20 something self 😳 We go camping in same place every year. It feels like a second home in a way.

Costacoffeeplease · 29/06/2019 21:35

We used to go somewhere different every year, then in 1988 we came to carvoeiro in the algarve, kept coming back, bought an apartment in 2000, and moved permanently in 2003 - still here and have applied for citizenship

pasbeaucoupdegendarme · 29/06/2019 21:36

We go to the same place most years. Sometimes we have a break and then it’s even more lovely when we go back!

MatchSetPoint · 29/06/2019 21:37

I’m the same, I used to judge people who did it, now I have kids it’s Centre Parcs twice a year for the last three year, so boring and predictable! Just go with the flow OP if you want to go again!

JMAngel1 · 29/06/2019 21:38

Oooh we've gone to Lake Garda, same camp, 4 years running. will prob go for the next 5 or so years - we all love jt so much. Where do you go? We go to Peschiera.

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