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If you’re nesh af sign in here with your tips for staying warm please

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MadameButterface · 21/11/2018 21:38

Hi thar i hate winter. This week has marked the official start of my annual six solid months of moaning about how cold i am. I have an underactive thyroid which i am on medication for, but i still seem to feel the cold horribly.

I want your sympathy, comradeship and tips please. My top tips are:
lidl has thermal socks/tops/leggings in the middle aisle, get em while you can;
Those handwarmer sachets from decathlon are good;
Ditto silk glove liners, also decathlon;
Mittens over the above will keep hands warmer than two pairs of gloves;
Fleecy insoles in everything (but i want your top tips for the best superwarm ones please if anyone knows of such, my two for a quid off amazon ones haven’t really been cutting it today)

Seriously, i am so miserable and so totally bored already with ‘fucking hell my feet are cold’ forming 80% of my inner monologue as i go about my day (for reference i was wearinng fleecy lined tights, socks over these and doc martens with aforementioned shit fleecy insoles and the thermostat at work claimed it was 19 degrees, i can’t take six more months of this shit)

OP posts:
LaDaronne · 23/11/2018 20:54

Get someone to put their mouth between your shoulderblades over your clothes and blow hard. Instant megawarmth.

BlackBeltInChildWrangling · 24/11/2018 00:31

If you're in a hurry or haven't got heating, a quick blast from a hairdryer onto the inside of clothing, including up sleeves and down legs, works wonders before putting them on. Then, when you've got all your layers on, blast inside each layer again. It helps if clothes aren't cold when you first put them on, and then if warm air is trapped between each layer. Can also be used to warm up the insides of slippers, shoes, boots and wellies before putting on, nightwear and even the bed!

EnidButton · 24/11/2018 01:09

Plus a hairdryer down the top of your pj bottoms makes your legs look like the Michelin Man. 👍🏻 I know how to live.

LittleMy77 · 24/11/2018 03:19

uniqlo heat tech thin thermals are amazing. Can wear under normal clothes like a vest or tights and keep you warm without overheating

discopisco · 24/11/2018 05:02

Long time sufferer of cold, freezing feet here- get some Ugg's.

TheSerenDipitY · 24/11/2018 06:03

not sure if anyone has mentioned, but you can get heated clothing, runs off a rechargeable battery pack, our mechanic swears by his jacket....

heres a link to a place in NZ, where i am, have a look so you can see what im typing about, and you might be able to find similar products in the UK and most likely a heck of a lot cheaper than we get here in NZ ( price is in NZD)

TheSerenDipitY · 24/11/2018 06:03
thatmustbenigelwiththebrie · 24/11/2018 06:33

I have two double duvets on top of each other and sleep in a hoodie. Last night I also had to put the heating on.

sashh · 24/11/2018 07:23

Confession, I'm someone who doesn't feel the cold, I'm a heat hater.

Sorry about that but I wanted to add some science to the advice.

Your body has various tricks to keep homeostasis, that is the temperature, pH, oxygen in the blood etc at the same levels.

If your body is facing cold and it can't keep all of you warm it will divert blood from your extremities to your 'core', lungs, brain, vital organs.

If your core is too warm the body will try to cool it.

This is why hands and feet are often the coldest, they are furthest away and your body can stand to lose a finger to frostbite if it keeps you alive.

So things like hot drinks are really effective to warm you up, but if your core gets too warm it will try to cool you down, so hot drinks spaced out throughout the day work well.

SNuggling on the settee under a duvet works well because all your body is the same temperature.

But too many hot drinks and your body will try to cool down with sweating, dilating blood vessels and sending blood to the extremities.

So before putting on the gloves, and drinking tea have a think about what your core is doing. A hot drink might work better than gloves.

MnerXX · 24/11/2018 07:29

These tips are brilliant - thank you!

LaDaronne · 24/11/2018 08:02

I really want someone to try my trick just upthread and report back. Try it, it's absolute magic!

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