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If you’re nesh af sign in here with your tips for staying warm please

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MadameButterface · 21/11/2018 21:38

Hi thar i hate winter. This week has marked the official start of my annual six solid months of moaning about how cold i am. I have an underactive thyroid which i am on medication for, but i still seem to feel the cold horribly.

I want your sympathy, comradeship and tips please. My top tips are:
lidl has thermal socks/tops/leggings in the middle aisle, get em while you can;
Those handwarmer sachets from decathlon are good;
Ditto silk glove liners, also decathlon;
Mittens over the above will keep hands warmer than two pairs of gloves;
Fleecy insoles in everything (but i want your top tips for the best superwarm ones please if anyone knows of such, my two for a quid off amazon ones haven’t really been cutting it today)

Seriously, i am so miserable and so totally bored already with ‘fucking hell my feet are cold’ forming 80% of my inner monologue as i go about my day (for reference i was wearinng fleecy lined tights, socks over these and doc martens with aforementioned shit fleecy insoles and the thermostat at work claimed it was 19 degrees, i can’t take six more months of this shit)

OP posts:
UpstartCrow · 21/11/2018 23:10

Electric blanket for the bed.
I tried an electric throw for the sofa but it made me fall asleep. So now I have a sherpa fleece under blanket as a throw to sit on and a duvet that I pull over me.
Hot water bottle.

Wear layers.
Fleece lined hat, scarf, and fingerless gloves or wrist warmers. When I go out I add mittens over the top.
Thermal socks or tights. Or both.
Sheepskin boots, get calf or knee length ones as they act as legwarmers.

LionsTeeth Try cashmere or fleece lined wrist warmers.

TheWickedWitchofWestYorkshire · 21/11/2018 23:28

Wear layers - thermal vests and long johns, pj top & bottoms, dressing gown, thin and then thick socks and slippers. Tuck them into each other so there are no gaps. Pull your hood up and wear a neck warmer. Yea your hands around warm drinks. Eat warm or hot food. Use a hot water bottle. Cover yourself up with a thick fleecy blanket on the settee. Seal up any gaps, e.g. around the window frames and doors and entry points for wires and pipes, to stop any draughts.

LustyBusty · 22/11/2018 00:31

I also have cold feet. I find layering (shocker) helps - "normal" thin socks, followed by heatholders socks (like this ) and then UGG style boots - need a thick sole as I have a lot of cold tiles and the thick sole stops the cold coming up. Add to that fleece PJ's (like a 2 piece onesie so if I have to pee it's only my bum cheeks that are exposed...), an electric fleece throw for the couch and an electric underblanket for the bed (I turn it on for 2 hours about 1 hour before I go to bed so it's got an hour to warm up and then warms me for an hour)
Other tip is not to get cold, so hot shower followed by a brisk towel down and get dressed into the layers whilst still hot from the shower.

StillMedusa · 22/11/2018 00:37

Uggs for your feet...real ones.I am permanently cold but when I get home fro work the uggs go on and my feet are toasty.
Hot water bottles..the cheapest way to keep warm. I have one at 7pm and then redo it before bed and it helps soooo much.

\i also wear M_S thermal long sleeve ts and long johns under my clothes. Makes a huge difference!

theboxofdelights · 22/11/2018 00:47

Hot water bottles, I am in pain so have one on my front, one under my back ..... and one on my feet right now.

I have got a 13.5 tog quilt plus a quilted cotton bedspread.

I have just bought an electric wood burner thing so I can keep one reception room vvv toasty (heating is on constantly at 16-20 degrees).

I have got boiled wool slippers, somehow I find them warmer than sheepskin, these.

Pure wool throws on every chair/sofa.

I wear long sleeved t shirt dresses with leggings and a cardigan, bamboo socks and those slippers around the house. Dresses for work with a full slip, thick tights, socks and boots. Thermal vests under slips sometimes.

I have got an immune disorder and feel the cold. Nesh is it. I do find pure wool makes a big difference, not just to warmth but to comfort as well, fleece etc just isn’t the same comfort level.

littlemisscomper · 22/11/2018 00:57

Eat lots of chocolate. You put on a thick layer of fat which is wonderful insulation!

Alternatively (or if you're like me, also,) get one of these:

I don't give a flying reindeer that it's basically a short dressing gown. I treat it as an everyday jumper (can be worn over a thin jumper too which is fab for extra cold days) and wear it to work, walk the dog, everywhere. You need long sleeves under it and a coat on top if you wear it out of doors though as the wind gets through.

AngeloMysterioso · 22/11/2018 01:08

Hot water bottles, sheepskin boots and cashmere. I used to live in Clapham and got some lovely cashmere jumpers from the charity shops on Northcote Rd. If there's a fancy neighbourhood with a charity shop or two near you it's worth a look!

RetinolRedux · 22/11/2018 01:13

Moonboots are so warm.

I have a pair of salopettes in the wardrobe I pop on over normal clothes if I get too cold.

Long cashmere wrist warmers, with padded leather mittens over the top.

Shearling ear muffs.

Store all my balled up socks/thick tights on along top of radiator.

Beurer footspa (self-heating) to warm up feet.

Small, neat down jacket to wear underneath outsize down coat.

paxillin · 22/11/2018 01:19

Socks made from alpaca wool. Actually anything made from alpaca wool.

3luckystars · 22/11/2018 01:23

I had to put boiling water into the bathroom sink last night and dip my feet in to heat them up.Blush


MountainPeakGeek · 22/11/2018 01:28

WTF 3luckystars?!! I hope you added some cold water! Shock

AnnieOH1 · 22/11/2018 01:31

Those heat pad things made from activated charcoal that are meant for joint pain are brilliant to keep in your bag and near instant heat. Plus the heat from them lasts for 8-12 hours without fading. :)

MountainPeakGeek · 22/11/2018 01:33

My mum's the only one I ever heard using the word "nesh". Smile Where abouts are you from OP (and others who say it?) My mum's a scouser with Irish parents. I've lived in loads of places in the North, Midlands and South of England and never heard anyone else use it.

PhaedrasChocolate · 22/11/2018 02:00

We say nesh in Cheshire.
Love threads like these, they make me feel cosy. For me, an electric blanket is amazing. Sometimes I leave it on all night on the lowest setting, the only drawback is that I DETEST getting out of bed.

BlackBeltInChildWrangling · 22/11/2018 02:43

100% brushed cotton bottom sheet, quilt cover and pillowcases, with optional flat top sheet too if you really want an extra level of snug. As heavyweight/good quality/thick as possible. Used to be called flannelette. Warmer to get into, keeps you warmer overnight, and stays warmer if you need to get out to pop to the loo or tend to DCs. Much better in the winter than ordinary cotton.

MountainPeakGeek · 22/11/2018 04:02

PhaedrasChocolate Hmmm... That's not the answer I was expecting. I lived in Cheshire growing up and I don't recall hearing it outside of my own home. Maybe I just didn't notice.

I'd better bugger off this thread as I expect that someone who's moved to Canada largely because of the climate isn't going to be very welcome here Grin

charis · 22/11/2018 04:39

Thank you so much for this. I've just moved to NW Scotland. It is gorgeous but often there's no hot water, no central heating, a log burner in one room and the dog is always going in and out Gin

I recommend microwavable heated slipper boots (Amazon) If my feet aren't frozen I can cope with the cold until the fire is going or uncannily warm (Scottish) DP is home. Oh. And hoodies. I have five of them I've brought up over the years There is definitely something in keeping your head and neck warm that helps. Definitely trying the mustard powder thing (with boiled water HmmGrin)

Vitalogy · 22/11/2018 04:45

The only thing that warms me up when I'm chilled to the bone is a bath.

I've not heard the word nesh for ages either Smile

charis · 22/11/2018 04:57

** my last two emojis were meant to be the humphy face and a grin, not gin (Laphroaig) Actually, that's my other tip.

Nonomore2 · 22/11/2018 05:12

OP, most people recommend electric blankets. You can put it on in your bed as you are getting ready for bed so you don’t even have to leave unattended:
Surely it’s worth a go, if you really are that cold..

DinosApple · 22/11/2018 05:35

Yy to an electric blanket, honestly the best thing ever!

... Apart from... teddy bear fleece duvet covers. Better than brushed cotton. Honest to God it is so, so, so toasty, I've got them for all our beds. You can also get teddy bear fleece bed sheets which I do for the DC. Our house gets to single figures upstairs at night at its coldest.

Also furry lined leggings, thermals, sheepskin boots, fingerless gloves. I'm into my third winter working in a warehouse (desk job though so no movement). I'm getting better at layering up I was too hot yesterday!

DinosApple · 22/11/2018 05:37

(Oh and, what does nesh mean?)


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SandysMam · 22/11/2018 05:51

Thin leather gloves are surprisingly effective, especially in the rain. Plus you can keep them on for basic tasks which keeps hands constantly warmer, like a second skin.

Teddydilemma · 22/11/2018 06:08

I got a pair of socks like these from my mum. She was given them when chemotherapy left her with periferal neuropathy. Under another pair of socks they keep my feet really warm. The gloves also work well.

Branleuse · 22/11/2018 08:26

I wear uggs around the house too. I can wear them out if its not raining, but usually theyre for indoors and theyre brilliant. Got mine second hand

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