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If you’re nesh af sign in here with your tips for staying warm please

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MadameButterface · 21/11/2018 21:38

Hi thar i hate winter. This week has marked the official start of my annual six solid months of moaning about how cold i am. I have an underactive thyroid which i am on medication for, but i still seem to feel the cold horribly.

I want your sympathy, comradeship and tips please. My top tips are:
lidl has thermal socks/tops/leggings in the middle aisle, get em while you can;
Those handwarmer sachets from decathlon are good;
Ditto silk glove liners, also decathlon;
Mittens over the above will keep hands warmer than two pairs of gloves;
Fleecy insoles in everything (but i want your top tips for the best superwarm ones please if anyone knows of such, my two for a quid off amazon ones haven’t really been cutting it today)

Seriously, i am so miserable and so totally bored already with ‘fucking hell my feet are cold’ forming 80% of my inner monologue as i go about my day (for reference i was wearinng fleecy lined tights, socks over these and doc martens with aforementioned shit fleecy insoles and the thermostat at work claimed it was 19 degrees, i can’t take six more months of this shit)

OP posts:
ShodAndShadySenators · 22/11/2018 20:31

sollyfromsurrey I understand what you're saying about exercise and it is true up to a point - but if your circulation is fooked not working properly, you will be nice and warm until your heartrate slows to resting rate and you will get very cold again. Since it's impractical to keep jogging on the spot in the office, extra warming measures are actually the answer.

You cannot improve circulation on a long term basis just by exercising. If that were so, Reynauld's Syndrome wouldn't exist.

ShodAndShadySenators · 22/11/2018 20:34

Oh and here's my suggestion to OP: electric blanket. As recommended on here. You can switch it on to preheat (and it takes about five minutes to be like an oven) and then adjust it to maintain a temperature for a set amount of time; mine is on heat 3 for an hour which works for me as I will be asleep by then. But if you wanted you could have it on all night.

Stanislas · 22/11/2018 20:36

M &S polo neck thermals from skiing section. Patra silk glove linings and they also do long johns which I'm told are excellent. Gloves - lined - put on before you leave the house. Celtic do sheepskin scuffs for scurrying to the loo at night. When my children were tiny and I had to sit by a cot I had a down sleeping bag with a long zip which I slipped into. Thermos with a hot drink at the ready again when small children kept me up. I hate hats but a snood is quite good to pull up from neck when faced with a north east coast gale. Electric blanket which will do one hour or nine hours and has a anextra boost for the foot area- John Lewis and it has dual controls. A steady feast of soups which are simple,not fattening and lovely to hold and warm hands- old weight
watcher book. At the hint of a sore throatwhich happens if I get chilled a measure of BLACK grouse ,two sugar lumps and boiling water. Co Durham I see coooold.

Stanislas · 22/11/2018 20:38

Is so

VenusClapTrap · 22/11/2018 20:39

Reynaud’s sufferer here, defrosting in a hot bath as I type, having been out playing taxi driver for the past couple of hours. I feel your pain.

I live in a big old Georgian farmhouse, with draughty windows and doors and high ceilings. I was resigned to the fact that from November on, this house would not get above fifteen degrees unless I put on ALL the wood burners AND the big open fire, and then spent the entire day feeding them. We hunkered down under layers of silk and wool all winter.

This month we have been doing some work up in the attic, which has included re-insulating the roof, and replacing the old boiler. OMFG OMFG OMFG - the house is now toasty warm all day and night. I would never have believed this was possible with a house like this. When the builder said “Oh you’ll be a lot warmer” I was like 🙄 yeah right... expecting maybe a tiny improvement...

Life changing. I’m even waking up in the night now because I’m too hot, even though the heating goes off at 10pm, it retains it so well.

So I recommend some dogs-bollox-state-of-the-art roof insulation. It’s a bit of a nuclear solution, but by god it has worked here.

BertieBotts · 22/11/2018 20:40

If you're scared of electric blanket fires FGS don't buy a cheap no-brand one from ebay, aliexpress or amazon.

Google the brand and if it doesn't come up on the first page don't buy it. Or yeah get one from somewhere like dunelm which will meet UK regs. Then follow the instructions. Electric blanket fires happen in old, badly cared for blankets, or cheap imported ones.

I have heard wool is the thing but I don't think I can cope with the faff of washing it.

Titsywoo · 22/11/2018 20:42

They had electric heated throws in Aldi yesterday in different colours. Wish I'd grabbed one now!

BertieBotts · 22/11/2018 20:47

I have a duvet from Ikea, filling is Lyocell, it's amazing. So warm, but not sweaty.

VenusClapTrap · 22/11/2018 20:55

My top tips for when out and about - Norwegian wool jumpers like this one:

And Swedish clog boots. The thick wooden sole separates your feet from the cold ground by a good margin, and they are roomy enough to allow a layer of warm air to build up around your toes to insulate them. I put a sheepskin insole in them for added joy. Try

VenusClapTrap · 22/11/2018 20:56
MadameButterface · 22/11/2018 21:40

Ohhhh Venus you enabler

I have been eyeing up clog boots for years

What puts me off is you can’t wear them in the wet tho, isn’t that right

The frigging drizzle today did me in. I got full on mitten rage walking home from lidl - i needed to put my hood up. Off came the mittens etc, god it was a right fuckabout.

Hey ho only 6 more months till i can discard my vest tho eh

OP posts:
MadameButterface · 22/11/2018 21:48

“If there's a fancy neighbourhood with a charity shop or two near you it's worth a look!”

All my real wool garms are charity shop finds! I have some beauts. Pair of hobbs wool trousers on today that cost me a quid 🙌🏻

@Notquiteagandt i feel like pregnancy may be a slightly radical solution 😁😁😁 it was having dc that wrecked my sodding thyroid in the first place

OP posts:
MadameButterface · 22/11/2018 21:50

Oh top tip fellow neshers, the magical centre aisle of lidl is full of thermal base layers today. Allegedly for snowboarding but i like to wear mine for other high octane thrillseeking activities such as emptying the dishwasher

OP posts:
MadameButterface · 22/11/2018 21:52

@Titsywoo i mentioned heated throws to my dc earlier and their eyes became round ‘that’s really a thing that exists??’ said the 9yo. Maybe i need to start cheating on lidl with aldi. 🤔

OP posts:
KonekoBasu · 22/11/2018 21:59

Electric blankets or those little mini ones that are hot water bottle size are good, though I can't keep the cats off them. Actually a large cat on your lap isn't bad.

In work I have a wool blanket and a hot water bottle. And many, many hot drinks.

sackrifice · 22/11/2018 22:06

Silver foil under the insole in shoes reflects the heat back up, and the cold down

I tried wrapping my feet in foil once, under my steel toe caps, and wooly socks, when I worked building roads. Got a room full of glitter when I took my socks off that night as it all crumbled as I walked round site.

I get blue fingernails when I get too cold.m

Vests, hot water bottles, triple quilts on beds, clothes on radiators ready for the morning; I have it all.

LoveBeingAMum555 · 22/11/2018 22:29

M+S Heatgen Plus. Oh my goodness these are amazing and worth every penny. Today at work I was in Heatgen Plus top, thermal tights, wool dress, cardigan and ankle boots.

If anyone else tells me its not THAT cold I will smack them one. Hate it when people tell me I shouldn't be cold .. I can't help it!!

Gottalovethesummer · 22/11/2018 22:43

UGG boots,
Leggins and Salopettes ( Amazing)
Down coat
M and s thermal tee shirts
Body warmer.

VenusClapTrap · 22/11/2018 22:47

I have been eyeing up clog boots for years

What puts me off is you can’t wear them in the wet tho, isn’t that right

Eh? Why not? Says who? I wear mine all winter whatever the weather. I even took them on a trip to Iceland last December (the country not the supermarket) and stomped through mossy puddles in them. No problems at all. My feet stayed dry and warm.

Buy some immediately.

BaronessBomburst · 22/11/2018 22:47

Motorbike gloves! They're warm, waterproof, and extremely flexible. I can unzip pockets, find keys, do all sorts whilst wearing mine. You could put a thin pair on underneath too.

BlackeyedGruesome · 22/11/2018 22:53

thermal base layers (merino and ordinary bog standard) trousers, three pairs of socks, (but need to find my wool ones) woolly jumper hoody, and wool blanket.

I am cold. I had a wool scarf ... which I have just put back on and that really helps kkeep me warm

ChanklyBore · 22/11/2018 23:11

This thread is advertising thermal socks at me.

I don’t understand the warm up with a shower, get dry quickly and get dressed so you stay warm.

If I’m in the shower, the bits of me that aren’t under the shower are cold. When I get out I’m frozen...


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RB68 · 22/11/2018 23:16

Proper wool socks and hats and wristwarmer/gloves or fingerless gloves plus layering up in the house.

The not getting cold in the first place is also a good one so gloves on before out the door.

Travelledtheworld · 22/11/2018 23:22

I spend a lot of time outdoors.
My faourute cold weather gear.
baa baa Merino woool cycling socks.
Proper snow boots or Muck brand neoprene wellie boots.
Down jacket.
Zip neck long sleeved ski tops.
Berghaus stretchy gloves.

Ollivander84 · 22/11/2018 23:24

I do love my heated throw!

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