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If you’re nesh af sign in here with your tips for staying warm please

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MadameButterface · 21/11/2018 21:38

Hi thar i hate winter. This week has marked the official start of my annual six solid months of moaning about how cold i am. I have an underactive thyroid which i am on medication for, but i still seem to feel the cold horribly.

I want your sympathy, comradeship and tips please. My top tips are:
lidl has thermal socks/tops/leggings in the middle aisle, get em while you can;
Those handwarmer sachets from decathlon are good;
Ditto silk glove liners, also decathlon;
Mittens over the above will keep hands warmer than two pairs of gloves;
Fleecy insoles in everything (but i want your top tips for the best superwarm ones please if anyone knows of such, my two for a quid off amazon ones haven’t really been cutting it today)

Seriously, i am so miserable and so totally bored already with ‘fucking hell my feet are cold’ forming 80% of my inner monologue as i go about my day (for reference i was wearinng fleecy lined tights, socks over these and doc martens with aforementioned shit fleecy insoles and the thermostat at work claimed it was 19 degrees, i can’t take six more months of this shit)

OP posts:
LustyBusty · 22/11/2018 23:38

@ChanklyBore I have my shower temperature so hot that it leaves my skin pink... And it's a rain style head in a cubicle (not over a bath) so pretty much all of me is always under water and the steam stays in the cubicle.

tiredvommachine · 22/11/2018 23:39

I haven't heard the word nesh since school! Grin I'm going to wear my woolly ponytail hat tomorrow ALL day. Brrrrrrr!

catsofa · 23/11/2018 00:02

I would definitely get an electric blanket they are awesome and at least you'll die warm if it catches fire.

Replace the Doc Martens (freezing!) with proper cold weather boots, like the ones that posh horsey types wear in the yard, or some fleece lined snow boots. Get them half a size too big and put three pairs of insoles inside, stacked on top of each other. Then some thin socks and some thick socks preferably woolen ones. Beware that if your boots are too tight it will make your feet colder cos it stops blood circulating as well as it should, so make sure you buy big enough to fit insoles and socks without them feeling tight.

You then need a base layer like those thermal tops and bottoms, then a warm layer or three preferably made of actual real wool, then a wind and waterproof layer as long as possible. Waterproof trousers look gross but stop the wind stealing heat from some of your major arteries.

Have a Google for info on how mountaineers etc dress, there's some method to it and they know what they're on about.

The thing that really made the cold easier for me was stopping smoking, it massively improved my circulation and helped a lot. Putting on a bit of weight might possibly help too if that's an option?  It is mince pie season.

Wordthe · 23/11/2018 00:16

Balaclava that's my thing
Really don't like my chin and neck to be cold
Hat indoors too

MadameFoner · 23/11/2018 00:19

QVC, cozee home bedding, its amazing. The softest fleece, also comes with a fleece fitted sheet. So so warm and cosy. They also do heated thousands blankets.

MadameFoner · 23/11/2018 00:20


caringcarer · 23/11/2018 00:33

I have under active thyroid and know exactly what you mean. I am always cold even in summer.

When you have cooked something in oven, leave the door open as surprising how much heat comes out and warms kitchen up.

I snuggle under a fleecy blanket on sofa watching TV.

Socks under slippers.

Electric blanket in bed put on 30 mins before going up.

Hot soup when you come in from cold.

I put on central heating and gas fire in lounge.

Heater on full blast in the car and I wear a fleecy hat in car too.

Mustangsallyis · 23/11/2018 00:44

Heated gloves and/ or insoles sound like a good bet. I have heated foot beds for my ski boots - they work via a rechargeable battery pack. Cant remember the brand now (I've had a couple of pairs), but Hotronic and Sidas do a version

Something like this maybe?

kateandme · 23/11/2018 03:09

have you looked at running or cyclist gloves I think they are lots more streamlined.
wear hats indoors.heat goes upand escapes your head.
wear one of those neckwarmers.
slipper booties.
tuck your curtains behind your radioator.
tissue in keywholes.
roll up towel and put at bottom of doors for anti draft
bubblewrap over letter box if you have bid draftee one like ours.
if you have woodburner light it early in the day to get the house warmed first thing.
invest in mens big warm jumper or cardi to wear over your own.

DaedricLordSlayer · 23/11/2018 05:39

I got full on mitten rage

you need the fingerless mitten gloves!
they are fingerless gloves that have mitten hood that covers your fingers when you don't need to use your fingers. the hood is attached to the back of the glove so really easy to flip between mitten and glove.

DaedricLordSlayer · 23/11/2018 05:46

these, you can buy water proof ones too.

If you’re nesh af sign in here with your tips for staying warm please
moviesgirl · 23/11/2018 08:44

balaclava, that bank robber look

Onaie · 23/11/2018 10:07

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Auldspinster · 23/11/2018 10:32
shearwater · 23/11/2018 11:34
  • Layers are an absolute must. If it's 5C or less I must have two layers on under a coat, so a jumper and t-shirt at least.

  • Lightweight down jackets are absolutely brilliant for being warm but not weighed down, and they are much cheaper than they used to be. Many are also water/shower proof.

  • Gloves are also a must, to keep my hands from drying and cracking as much as anything. And a wool bobble hat which is big enough and covers the tips of my ears.

  • A scarf can also make a big difference, doesn't have to be massive or heavy, just having something round your neck to cover any exposed gaps in clothing.

  • Don't neglect your feet. Some thick walking socks will make a big difference, and some warm furry boots.

If it's regularly into minus temperatures I will break out the thermal vests.

At night I have the electric blanket on all night on low, a fleecy onesie and a 17 tog duvet. I sleep a lot better with the electric blanket as it just keeps the bed constantly warm.
Branleuse · 23/11/2018 11:45

fleecy gilets are a must. Much warmer than you might think. If your torso is warm, its much easier

Wordthe · 23/11/2018 11:50

For me the hot water bottle is Central, it's my constant companion at home

emmylousings · 23/11/2018 11:55

I get cold sitting at home working and I find hot water bottles help the most, you can keep moving it around to different bits of you, they are comforting and cheap - as long as you can afford to boil the kettle - which you need to do for your hot drinks anyway!

bananafish81 · 23/11/2018 12:00

It's only November and I've already got 3 pairs of socks and 3 pairs of gloves on, plus hat and scarf etc

I'm going to get one of those uniqlo down gilets to add an extra layer under my coat - I struggle with the walk to and from work (only 1.5 miles but with Raynaud's that's enough for my fingers and toes to go!) because I freeze when outside, but with a million base layers on I can end up a tad sweaty if the office has the heating cranked up (which I'm very grateful for, but just makes dressing a bit tricky!)

Tights under trousers is much the same - great for outside, but can feel a bit sweaty sat at my desk at work all day

Similarly getting on the tube - I'll be dressed for outside and then end up in a boiling tube carriage in a crush of people and start feeling faint if I start overheating.

It's the extremes of temperature changing so quickly that just prove a bit more challenging. Winter blues have well and truly set in here!

DistanceCall · 23/11/2018 12:20

I'm also a shivery sort of person. In the winter (and not only in the winter, ahem), I cannot do without my hot bottle water and blanket, for a nice bit of cocooning on my sofa.

DistanceCall · 23/11/2018 12:20

(That should be hot water bottle, of course).

EnidButton · 23/11/2018 17:47

I just bought another hot water bottle with an extra squidgy cover. 'Enid Three Bottles Button'


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jq28 · 23/11/2018 17:52

Today I put my super size fleece blanket in there dryer for 2 mins (it was off the bed so already dry) and then wrapped myself in it and MY GOD it was heavenly.

chasegirl · 23/11/2018 18:49

Taking notes! I am well known for being cold. I do a fairly physical hobby and everyone knows how cold I am-I often get offers of cardis etc off people.

My lips go a lovely shade of heart attack blue if I get too cold which does cause concern.

I have a fluffy dressing gown that's big enough to put on over my clothes and 6 fleecy throws in the living room to snuggle under.

Might look at heated throws now too

myusernamewastakenbyme · 23/11/2018 20:30

Ive also got a heated throw for when im sat on the sofa...its a godsend.

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