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The Hermann Rorschach Institute at the University of Milton North

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DumSpiroSpero · 28/02/2011 16:36

Our New Patron! Grin

OP posts:
TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 14:46

ooh welcome Bessie and thank you for your gift.

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 14:46

that was very nice! Come and join in the studies.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 01/03/2011 14:48

Small - You just put the -- immediately before the first word and immediately after the last word you want to strike out.

::Preens at wholly undeserved status as TechnoGuru::

Bessie - Welcome! Sit down on the overstuffed Chesterfield and have a cup of tea and a ratafia biscuit. I don't think I've seen that one before but Massive is the one to consult on all matters Gisborne. My research specialism is the 19th century and the dichotomy and dialectic between Art and Commerce.

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 14:52

I take a broad sweeping approach I am greedy

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 14:53

When I tried that before Maud, it didn't work. Maybe it's special for this thread?

SupermassiveLBD · 01/03/2011 14:54

Hello, Bessie and welcome. I don't pretend to be an expert on my lord of Gisborne

but as some who is both shaken and stirred by him, I really appreciate your little gift. Help yourself to refreshments. I suppose it's a bit early to open the Chateau Gizzy.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 01/03/2011 14:54

OK. This is my test announcement.

Without dashes: Mr Thornton is sex on a stick.

With double dashes immediately before and after: Mr Thornton is sex on a stick.

Et voila!

SupermassiveLBD · 01/03/2011 14:56

I'm too sexy for my boots


ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 01/03/2011 15:00
. Oh yes indeed.
TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 15:00

Grin at Mauds test annoucement. I'm not so sure you would ever be that forthright unless it were only for a test. Grin

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 15:03
this is for you Massive to give you a brief overview before your package arrives.
ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 01/03/2011 15:03

Quite, Small. It's just the equivalent of the test card. That's all. Besides, even a blind person can see that Mr Thornton is sex on a stick and so it hardly needs announcing.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 01/03/2011 15:13

Have been thinking some more about Spiro's anarcho-syndicalist commune setting for the next Academy. Let's imagine that while Mr Thornton is canoodling in a steam railway carriage with me Margaret, Nicholas Higgins is reading Das Kapital (published a decade later, but what's 10 years between friends?) He organises the workers at Marlborough Mills into a collective, they seize control of the methods of production, distribution and exchange, so establishing an anarcho-syndicalist commune in Milton-Northern and leaving Mr Thornton free to canoodle with me pursue other interests.

Oh. Maybe not then.

SupermassiveLBD · 01/03/2011 15:14

Small, thanks for that. It was excellent and funny in the nicest, most affectionate way and I was really sorry when it ended.

Loved the comments
Look gorgeous
Strip: especially you

Bessie, I hope you liked it too if you are still around. Do you have a favourtie character or do you just sensibly think why choose, they are all gorgeous?

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 15:17


Pleasure Massive, the 'especially you' bit made me chuckle, shame it stops sort of mid programme although I imagine a lot of work went into producing it

SupermassiveLBD · 01/03/2011 15:19

Well Maud, anarcho-syndicalist communes are all very well in theory but they never reckon with the self-interest aspect of human nature. So it looks as if Mr Thornton's canoodling time will have to be as restricted as it is at present.

BessiesGrand · 01/03/2011 15:22

Oh, I like them all. RA is so hot such a great actor. One for every mood: a la //

SupermassiveLBD · 01/03/2011 15:29

Very sensible, Bessie. and that is the most wonderful photo I have seen for a long time! I like them all too to be honest and if I restrict myself to banging on about Gisborne a lot it's merely because of the leather my heart can't stand the strain of swooning over so much wholesale gorgeousness

BessiesGrand · 01/03/2011 15:34

Yes, I have done a lot of independent drooling research.

SupermassiveLBD · 01/03/2011 15:44

So can you tell tell us your story then, Bessie? You know, the one we all do.

The moment I got hooked

Was it us that corrupted you introduced you to the delights of such a superb actor and hot with it ?

Or did you make your own discovery?

SupermassiveLBD · 01/03/2011 15:45

Anyway must dash now, but like Arnie, I'll be beck...

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 01/03/2011 15:46

Oh Bessie I do hope you're going to enrol here. You seem immensely well-suited to the intensely academic environment.

News just in from the Faculty of Fashion and Textiles (Cravat Department)

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 15:48

Well I can't believe it wasn't our sharp wit and stylish links that drew you to the delights of Our Man. although it could have been Spooks, RH, SB or the multitude of other porjects RA has done

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 15:50

Maud, I wonder if there isn't a way to get that into a wallpaper print for the common room? I think it would go beautifully with the curtains.

DumSpiroSpero · 01/03/2011 15:54

Hi Bessie - lovely posts there (and from everyone in fact - love the comic book small).

I'm another one that has no preference. Am particularly fond of John's Porter and Standring at the moment but that could change at any time if the right picture or bit of Tube-age comes along!

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