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The Hermann Rorschach Institute at the University of Milton North

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DumSpiroSpero · 28/02/2011 16:36

Our New Patron! Grin

OP posts:
SupermassiveLBD · 01/03/2011 13:41

it looks like Lucas strangely
Funny that, isn't it, Small? I can't think why. Maybe cos he removes his guyliner before turning in so he won't wake up with panda eyes. Bless.

DumSpiroSpero · 01/03/2011 13:42

anarcho-syndicalist commune, in which it is open to any and all of us to bring old and new artefacts to the common room for erudite discussion and appraisal.

I think we have our next thread title - The Anarcho-Syndicalist Common Room at the UMN - that should get a few 'drive-by's looking in for a nosey!!

OP posts:
DumSpiroSpero · 01/03/2011 13:44

I am going to have to stop popping in on my lunch break however, if you lot keep post tempting links that I can't open with the Centre Manager working at the desk behind mine Grin!

OP posts:
SupermassiveLBD · 01/03/2011 13:44

Great idea Spiro! Grin

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 01/03/2011 13:45

Gosh. That's rather startling, Massive. And

::Polishes asymmetrical and challenging art critic spectacles, which have conceptual frames::

in terms of its development of the themes of Guy Agonistes and the protagonist asleep I think it has certain visual tropes in common with this later work.

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 13:48

Wot Maud said, innit.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 01/03/2011 13:49

::Wonders what will happen if all the agit-prop politics types stray into the common room looking for serious political debate::

::Starts preparing a seminar paper on the position of the proletariat in Vaisey's Nottamun, just in case::

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 13:51

shall we position our next premises in the Politics section do you think? Just to add a bit of fuel to the fire of confusion.

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 13:52
ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 01/03/2011 13:53

I was aiming for Culture Vultures, mesself.

::Ponces about in black polo neck jumper and conceptual skirt which looks exactly the same when upside down and/or inside out::

DumSpiroSpero · 01/03/2011 13:55

I think we could cut it in Culture Vultures - with thread titles like ours I don't think we'd arose suspicion Hmm

OP posts:
ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 01/03/2011 13:56

A short pamphlet from the Politics Department on agit prop

SupermassiveLBD · 01/03/2011 13:57

the position of the proletariat in Vaisey's Nottamun

Under his heel, mostly, I should think.

Was that Lucas, asleep? I seem to remember that pic. Sleeping Beauty, no less...

On a different topic, did you hear that the earth moved for the dwarves, recently? All seems okay though

SupermassiveLBD · 01/03/2011 14:00
ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 01/03/2011 14:03

::Wipes burnt cork off face::

I have just been reconnoitring Culture Vultures. They have no less than three threads where people are dribbling over keenly anticipating David Tennant's appearance in Much Ado About Nothing, so there may be some, ahem, similarities in outlook. Nonetheless, I think here is probably the best location for us. Or is it?

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 01/03/2011 14:04

Yes, awful in NZ. So much devastation. 'Fraid I thought of my friends there long before I thought about the dwarves.

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 14:07

Agitprop (pronounced /ˈædʒɨtprɒp/, oh that helps, thanks Wiki.

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 14:07

that didn't print quite right but was about as useful.

SupermassiveLBD · 01/03/2011 14:09

This is Wellington though, Maud, not Christchurch which was horrible horrible horrible. I have family in Wellington, that is why I noticed initially.

You had people in CC then? How awful!

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 01/03/2011 14:35

Sorry, Massive. We're at cross purposes and I'm not expressing myself clearly. Friends are in W, but when I first heard about the earthquake in C it was a long time before I thought about Middle Earth.

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 14:39

I hope we were all worried about the residents before Middle Earth. I had not realised there was another today. In fact, in my ignorance, I never really new NZ was on a fault line to give big quakes. I really should have paid more attention in Geography and every other lesson.

TheSmallPrint · 01/03/2011 14:39

Maud, tell me again how you do crossing out without doing it to individual words? Please??

BessiesGrand · 01/03/2011 14:40

Lurker here. Have been lurking, laughing, and ogling--er, studying. Has the academy got this in its library?

You've given me lots of chuckles, so thanks.
BessiesGrand · 01/03/2011 14:43

oops. am relatively new at chat; don't know how to post:

SupermassiveLBD · 01/03/2011 14:45

Friends are in W, but when I first heard about the earthquake in C it was a long time before I thought about Middle Earth.

Me too, of course. Today's in W was just a jiggle so hopefully friends relatives and everyone else are just fine. I know how awful quakes are as we get them on the island and they are tres scary.

I would love to learn how to do the wholesale crossing out too, it takes ages doing it the other way.

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