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The Hermann Rorschach Institute at the University of Milton North

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DumSpiroSpero · 28/02/2011 16:36

Our New Patron! Grin

OP posts:
LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 22:12

Grin @ Mr Gun's Boys Own Rooty-Tooty Guide to Art.

Those boots I did not like and if I do a Envy it's in lieu of an eeew emoticon.

AllTheNiceGirlsLoveASoldier · 09/03/2011 22:15

Hello, handsome. You certainly have pecs appeal. Oh, I say!

LucasIsMyMuse · 09/03/2011 22:15

I'm not used to this sort of attention

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 22:15

Looks like I am stuck with the boss again. But who's complaining.

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 22:15

Just spat prosecco out over the keyboard at Mr Guns shaking his thang!

Now Lord Gisborne...are you still available?

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 22:18

Looks like I missed the wait a minute...

AllTheNiceGirlsLoveASoldier · 09/03/2011 22:23
LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 22:25
when you have finished with John, Rosie.
LucasIsMyMuse · 09/03/2011 22:25
AllTheNiceGirlsLoveASoldier · 09/03/2011 22:26

You young men lack stamina.

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 22:30

Lil that should've come with a health warning - I was almost on the floor in the first 20 seconds (I think you've sussed out my real ID Grin).

I'm sure John won;t mind a sit down for a bit - just let me get an appropriate request put on (when I can type straight again!)

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 22:31

OMG, Gizzy has just asked me what this lap-dancing thing is. Someone called John or Lucas told him about it.

AllTheNiceGirlsLoveASoldier · 09/03/2011 22:34

Well, Lil. Are you going to tell him or show him?

JustCallMeJohn · 09/03/2011 22:35

Hmm well I think I may retirefor the evening, goodnight all, lovely to meet you all.

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 22:35

Well it was gonna be

But if lap dancing's what you're after

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 22:36

That vid was a new one on me, Rosie, hence double the fun. Can't think how I missed it before. Talk about smouldering looks.

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 22:38

Eyes Wide Shut Lil! {wink]

AllTheNiceGirlsLoveASoldier · 09/03/2011 22:38

Hey! That last song's so good .

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 22:39

After all that gyrating I think it's time to slip into something more comfortable - who's coming?!

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 22:41

We modest 12th century wenches have no idea what lapdancing is, so someone else will have to oblige.

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 22:43

Get your leather coast, then my lord, youve pulled
Have fun Rosie!

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 22:43

NiceGirl - your version was sooooo much better than mine

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 22:44

Time to move on to a new venue...any suggestions?

AllTheNiceGirlsLoveASoldier · 09/03/2011 22:47

I'm exhausted, so am off to bed. Goodnight, all.

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 22:53

Has everybody gone?

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