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The Hermann Rorschach Institute at the University of Milton North

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DumSpiroSpero · 28/02/2011 16:36

Our New Patron! Grin

OP posts:
RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 21:27

Two feet is all very well but...

LookAtMyHugeGuns · 09/03/2011 21:30

Well, Miss Locksley, as Rosie is strutting her stuff with John, would you do me the honour?

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 21:31

And that is definitely a very fine physique

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 21:31

Hmm Rosie, I am beginning to understand the dress now Grin Are you going to use the Duraglit first or shall I?

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 21:34

Speaking of fine physique, we missed an opportunity to pay tribute to a

...who happens to have a very appropriate line in song and dance routines! Grin

LookAtMyHugeGuns · 09/03/2011 21:34
RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 21:35

Sorry Lil - did you say Duraglit? Wink

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 21:36
LucasIsMyMuse · 09/03/2011 21:39

Helloooo! Sorry I'm late, what's been happening?

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 21:39

So John, d'ya fancy a bit of

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 21:40

Rosie, do you prefer to use sandpaper and elbow grease?

LookAtMyHugeGuns · 09/03/2011 21:40

At last. I was beginning to think that my dance partner had deserted me. I was thinking of going home.

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 21:40

Hi Muse! We're all getting our respective grooves on with a varied selection of John's! Grin

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 21:41

I think that one may have been lost in translation, Lil - never mind!

LookAtMyHugeGuns · 09/03/2011 21:42
LucasIsMyMuse · 09/03/2011 21:43

Ooh lovely

LookAtMyHugeGuns · 09/03/2011 21:45

Muse - Hello.

You inspire me.

LookAtMyHugeGuns · 09/03/2011 21:48
LookAtMyHugeGuns · 09/03/2011 21:51
LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 21:54

Meanwhile, looks like couldn't resist coming to see what I was getting up to.

I can't polish your sword now, I'm partying with my new friends. Ask Rosie.

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 21:57

Sorry Gizzy - I've got my sticky mitts on John at moment and besides...

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 22:01

Rosie my new friend, I trust this John of yours is not this John

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 22:05

Erm - no!

LookAtMyHugeGuns · 09/03/2011 22:05

Oh my. That last pic could have been painted by Waterhouse. Or so it says here in my Boys Own Rooty-Tooty Guide to Art.

Where's Muse gone? I wanna daaaance.

JustCallMeJohn · 09/03/2011 22:06

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