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The Hermann Rorschach Institute at the University of Milton North

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DumSpiroSpero · 28/02/2011 16:36

Our New Patron! Grin

OP posts:
DumSpiroSpero · 09/03/2011 15:42

The green is probably the result of the very yellow, sandy surroundings reflecting off the usual blue.

Did huuuuge food shop this morning - all ready for this evening now. Was very indulgent and bought all the ingredients to make a RL sgroppino! Grin

OP posts:
ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 09/03/2011 16:22

Very nice painting smock

Commiserations to anyone whose sleep is interrupted by spousal snorings or importunate children. What year is SmallBoy Major in, Small? It seems to me that the things that teachers often complain of in small boys are, err, the very essence of small boys. But what do I know? I am not a teacher and the only boy in this house is the one to which I am married.

Right. Have decided to buy the ingredients for a sgroppino for tonight's booze up evening of witty intellectual banter. It's going to be a marvellous party, I am sure.

DumSpiroSpero · 09/03/2011 16:37

Very nice smock

I won't be the only one getting ratarsed merry tonight then, Maud?

Also have twiglets & Thornton's chocs - I sometimes think I enjoy my 'me-time' a bit too much!

OP posts:
ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 09/03/2011 16:45

The painting smock: what lies beneath

I thought I might have a bijou cocktail or two, Spiro. I like prosecco molto bene!

PassTheTwiglets · 09/03/2011 17:11

Ah si, si! Il Prosecco e molto delicioza! E il mio... er.. um... favorito? (can't remember word for favourite!)

Dammit, I did a huge shop too but it was online and it's not being delivered until tomorrow - but I want Sgroppino too, no fair!! I have no snacks until Tesco man tomorrow either but there is always wine in this house :)

TheSmallPrint · 09/03/2011 17:18

He's year 2 Maud, I thnk you may have hit the nail on the head witty regard to teacher expctations, he is not even a 'boy' type compared to many in his year but this teacher has two girls herself so prhaps is a little biased? We'll see.

Glad you lot have got the food and booze in as I have not had a chance to get to the shops yet. Busy, busy!

TheSmallPrint · 09/03/2011 17:27

With not witty damn you iPhone autocorrect! I am at the filthy pool again watching Smallboy Major attempting not to drown.

DumSpiroSpero · 09/03/2011 17:40

Primary teachers are so hit & miss aren't they? In reception dd's teacher really wanted to work with kids with special needs and pretty much ignored the brighter ones all year. This year her teacher is brilliant but we are drowning in bloody homework which I have to admit I'm not terribly strict about. She likes learning anyway and at 6 I'm inclined to let her do what suits her to a large degree.

OP posts:
ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 09/03/2011 19:07

The Girl has been fortunate with all her most recent teachers, although I will say nothing about her Reception and Year 1 teachers for fear of having apoplexy.

Well, my evening is not going to plan. We have just been to three different shops looking - bootlessly - for lemon sorbet and I don't have the time or inclination to go further afield. So I'm thinking of substituting ingredients and making my Sgroppino with vodka, Tizer, Ben and Jerry's toffee ice cream and parsley.

::Hastens to add that this is a joke::

PassTheTwiglets · 09/03/2011 19:24

What is it with lemon sorbet?, Maud! A few weeks ago the kids wanted some but we couldn't find it anywhere! It's not exactly a rare commodity, surely? Not like sliced hippopotamus in suitcase sauce... well you and I can commiserate in not having Sgroppino (though must remember to add it to Mr Tesco for tomorrow!)

Spiro, I couldn't agree more re. homework not being important at that age - it's insane. The odd bit of reading is all they need to do, I think...

Off to watch Spooks 9.7 now and can't MN whilst that is on so will be arriving fashionably late tonight, somewhere around 8.30ish...

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 20:11

Well, wonders will never cease. That miserable git up at the Manor gave me an evening off from the foot-rubbing.

So hello 21st century ladies! Have men changed at all since my day?.

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 20:16

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 20:17

Hey Lil - at least you've got a fella - I'm on the lookout tonight.

You know what they say - a good man is hard to find (and vice versa Wink)

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 20:25

a good man is hard to find (and vice versa)
Amen to that, Rosie. I didn't say I'd got a man, good or otherwise, I mentioned a miserable git. Whose miserable feet I have to rub on regular occasions. Mind you, he has nice boots.

I love the gown. Are women who are not strumpets really wearing something that short, nowadays?

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 20:28

Did I say I wasn't a strumpet?

LookAtMyHugeGuns · 09/03/2011 20:30

Good evening, ladies.

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 20:31

Tell you what, Lil - if you get fed up with the foot-rubbing,


RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 20:32

Scratch that Lil,

Well hello Mr Guns Wink

LookAtMyHugeGuns · 09/03/2011 20:33

Have we met before, Miss Tattersall? I don't recognise your name.

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 20:34

OK, I'm kinda here to lower the tone, but...

Listen to the first 40 seconds of and see if your reaction is the same as mine!

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 20:35

I'm sure I'd remember if we'd met before - maybe in another lifetime.

Have no fear, all will be revealed later

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 20:36

That was very strange, Rosie. Lots of men that look like the miserable git. And they don't look nearly as miserable as he does. But I did see what must be him cosying up to that Marian chit. If she only knew what I know...

LookAtMyHugeGuns · 09/03/2011 20:40

What does a man have to do to get a drink around here?

RosieTattersall · 09/03/2011 20:44

Here you go love Wine

LocksleyLil · 09/03/2011 20:46

So what are guns, then? Are they like bows and arrows?

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