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The Hermann Rorschach Institute at the University of Milton North

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DumSpiroSpero · 28/02/2011 16:36

Our New Patron! Grin

OP posts:
PhoenixRisingFromTheAshes · 28/02/2011 22:15

Thanks for the Pick n Mix Spiro!!!

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 28/02/2011 22:21

Of course, the Twigster may be looking in from Gay Paree. A bookmark sounds a spiffing idea.

::Must go and buy Easy Virtue::

PhoenixRisingFromTheAshes · 28/02/2011 22:22

I reckon that they must have had Marian standing on a box when he kissed her...doesn't seem feasible otherwise. Have you read / heard that comment from her (in a RH commentary) when she said that kissing RA was the highlight of the series for her (or something like that)....

SupermassiveLBD · 28/02/2011 22:26

I hadn't heard that comment, Phoenix, but obviously Lucy has a bit more sense than Marian Grin

Twiglets duly bookmarked,I just hope no one else wants to use mycomputer in the meantime Shock

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 28/02/2011 22:27

Daniela Thingummy said something similar about having to reshoot the final scenes of N&S. I think he must have bribed them, given that there must have been a whiff of L'Air du Benson and Hedges at the time.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 28/02/2011 22:30

::Runs in with thrilling news::

For anyone who needs more Colin in their life, you can currently get Easy Virtue and A Single Man on Amazon for just over £10 for the pair.

DumSpiroSpero · 28/02/2011 22:30

Not unlike Daniela DA's comment in the N & S vid about spending all day kissing then having to go back and do it again being a real chore - said with tongue firmly in cheek.

Massive, I blame my affinity with covert ops as much on an early love of Dempsey & Makepeace as on Spooks Grin!

OP posts:
SupermassiveLBD · 28/02/2011 22:31

Maybe DDA was a smoker too at the time. Who knows?

DumSpiroSpero · 28/02/2011 22:33

Seriously Maud, there is such a thing as Extra Strong Mints ( I should know - it took 2 packets of them to stave off my hangover at the weekend) .

Please don't get me thinking about da Man & Cuban cigars at the same time, I've been sooooo restrained today Confused

OP posts:
ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 28/02/2011 22:35

Exactly, Massive. Who knows? And who cares, really? It's only, like, acting, innit?

::Sprays Fabreze around and fans self::

SupermassiveLBD · 28/02/2011 22:35

I used to devour Tom Clancy novels, all the spy lore fascinated me, dead drops, safe houses, how to lose a tail etc etc...

DumSpiroSpero · 28/02/2011 22:38

Do you reckon it was only acting, though Hmm?

Have just caught SMFV from Maud...

OP posts:
ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 28/02/2011 22:39

When I went to Berlin, I went to the Glienicker Brucke just to see where all the spy handovers in John le Carre novels had happened. ::spy nerd::

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 28/02/2011 22:40

'Fess up, Spiro. What did you buy?

SupermassiveLBD · 28/02/2011 22:41

What did you get, Spiro? Anything nice?

SupermassiveLBD · 28/02/2011 22:42

Snap, Maudie, great noses poke alike Grin

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 28/02/2011 22:44

::Adjusts ear trumpet::

Did someone mention great noses?

DumSpiroSpero · 28/02/2011 22:44

Maud's recommendation. Easy Virtue looks good, and given the subject matter may ne able to pick up some useful tips. Have wanted to see s Single Man for ages so got both. Cheers Maud!

OP posts:
SupermassiveLBD · 28/02/2011 22:44

I went to the Glienicker Brucke

Was it all you'd imagined, Maud, all atmospheric, seedy and melancholic, with appropriate music playing in the background?

SupermassiveLBD · 28/02/2011 22:46

As the bard has it, that which we call a nose...

Such a distinct and unmistakeable profile though,

DumSpiroSpero · 28/02/2011 22:51

Right, really is time for bed now. Sweet dreams everyone. BTW, I nearly have one the other day - DD woke me up just as Mr Thornton give into view...

OP posts:
SupermassiveLBD · 28/02/2011 22:52

So I caught SMFV too, but I am just finally summoning Mr Porter.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 28/02/2011 22:54

As I mentioned before, Spiro, I was blown away by A Single Man. I promise you it'll be worth it.

Massive - I went to Berlin just a couple of weeks before reunification so it was a highly-charged atmosphere anyway. I don't have very clear memories of the Glienicker Brucke so must dig out some of my old photos for nostalgia's sake.

That is a very good profile, isn't it? Very sculptural.

::Goes off on one again::

SupermassiveLBD · 28/02/2011 22:54

DD woke me up just as Mr Thornton hove into view...

Better luck next time, Spiro! good night!

PhoenixRisingFromTheAshes · 28/02/2011 22:57

I saw A Single Man about a year ago - it's very good and I thought his performance in that was stronger than in The King's Speech... but Jeff Bridges was excellent last year too, can't remember what the movie was called though (was it Crazy Heart?)

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