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The Nicholas Higgins Library at the University of Milton North

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Theresahollyinyourmind · 31/12/2010 21:20

Welcome to our new facility, Please enjoy

OP posts:
MrsLucasNorthPole · 31/12/2010 21:23

Very tastefully named Holly. May have to transfer to pc and get my finger out with SNT in a mo!

asmallbunchofmistletoe · 31/12/2010 21:24

This is just perfect, Holly. Shall we display this fine canvas over the mantelpiece? Now, where's the Chateau Gizzy and twiglets?

Theresahollyinyourmind · 31/12/2010 21:25

Hooray! If you thinbk the title's too obscure we put up another one and store all the stories on here.

OP posts:
PassTheTwiglets · 31/12/2010 21:26

Oh, nice title! Thank you Holly, I like it! I spent at least 10 minutes trying but failing to think of a witty title :)

Excited to see who we can expect to materialse in the machine next, Mrs! Does the controlpad have a Prada setting? :)

PassTheTwiglets · 31/12/2010 21:28

We are about to crack open some Prosecco in RL. I shall now forever think of it as Fizzy Gizzy :o

My party frock isn't back from the dry-cleaners yet... hopefully soon. Though I like knowing who we all are!

TeritheFangirl · 31/12/2010 21:29

Hey ladiez, glad to get to meet yas at last!

JohnThorntonofMiltonNorthern · 31/12/2010 21:30

Ladies. Good evening.

I think most regular students will be sufficiently familiar with the town of Milton that they will find their way here. May I say, too, that I feel very keenly the honour you have bestowed on my good friend Nicholas Higgins, from whom I learnt so much about love, human relationships and hotpot?

May I have a glass of your Chateau Gizzy? It is not, I fear, a vintage much to be found in Milton.

MrThorntonIsMyToyBoy · 31/12/2010 21:31
TeritheFangirl · 31/12/2010 21:32

Forget poncey designer clobber, MrsLNP, ya can't beat a bit of medieval biker gear.

PassTheTwiglets · 31/12/2010 21:33

Oooh, I don't know who I'm more excited to meet, Teri or Mr Thornton :)

Mr Thornton, would you humour an old lady who recently made your accquaintance and ask her if she's coming home with you?

PassTheTwiglets · 31/12/2010 21:34

Ow, careful ToyBoy!

Teri, I have a nice Prardar you may be interested in...

asmallbunchofmistletoe · 31/12/2010 21:35

Gosh. This is shaping up to be quite some party.

TeritheFangirl · 31/12/2010 21:36

#FF @JohnnyT > Parlez-vous Twitter?

MrsLucasNorthPole · 31/12/2010 21:37

Hi Teri & Mr T! I'm just about to pour another glass of Sauvignon Blanc (from New Zealand by way of a tribute to the forthcoming year's Hobbity activities), then it'll be back to the Polish Cordial if I'm still standing Grin!

LucasNorthCanSpookMeAnytime · 31/12/2010 21:41

Just back from the dry-cleaners.

JohnThorntonofMiltonNorthern · 31/12/2010 21:42

What is this Twitter of which you speak, Miss Teri? Is it another of Mr Arkwright's inventions?

Miss Twiglets. Have we met before? I regret to inform you that I do have plans for the evening but nevertheless I would be delighted to indulge you in your fancy for a small reading from the immortal works of Mrs Gaskell, as re-interpreted by the Bee Bee Cee. So

Are you coming home with me?

AratherwetGuyofGisborne · 31/12/2010 21:44

1.I am still wet
2.I have a very big sword.

Do something, or there will be a lot of begging going on here tonight.
Even fetching is not an option.

Mistress Teri has mentioned something about prunes in the fruitbowl.

JohnThorntonofMiltonNorthern · 31/12/2010 21:48

I would remind you, sir, that there are ladies present. Divest yourself of that sword or I shall be obliged to send to the barracks and the soldiers will then deal with your uncouth behaviour. Dixon the housekeeper will bring you a towel with which to cover your somewhat shrivelled body.
MrsLucasNorthPole · 31/12/2010 21:49

I have a lovely warm fluffy towel Guy, if Teri's not got there yet ( I think she means peaches by the way)!

LucasNorthCanSpookMeAnytime · 31/12/2010 21:51

Oh, Mr Thornton, how can I ever thank you?! The bow was gorgeous as well, what a true gentleman you are.

Poor, wet Guy, how could we have forgotten you like that? Actually... perhaps I could help you with that?

AratherwetGuyofGisborne · 31/12/2010 21:51

Not after I've been sat in this curst bath for two days, she doesn't.

JohnThorntonofMiltonNorthern · 31/12/2010 21:53

You are welcome, madam. Now where is my beloved Missy? We have an appointment to play canasta.

asmallbunchofmistletoe · 31/12/2010 21:55
LucasNorthCanSpookMeAnytime · 31/12/2010 22:00

Is it 2011 there now, Teri?! HNY if so!!!

TeritheFangirl · 31/12/2010 22:01

Hands off Gizzers, ladies, I've got him sorted now.

In fact I just finished off Holly's little story for her, just in case you wondered what happened to Tansy etc, in the end.It was really much better but Hols is making me post the heavily censored version.

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