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I'm a footballer's wife.. ask me anything???

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iamawagama · 11/07/2018 08:13

Apart from who my husband is/what team he plays for Grin

(Have set up a whole new username for this so there's no chance of it coming back to me and the Daily Mail can sod off thank you!)

OP posts:

cjcghana · 21/07/2018 18:03

Come on footballer's wife... we've been loving this


everygalaxy · 17/08/2018 12:35

For the first time ever I found myself worrying about the families especially when we loaned out one of our players to Leeds and his wife had just had her first baby. Really great thread - will think a bit differently following my team this season.


BasilFaulty · 26/08/2018 19:43

OP I LOVE that you use Bourjois CC cream as well! It's the best I've ever tried.


StickTheKettleOnDear · 27/08/2018 23:51

@iamawagama You sound like a completely lovely person...

I haven't read the whole thread (although got drawn in longer than expected) but you sound so down to earth and just nice 😊 Best of luck to you and your family with the move etc x


serbska · 11/09/2018 23:40

Well this was an entertaining read for a long journey. Loved that you owned the ‘living the life of riley’ and also Yaki Udon is totally the best dish.

@iamawagama you mention a few times you know the earning isn’t forever, and your DH (and all footballers obvs) being one injury away from career end.

Is he insured against career ending or limiting injuries?

What % of earning are reinvested for the future?

Do you have a diversified investment portfolio? Do you both seek advice of an IFA?

Do you get to have interesting debates and discussions with other WAGs on a wide variety of current affair type topics, or is the nature of those relationship kept more sanitised/superficial?

I hope your DH has a long career obviously, but hope you both have a successful transition to the next stage in life.


Knitjob · 28/09/2018 23:43

Please can you ask your dh why football socks have to be so thick and so hard to put on? Spent 15 minutes helping ds get his on tonight. Then we discovered he was actually playing indoors and not outdoors so had to try and squeeze his feet in the giant socks into his normal trainers for playing indoors.
Does your dh have someone to pull his socks on for him? Or can he recommend a technique for getting shin pads and socks on and then off again without dislocating an ankle?


DontCallMeCharlotte · 30/09/2018 18:31

I like the Benefit they're real mascara, although it's a pain to get off.

Hurrah I have something in common eith a footballer's wife.

(Fascinating thread)


noego · 30/09/2018 21:07


Cut the feet off the football socks. Put trainers socks on the feet and then the pull the football socks over the trainer socks. Where the football sock meets the football sock, wrap some tape around the joint. Also use the tape for keeping shin pads in place.

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