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Best plant pots: stylish homes for your indoor and outdoor greenery

An attractive and sturdy plant pot will elevate leafy green foliage and complement the stunning colours of a flowering shrub. Here are the best plant pots to buy this year, as recommended by Mumsnet users.

By Gemma Lumley | Last updated Dec 18, 2023

Selection of plant pots

Plants can add much-needed pizzazz to the home. Their presence is also soothing, and being surrounded by green is also remarkably good for the mind and body. Lifting a plain corner of your home with a delicate fern or a shiny-leafed Monstera are fantastic ways to boost your mood and purify the air.

In the garden, a large planter on the corner of your patio or decking can make a real impact, and decorative trees standing guard in big wooden tubs on either side of the front door or gate have always been a classic outside design feature.

Of course, you should choose the plant first, but once your chic Acer tree or vibrant fuchsia bush has been selected, you’ll need a suitable pot to display it. It's not all about aesthetics only though - to keep your precious plant babies happy and healthy, they must also be the correct size and manage water well. So, whatever your budget, we’ve got the most stylish, resilient and quirky plant pots to add charm and the perfect finishing touch to your home and garden.

How we chose our recommendations

We’ve thoroughly researched the best plant pots you can buy in 2022. Here's how we thoughtfully selected our top picks.

Plant pots tried and tested by real Mumsnet users

Many of the Mumsnet community are keen indoor and outdoor plant enthusiasts who crave beautiful homes and gardens. So we carefully combed through their reviews and recommendations on the plant pots they’ve used and rated highly. In addition, we included their advice on any challenges and the essential things to be aware of when investing.

Expert opinions

Plant pots, especially ceramic designs, can be expensive, so we wanted to make sure that the products we recommended were excellent quality, durable and stylish. To do this, we investigated the views of eminent horticultural and gardening experts on the plant pots they trust to perform most highly while keeping plants alive and healthy.

Authentic customer reviews

Finally, we evaluated gardening bestseller lists and scrutinised authentic reviews from various retailer sites to see which plant pots were best rated. We also weighed up the pros and cons of each of our choices to determine which products worked best in various locations and with a range of plants.

So, whatever your budget and the size of your garden or home, here are the best plant pots to buy in 2022.

Best indoor plant pots

1. Best overall indoor plant pot: La Jolie Muse Daisy Design Ceramic Planter with Wood Stand

La Jolie plant pot

Price: £23.99 | Buy now from Amazon

This gorgeous ceramic plant pot and wooden stand by La Jolie Muse is the perfect home for your favourite plant. The glossy white ceramic and embossed daisy design is minimal yet pretty and catches the light beautifully.

The attractive and robust wooden stand adds a natural touch, elevates your plant and will protect your surfaces and floor from water and any roughness on the underside of the pot. Even better, there’s no construction required.

This lovely set is ideal for small to medium-sized plants and comes with a drainage hole already in place to allow your plant to breathe and thrive.

Key specs

  • Material: Ceramic and wood

  • Dimensions: With stand: H 24cm; Planter alone: H 15.5 x D 20.3cm

  • Suitable for: Indoor

2. Best budget indoor plant pot: Scheurich Luna Taupe Ceramic Pot

Taupe plant pot

Price: £8.75 | Buy now from Homebase

“Homebase. They sell a whole range of Scheurich ceramic pots in a range of sizes and designs.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Thefirsttime)

Scheurich pots are the epitome of Scandinavian horticultural style and are excellent value. These Luna pots are made from shiny glazed ceramic and have a classic embossed pattern that will sit well in most room styles. They are also available in classic navy and cheery yellow.

Luna pots are very durable; they are 100% leakproof, have solid and chip-resistant edges and have an impressive weight, so they won’t easily skid along a surface.

We loved the 1970s vibe of these cool little pots. All kinds of plants will look fantastic sitting in this classic taupe colour, but we think they would be perfect for lush, green ferns.

Key specs

  • Material: Ceramic

  • Dimensions: 16cm

  • Suitable for: Indoor

3. Best indoor ceramic planter: Burgon & Ball Moroccan Indoor Glazed Ceramic Plant Pot

Burgon plant pot

Price: £12.68 | Buy now from Amazon

“Burgon & Ball, you can get them on Amazon. A bit dear, but they look really good.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Moooms)

 This Burgon & Ball Moroccan Glazed Plant Pot will add a touch of exotic beauty to your home and make the ideal spot for small plants of every type.

 The gorgeous green/blue shade is called 'Celadon', and it’s further enhanced by the sumptuous glossy glaze and intricate repeating pattern.

 Made from tough ceramic, these pots are durable and have a rounded chip and break-free edge. They are superb quality, excellent value and would make a lovely gift.

Key specs

  • Material: Ceramic

  • Dimensions: ‎H 18.9 x W 18.3 x D 18cm

  • Suitable for: Indoors

4. Best house plant pot for style: Sass & Belle Frida Ceramic Planter

Sass and Belle plant pot

Price: £10.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“Sass & Belle do really nice ‘head’ ones.” (Suggested by Mumsnet user lowbudgetnigella)

Sass & Belle are a fantastic brand for quirky flower pots, there were lots to choose from, but we loved the distinctive Frida Ceramic Planter the most. The glorious colours will add a vibrant touch to any corner of your home.

This cool pot is a loving homage to the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. It’s fun, unusual and would make an excellent gift, with or without a plant.

Crafted from high-quality glazed ceramic, these plant pots are durable and fade resistant. They feel sturdy, but be careful as the larger head might make them slightly unbalanced.

Key specs

  • Material: Glazed ceramic

  • Dimensions: L 11.6 x W 11.6cm x H 14cm

  • Suitable for: Indoors

5. Best sustainable indoor plant pot: Muddy Hands Eco Friendly Chisel Plant Pot

eco pot

Price: £10.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Muddy Hands Eco-Friendly Plant Pots are made from recycled plastic and wood chippings sourced from furniture factories. They are the ideal solution if you’re trying to avoid single-use plastics and be more sustainable.

These innovative pots come in different shapes and colours. However, we love this chic green shade and the larger size which would be suitable for big house plants and miniature trees.

These pots' quality and sturdy weight are impressive, and an integral waterproof inner liner is included. This is handy for simply placing your plant inside its new home without mess and faff.

Key specs

  • Material: Recycled plastic and wood

  • Dimensions: H 19.5cm; Diameter 20cm (top), 17.5cm (bottom)

  • Suitable for: Indoors and outdoors

6. Best natural look indoor plant pot: John Lewis & Partners Patterned Water Hyacinth Plant Pot

John Lewis plant pot

Price: £17.50 | Buy now from John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis’s Water Hyacinth Plant Pots are stunning. The intricately patterned weave, woven handles and soothing, neutral colour will add a beautiful natural touch to your home.

It’s a practical plant pot too; inside the basket is a 100% waterproof lining, so you can pop your plants straight inside, though some consumers have preferred to use a cheap plastic pot too.

Water hyacinth is a light natural fabric with lots of elasticity, so your new pots will be durable, easy to transport and long-lasting.

Key specs

  • Material: Water hyacinth

  • Dimensions: H 34cm; Diameter 33cm (widest), 25cm (top and bottom)

  • Suitable for: Indoors

7. Best indoor plant pot for large plants: Blooma Lule Wood Effect Plastic Round Plant Pot

Blooma plant pot

Price: £38.00 | Buy now from B&Q

“B&Q have some nice big, plastic pots.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user MrsFin)

Big leafy plants and small indoor trees can significantly impact the look of your home and bring the great outdoors in; these Blooma Lule Wood Effect Large Planters are perfect for the job.

They are made of rigid plastic but have been designed to look like wooden drinks barrels so you can achieve a natural look. The deep and rich colour will suit most plants and room styles.

These planters can be matched with other Lule items in the range for a coordinated look. They can also be placed outside; just make sure you drill enough holes in the bottom for optimum drainage.

Key specs

  • Material: Plastic

  • Dimensions: Diameter 52cm, H 37cm

  • Suitable for: Indoors and outdoors

Best outdoor plant pots

8. Best overall outdoor plant pot: Stewart Square Granite Effect Piazza Planter

Stewart plant pot

Price: £25.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“I like the Stewart plastic planters. I'd love expensive ones but my budget doesn't stretch that far.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user AprilFoolaround)

Stewart Granite Effect Plastic Planters are fantastic value and come in lots of sizes and shapes so you can coordinate your entire garden to look like an Italian piazza. The dark grey and silver speckles look sophisticated, and their chunky but sleek look mimics granite.

These planters are light, easy to move even when planted, strong, UV resistant, and frostproof, so they’ll look fabulous even after many years of heat and cold.

We also love that these planters are made in the UK and arrive with plenty of pre-drilled holes for optimum drainage, ensuring your plants will be happy and healthy in their new homes.

Key specs

  • Material: Plastic

  • Dimensions: H x 41, W x 40, L x 40cm

  • Suitable for: Outdoors

9. Best budget outdoor plant pot: Wilko Clever Pots Round Plant Pot

Wilko Plant Pot

Price: £1.50 | Buy now from Wilko

“Wilko. Their outdoor plastic pots are seriously good value!” (Suggested by Mumsnet user kmini)

Wilko Clever Pots are outstanding value; they are available in many practical sizes and shapes, and the colours include vivid purple, calming sage green, traditional terracotta and contemporary charcoal.

These great garden plant pots are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. They are made from tough yet light 30% recycled plastic, and the entire pot can also be recycled at the end of its usefulness.

Weatherproof, fade resistant and with small feet to encourage healthy airflow underneath the plant, these plant pots are a must-buy if you’re a gardener on a budget.

Key specs

  • Material: Polypropylene plastic

  • Dimensions: H 16.2 cm x W 19.5 cm x D 19.5 cm

  • Suitable for: Outdoors

10. Best contemporary outdoor plant pots: La Jolíe Muse Flower Pots Set of Two

La Jolie Muse plant pots

Price: £11.04 | Buy now on Amazon

These unusual La Jolie Muse speckled pots look like planters you might find on the patio of a Greek villa. They look delicate but are weather resistant and built to last without fading, peeling or chipping.

They are made from lightweight yet robust plastic and decorated with metallic stone powder. These fab pots will house small plants outdoors in the garden or on a sunny windowsill; just make sure you use a saucer to protect surfaces from water coming from the pre-drilled drainage holes.

We were amazed by the price of these too; they are excellent value. Two small but beautiful plant pots for under £12 is very affordable. In addition, they can be fully recycled after use, so they’re sustainable too.

Key specs

  • Material: Recycled plastic and stone powder speckles

  • Dimensions: ‎H x 23, W x 19.5, D x 19.5 cm

  • Suitable for: Outdoors and indoors

11. Best plant containers for a small garden: Weston Mill Terracotta Plant Pot Set of 10

Weston Mill plant pot

Price: £29.98 | Buy now from Amazon 

This great value, high-quality 10-pack of Weston Mill Terracotta Pots will transform your outdoor space into a traditional cottage garden. The bases are pre-drilled with drainage holes, saving a lot of faff, and they even come with an individual drainage saucer for each pot.

Terracotta is a sturdy clay that withstands all weather, from harsh wind and rain to hot sun. They won’t easily fall or be knocked over. However, they can be heavy to move around.

Be aware that terracotta clay is porous and will soak up water, so if you’re potting a thirsty plant, ensure the roots get a thorough soaking daily.

Key specs

  • Material: Terracotta clay

  • Dimensions: H 11 x W 13.2 cm

  • Suitable for: Outdoors

12. Best garden pot for large plants: Strata Square Wood Effect Planter

Argos plant pot

Price: £20.00 | Buy now from Argos

These Strata Wood Effect Planters are designed to display medium to large-sized plants in the corners of patios; however, they would look fantastic anywhere in the garden or on either side of a drive or entryway.

Made from strong polyethylene plastic, these large planters are weather resistant. They also have sturdy feet that lift the pot off the ground; this allows air to flow and water to escape and will keep your plants healthy and free from root rot.

Strata plant pots are made from superior quality materials and are thoughtfully designed. The prices are also affordable, and each pot comes with a 12-month guarantee.

Key specs

  • Material: Plastic

  • Dimensions: H40 x W40 x D40cm

  • Suitable for: Outdoors and indoors

13. Best garden pot for a patio: Rattan Effect Flower Pot Planter

Rattan plant pot

Price: £24.95 | Buy now from Amazon

“These are decent, and you can use the inners separately to the outers, meaning you basically get two pots.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Bluntness100)

If, like many people, you have rattan-effect outdoor furniture on your decking, these richly coloured, rattan-effect planters would make a fantastic coordinating feature. But, of course, they would also look great indoors or on a balcony.

We loved the modern look of these planters. The sophisticated, clean lines look elegant, and the dark shade will suit most colour schemes and won’t detract from the natural beauty of the plant. They are also easy to keep looking pristine; they need a quick wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Made from glossy plastic, these planters won’t fade or peel, and their light weight means they can be moved easily around the garden as needed. The clever inner liner means it’s simple to pot your plant and slot it into the outer, or it could also be used as a separate pot.

Key specs

  • Material: Plastic

  • Dimensions: L 39 × W 39 × H 40.5 cm

  • Suitable for: Outdoors and indoors

14. Best contemporary planter pots for your garden: SG Traders Chengdu Large Plant Pots Set of 2

SG Trading plant pot

Price: £17.95 | Buy now from Amazon

We adored the bright cherry red of these Chengdu Garden Plant Pots from SG Trading. They are both cheerful and elegant and would brighten up a small yard or patio. The embossed ivory pattern is striking too.

These pots are made from resilient glossy plastic. They are fadeproof, have a chunky rim that won’t snap easily and will withstand the challenges of the British weather. Just be wary of the small base that might lead to them being top-heavy and toppling.

Drainage holes have already been drilled into the base of these pots, though it would be easy to add more depending on the water needs of the plants they will be home to.

Key specs

  • Material: Plastic

  • Dimensions: ‎H x 24, W X 30, D x 24 cm

  • Suitable for: Outdoors

How to choose the best plant pot for you

There’s a vast selection of plant pots available to buy now, including ceramics in rainbow hues, animal-shaped hanging baskets and plain plastic options. Here are a few tips to help you choose.

  • Material: Ceramic pots are more likely to be colourful and beautiful, and if they’re glazed, they should be waterproof and practical too. Plastic is lightweight, robust and affordable, but you need to ensure it drains water well or you’ll drown your plant.

  • Drainage holes: Holes are needed to release excess water, so check the base of your pot. For a small plant, you only need one outlet. Drainage can be easily added to a plastic pot, but this is tricky with a hard-bottomed pot like terracotta or ceramic.

  • Size: Buy a decorative pot at least one inch wider than your plant's root mass. Alternatively, if a plant already has a temporary grow pot, choose a 1-2cm bigger planter. Also, consider where your plant will live. Is there space for it on the windowsill? If it’s going to sit on the floor, do you need a stand so it can reach a consistent source of light?

  • Weight: Big plants in terracotta pots full of moist compost can be challenging to move around. Consider lighter plastic plant pots if your garden needs rearranging as the sun moves through the sky.

  • Style: Do you prefer quirky planters with faces, slogans and zany geometric patterns? Or is your dream a display of orange terracotta for a countryside feel? Maybe minimalist and glossy black will suit your garden best? Choose the styles of plant pots you enjoy; just make sure they are durable, manage water well and are the correct size.

Do plants grow better in plastic or ceramic pots?

A thirsty plant that occasionally goes a couple of days without watering will appreciate a plastic pot with minimal airflow that holds water for longer. A glazed, less porous, ceramic pot will be enjoyed more by a plant that needs less water to thrive.

Should plant pots have holes?

Yes, for your plant to be happy, healthy and long-lived, holes in the base of your plant pots are a good idea. When watering a plant, the moisture flows through the soil to nourish the roots. If the excess water cannot escape, it will decay, creating root rot, the symptoms of over-watering and, eventually, the sad demise of your plant.

However, there are some exceptions. A single hole or drainage created by small stones can be sufficient if you're caring for a small plant. To prevent a mess from water leaking out of the bottom of a plant, buy co-ordinating plant saucers, or invest in pretty plates to match your pot.

What are the mental health benefits of keeping plants indoors?

Living and working alongside an abundance of indoor plants can significantly and positively affect your mental and physical health.

  • Green foliage reduces the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air around them.

  • The calming colour of green leaves promotes relaxation.

  • Keeping a plant alive and happy will focus your mind away from worries and problems.

  • Plants have been proven to boost productivity in workspaces.

  • Studies have shown that plants reduce pain when placed in hospital waiting rooms.

Which pots are best for indoor plants?

A beautiful ceramic plant pot is often people’s first choice of home for a new or flourishing plant. They make lovely gifts, and a pretty colour or intricate pattern can add interest and fun to a small corner of a room.

However, be aware that unglazed ceramics are porous, so they can hold too much water and damage your plant's roots. That said, the heavyweight nature of ceramics means they are stable and less prone to being accidentally tipped over by a curious cat.

Plastic planters are lightweight and cheaper; this is especially useful if you’re planning to fill your home with plants but don’t want to go bankrupt.

Like unglazed ceramic, plastic is also non-porous, so airflow is minimised, and it can repel water. As a result, they make an excellent choice for plants that need watering regularly.

Sadly, unless you choose a bold colour, plastic pots can look plain and boring and aren’t usually a sustainable choice.

Which pots are best for outdoor plants?

Plastic pots usually have a contemporary look. They are robust, so they won’t break easily if dropped, and they are lightweight, so they can be moved around the garden, even when they have plants in them. Also, try and choose plastic pots that are UV resistant; otherwise, they can become brittle and fade in hot weather. It’s also easy to add extra drainage holes.

Terracotta pots will give your garden a traditional look, and their heaviness makes them stable even in inclement weather. However, they are porous so water can leach into the pot instead of the plant roots. They can also suffer white discolouration from fertiliser, and it’s tricky to drill more drainage holes.

Glazed ceramic is the ideal choice if you’re seeking colour and pattern from your outdoor plant pots. A huge range of designs are available, but they can be expensive. Glazed ceramic pots will be heavy and more stable, though you won’t find it easy to carry them around the garden. They also balance holding too much water like plastic and absorbing too much like terracotta clay.

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