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Indoor pots and plants?

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kmini · 04/01/2020 21:11

Where do you buy your indoor pots and plants?

OP posts:
PurpleDaisies · 04/01/2020 21:12

Local garden centre here.

nitgel · 04/01/2020 21:13

Garden centre Grin

NeverTwerkNaked · 04/01/2020 21:18

Following! I would like to get some but feel totally ignorant!

kittykatkitty · 04/01/2020 21:23

Local garden centre

BlueCowWonders · 04/01/2020 21:27


Plainandsimple · 04/01/2020 21:28

Bizarrely, Ikea and local Tesco!

Butterer · 04/01/2020 21:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kmini · 04/01/2020 21:56

Wilko i find good for indoor plants. Good value and seem to last. Dont find their indoor pot range anything too amazing other than for outdoor plastic pots. Their outdoor plastic pots are seriously good value!

I find garden centres comparatively expensive for plants and their indoor pot range are just not inspiring me at all. We live near a klondike one, so maybe just nothing special at that company.

OP posts:
TiddleTaddleTat · 04/01/2020 22:05

I find garden centres overpriced too.
I tend to buy pots either from Wilko or B&Q, and have just ordered some really big ones from Amazon. I also pick up a fair few in charity shops here and there.
Plant-wise I have recently bought it swapped both garden and houseplants with friends or on Facebook groups. Theres a group of us locally that swap houseplant cuttings which has stocked most of my house with greenery.
I really resent spending money on plants ...

kmini · 04/01/2020 22:14

Wow @tiddletaddletat - I'm afraid I haven't ventured into plant cuttings in my gardening/indoor plant development- I'm impressed!

OP posts:
kmini · 04/01/2020 22:17

Looking forward to wilko plant section returning. I will deposit the kids in the toy aisle and then do 30 second reconsonisance missions to the gardening aisle (adjacent aisle). Life is so exciting.Grin

OP posts:
RippleEffects · 04/01/2020 22:30

Lidl is very good for houseplans especially if you get them within a day or two of being delivered.

For indoor pots you can be quite creative. If you think about it you need something to hold the plant and soil then an outer container to catch excess water. Waste plastic bins, hessian bags, rope bins, decorated storage boxes, charity shop for big decorated ceramic serving dishes, vases, metal mixing bowls, baked bean can, sma type baby milk tin or giant sized coffee tin. It very much depends on your taste but Pinterest can help you work that out if the choice seams too wide.

I like to put a few broken crocks or stones in the bottom of a pot below the houseplant so excess water free drains and water in the bottom creates a humid environment without soggy roots.

Ikea do some lovely pebbles, small stones and ceramic balls. I like big glass bowls (so you can see the pebbles through the glass but not the plastic pot) or ceramic pots lines with these then the plastic pot or several plants in plastic pots, then fill the remaining space and cover the soil with the pebbles/ stones/ ceramic balls.

Plants in my house tend to do best planted in small groups as I need to water less in bigger containers.

Jellykat · 04/01/2020 22:41

Tesco, B&Q and Aldi.
I have a bit of a thing about rescuing those half dead clearance plants for 50p and bringing them back to life!

PurpleDaisies · 04/01/2020 22:44

I’d forgotten about b and q. The Range usually have a good selection also.

TiddleTaddleTat · 04/01/2020 22:46

Definitely give cuttings a go kmini , in many cases it's as simple as cutting off a stem and sticking it in some soil eg. Tradescantia , Christmas cactus, African violet, devil's ivy...

kmini · 04/01/2020 22:53

I will @TiddleTaddleTat! Great tip.

Anyone else had problems with sainsbury. I had 4 completely hopeless purchases that died - 2 of the 4 rotten on purchase!

OP posts:
GarethSouthgatesWaistcoat · 05/01/2020 00:01

Lidl have a deal on right now I think!

MikeUniformMike · 06/01/2020 12:37

Wilko mainly. Some Ikea, one Tesco plant.
Cuttings from friends.
Most of the pots are from Wilko, some from B&Q.
I usually buy pots when they clear stock for the Christmas stuff.

sarahc336 · 09/01/2020 06:46

I've bought quite a few house plants over the internet, mad isn't it but they come packaged really well and watered etc. I've bought smaller ones ranging up to larger palm type ones xx

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 09/01/2020 07:17

Waitrose Garden online do some lovely ones.

kmini · 09/01/2020 07:34

@sarahc336 can you recommend an online company?

OP posts:
RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 09/01/2020 19:08

See my post - good online company!


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GarethSouthgatesWaistcoat · 12/01/2020 10:53

Aldi have a selection of houseplants in a 13cm ceramic pot for £3.99 instore from today!

You can find them on the website under today's special buys ('kitchen').

sarahc336 · 12/01/2020 20:39

Yeah I've used Waitrose and is a great website xx

GarethSouthgatesWaistcoat · 12/01/2020 23:58

Sorry my mistake, the Aldi plants are instore from Thursday.

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