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Best deodorants for kids: roll-ons, sprays and creams recommended by parents

Most of us use deodorant every day without a second thought, but when it comes to placing chemicals on our children's delicate skin, a bit more research may be required. Here are the best deodorants for kids that you can buy in 2022.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Mar 9, 2023

Best Deodorant for Kids

It’s a landmark moment in every parents' life when ‘sweet child of mine’ is replaced by ‘smells like teen spirit’ and we catch a hint of our child’s BO. Remember how delicious the back of their heads smelled as a baby? Armpits are another matter, however, and it can be a serious issue when we remember just how easily pubescent school children can be stigmatised for the unpleasant whiff of body odour. 

Once you’re resolved to push the button, glide the roll-on or smear the cream, getting the right deodorant for your child will be a process of trial and error. There’s much disagreement on this topic and some quite polarised opinions, so it can be difficult to decide what's the best option for your not-so-little one. Fortunately, that’s the stuff of Mumsnet and we’re here to help. Whether you want to go 100% natural or want something made of tough stuff for a particularly sporty, sweaty child, we've selected the top products available today. 

How we chose our recommendations 

There are lots of different deodorants on the market that are specifically tailored for or suitable for children and teenagers, so selecting which one is right for your child can be a real challenge. We’ve thoroughly researched the best deodorants you can buy for children, including analysis of tried and tested experiences from a wide range of reliable sources.

Recommendations from real parents

First up, we sought out the trusted thoughts of our Mumsnet community of parents who have faced their fair share of challenges with their children - body odour included! We vetted their trusted views and recommendations, getting feedback on the deodorants they have tried with their children that they felt worked effectively, including their favourite brands, scents, ingredients and method of application. We also took into account the age of their children and critique of products that just didn’t work or essentially failed to banish the BO. 

Expert opinions

When it comes to toiletries and skin products, we want to be confident that the products we recommend are safe to use on your children. We looked for aluminium-free products where possible (we've specified in the product specs any that do contain aluminium), and made sure our recommendations were products that were well-regarded, rated or recommended by dermatologists or healthcare professionals. 

Authentic consumer reviews

Finally, to bring you our definitive list of the deodorants for children, we scrutinised in-depth customer reviews on retailer sites such as Amazon, Boots and Superdrug to get wider consumer experiences on the deodorants that made our shortlist. Through this research, we were able to weigh up the best deodorants for each situation and the possible pros and cons of each choice. 

It’s worth remembering that with skincare products there can be some extreme differences in opinion and it may be a case of trial and error to find the best choice for your child. Natural deodorants can also require a period of transition, so you need to give time for their body to adjust when shifting from one product to another.

With that in mind, here are the best deodorants for kids in 2023.

1. Best overall deodorant for kids: Scrubbingtons Pit Stop Natural Children's Deodorant

Scrubbingtons Pit Stop Natural Children's Deodorant

Price: £11.99 for three | Buy now from Amazon

Scrubbingtons Pit Stop is designed for preteens - it has less harsh chemicals in but seems to stop the stink.” (Recommended by Mumsnetter HPandTheNeverEndingBedtime)

My son is nine and is using Scrubbingtons first deodorant. It smells just like fresh skin and hasn’t caused any irritation. Super pleased with it.” (Rated by Mumsnet user Hardchoices)

An ideal first deodorant for kids and tweens who are experiencing mild body odour, Scrubbingtons Pit Stop is made from 98% natural ingredients with no nasties, and it is completely free from alcohol and aluminium. It’s daunting to find a roll-on that works, does no damage to young skin and finds favour with embarrassed youngsters, but Pit Stop ticks all the boxes.

The cut grass scent is fresh, subtle and gender-neutral and with a gentle formulation. This roll-on stick also offers up to eight hours of coverage and is suitable for children with sensitive skin.  

Whilst it may not be strong enough to tackle the results of a particularly energetic sports day, many reviewers felt that this was a reliable choice for everyday use. 


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Free from aluminium and alcohol
  • Fresh scent 


  • If body odour is strong or your child is particularly active, you may require something stronger

2. Best budget deodorant for kids: Bionsen Aluminium-Free Mineral Protective Deodorant

Bionsen Aluminium-Free Mineral Protective Deodorant

Price: £2.85 | Buy now from Amazon

I buy my DS a non-aluminium roll-on called Bionsen. It's blue. Very gentle and effective.” (Brand recommended by Mumsnetter DonPablo)

I bought this one for my nine-year-old and he’s getting on great with it” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user JellyBelly78)

Whilst not marketed specifically for children, Bionsen is a popular choice of deodorant for kids due to its formulation, which is dermatologically tested and proven to be gentle on sensitive skin, whilst also being free from aluminium and unwelcome parabens.

Whilst it won't prevent your child from perspiring, Bionsen spray can help neutralise the bacteria that leads to body odour and keep your child feeling fresh for the entire day.

Whilst some reviewers said that Bionsen worked well initially, it may become less effective for older, more excessive sweaters and therefore may need topping up during the day. For self-conscious kids, a spare bottle in their school bag will likely offer an extra level of reassurance.


  • Alcohol and paraben-free deodorant
  • Easy spray application 
  • Clinically tested 


  • Not specifically for children 
  • May require repeat application for older children or those who sweat a lot

3. Best natural deodorant for kids: Nuud Starter Pack

Nuud Starter Pack

Price: £12.47 | Buy now from Amazon

I’ve converted the whole family including my very sweaty, stinky DH, god love him. Comes in a tube made from sugar and you end up needing to put it on every few days. It is fab.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user MrsArchchancellorRidcully)

We use Nuud on our sweaty nine-year-old DD - only a teensy bit and it seems to work.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnetter Imkindreally)

Another sustainable choice that received a lot of love on the Mumsnet forums was Nuud - a natural deodorant that is not only alcohol and aluminium-free, but is also 100% vegan, isn't tested on animals and has no artificial perfume or fragrance.

Unlike some deodorants that can try to mask body odour, Nuud uses micro silver to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Whilst it’s a more expensive option on our list, it is concentrated and requires less frequent application - a small pea size amount rubbed under the armpits can last between three and seven days at a time.

As with many of the natural deodorant choices, some reviewers felt it didn't work for them, but it’s important to remember it can take a little while for the body to adjust when switching to a natural deodorant - give it time. 


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable 
  • Natural ingredients suitable for the whole family


  • Natural deodorant may need longer to work at first
  • Initially expensive (but long-lasting) 

4. Best cream deodorant for kids: Trust Anti-Odourant Cream

Trust Anti Odourant Cream

Price: £8.25 | Buy now from Boots

I highly recommend this one. I use it and my 11-year-old DD is now using it. It lasts three days and is aluminium-free. It comes in a little pot so you have to use a finger to put it on but it works. It’s hard to find one aluminium-free that actually works.”  (Rated by Mumsnet user DDMAC)

We use Trust. It's a cream, you use a tiny bit and it stops the odour for a week, lasts through baths and showers.” (Recommended by Mumsnetter notapizzaeater)

Another long-lasting deodorant suitable for the whole family is Trust - a cream anti-odourant that can help eliminate underarm odour for between three and six days after application. 

Whilst the cream method of application may not appeal to everyone (you have to use your fingers to apply), Trust is mild enough for the whole family to use (from four years of age) and contains no harsh chemicals or aluminium. 

Another positive for parents, it can also be used on feet (so no more stinky trainers!) 


  • Gentle natural deodorant suitable from four years of age
  • Natural formulation free from aluminium


  • Pricey
  • Children may prefer a spray or roll-on application

5. Best spray deodorant for kids: Salt of The Earth Crystal Spring Natural Deodorant Spray

Salt of The Earth Crystal Spring Natural Deodorant Spray

Price £5.45 | Buy now from Amazon 

My sensory DS couldn’t cope with any roll-on. But he has been OK with the salt spray, which seems amazingly effective. He's now 15 and it still seems to keep the whiffs at bay. It’s dear, but lasts for ages.” (Rated by Mumsnetter averythinline

DS uses the Salt Of The Earth natural deodorant spray. He started needing it just as he turned 10. It’s not got loads of chemicals, comes in a pump spray or stick and works really well.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user CasparMum)

Mumsnetters who want a green, clean and chemical-free deodorant say that this spray can be a great alternative to applying a roll-on, which can often be met with resistance from children with sensory issues.

This vegan-friendly spray deodorant combines natural potassium alum with skin-soothing aloe vera, antibacterial honeysuckle and purified water to create a product which, when sprayed, creates a thin mineral salt barrier that prevents the growth of BO-making bacteria.

It can be used on pits, feet and even sprayed into shoes. Users recommend two to three sprays per armpit and wiping away any excess liquid for maximum comfort and effectiveness.


  • Vegan-friendly 
  • Easy application 
  • Ideal for teens 


  • Smaller sized bottle for the cost

6. Best roll-on deodorant for kids: MooGoo Natural Deodorant

MooGoo Natural Deodorant

Price: £5.90 | Buy now from Amazon

My eight-year-old DS uses MooGoo roll-on deodorant and it works really well. He was always quite pongy by afternoon (despite showering with soap every morning) but since using this he doesn't smell at all.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user LunaLoveFood

Gentle enough for teens and preteens, MooGoo has a non-stinging formula which is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It doesn’t block sweat from escaping your child’s pores, but neutralises odours to keep your tween or teen smelling fresh and clean, even after an incredibly active afternoon.

With no aluminium or artificial fragrances, MooGoo comes in a quick and easy to use roll-on - no need for hand to skin contact which can be unappealing for younger users.


  • Easy to use roll-on
  • Aluminium-free 


  • Pricey

7. Best deodorant for sporty kids: Mitchum Ultimate 48-Hour Protection Clean Control Antiperspirant and Deodorant

Mitchum Ultimate 48-Hour Protection Clean Control Antiperspirant and Deodorant

Price: £3.30 | Buy now from Amazon

I tried all the kid-friendly, organic, unicorn approved ones. She uses Mitchum now or you'd faint.” (Rated by Mumsnet user MrsTerryPratchett)

DD (12) and DS (14) use Mitchum cream deodorant which is quite hardcore but their sweat really smells otherwise, especially after PE and walking to and from school.” (Recommended by Mumsnetter TantricTwist

For some kids, particularly those who play sports, the natural deodorant solutions may not suffice, which will inevitably lead you back to the big-name brands of your high-street pharmacy.

Mitchum (along with Sure and Dove) scores highly with Mumsnetters because of its reliable protection, claiming to last overnight and even into the next day. It’s worth noting however that the ingredients list contains aluminium, which may put some parents off unless your child is older and particularly active. 


  • More effective than most for heavy sweaters
  • Ideal for sporty and active older kids 


  • Does contain aluminium zirconium

8. Best starter deodorant for kids: Fresh Monster Natural Deodorant for Kids and Teens

Fresh Monster Natural Deodorant for Kids and Teens

Price: £13.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Tackling the topic of body odour with your child can be tough, so finding a product that isn't going to cause embarrassment when spotted amongst their possessions is one of the first hurdles to overcome. 

Aimed specifically at kids and teens, Fresh Monster comes with engaging, child-friendly packaging and is easy to roll-on without leaving a sticky residue or white marks.

With no nasties or chemicals to worry about, Fresh Monster can set to work eliminating odours with a refreshing gender-neutral gummy bear scent. 


  • Child-friendly packaging
  • No nasties formulation 


  • Older children may prefer more subtle packaging
  • Expensive

9. Best long-lasting kids’ deodorant: PitRok W1040 Natural Deodorant Spray

Pitrok W1040 Natural Deodorant Spray

Price: £4.05 | Buy now from Amazon

PitRok (completely natural product with no nasties in it) is great, but once they really start to really, really honk they might need something stronger.” (As tested by Mumsnetter educatingrati)

With a great reputation for being an effective deterrent against body odour, the PitRok Natural Deodorant Spray is super easy to use, leaving no sticky or oily residue and no unsightly white marks. 

This non-perfumed, completely odourless spray is made from natural ingredients free from parabens and aluminium. Infused with aloe vera and calendula, it’s also kind and gentle on sensitive skin. 

Whilst you may need something stronger for really sporty or active kids, for most this is a long-lasting deodorant that, rather than masking odour, prevents it from occurring in the first place.


  • Good reputation for long-lasting protection against body odour
  • Easy to use spray


  • Small bottle size
  • May need something stronger for sports 

10. Best deodorant for young vegans: Green People Oy! Organic Roll On Deodorant

Green People Oy! Organic Roll On Deodorant

Price: £8.33 | Buy now from Ocado

Green people make a lovely one - my daughter used it from about eight onwards.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Raspberry10)

This is one that splits the crowd. For its fans, Oy! (Organic Young) is a natural and organic product with a concentrated formula meaning a little goes a long way. With a pleasingly strong fragrance of orange and vanilla, it also includes herbal extracts to soothe and nourish skin. 

For those unimpressed, the presence of sodium benzoate in the list of ingredients is a deal-breaker, but for those without allergies who want a grown-up smelling kids’ deodorant, this is a pleasingly effective product that’s ideal for sweaty kids.


  • Organic vegan-friendly ingredients 
  • Pleasant scent 


  • Pricey
  • Contains sodium benzoate 

11. Best natural deodorant bar for kids: Lush Aromaco

Lush Aromaco

Price: From £7 | Buy now from Lush

Lush solid deodorants, they look like bars of soap and come in different scents.” (Rated by Mumsnet user allthegoodusernameshavegone)

Perhaps try Aromaco from Lush. It comes in a bar, and is very gentle.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user GiveUsACoffee)

Deodorant bars are rapidly increasing in popularity, largely due to their eco-friendly and plastic-free credentials. They also offer a soft and gentle deodorant solution for young and sensitive skin.

Suitable for all ages and effectively a roll-on deodorant without the packaging, the Aromaco deodorant is quick and easy to use - your child simply rubs under their clean, dry armpits to provide a fresh, natural scent that will last all day.


  • Natural vegan-friendly ingredients
  • Eco-friendly choice
  • Fresh scent 


  • Costly (although lasts a long time) 
  • Younger children may prefer a spray 

Things to consider when picking your child’s first deodorant 

There is a huge choice of deodorants for kids and teens, so when finding the right one for your child, here are some things you may want to consider:

  • Ingredients list - For children’s delicate, young skin, there are some ingredients that you may want to avoid, including aluminium and alcohol. Products that are dermatologically or clinically tested and suitable for sensitive skin or those with allergies are often kinder and more gentle on children’s skin, but may be less effective for heavy sweaters.
  • Natural ingredients - Deodorants made from natural products are increasing in popularity, but it’s worth noting that your child’s body will need time to adjust and for the deodorant to start working, whereas traditional deodorants are more likely to work from the first application. 
  • Environmental impact - If you are trying to be more environmentally conscious, you may wish to look out for deodorant brands that offer sustainable production methods or use recycled or minimal packaging. The deodorant bars offer a great plastic-free solution, or opt for concentrated deodorants that require less frequent purchases to reduce waste. 
  • Method of application - For children, the method of application can be important. A spray might be preferable for older children, whereas tweens or teens may be more comfortable using a roll-on. Some deodorants require manual application using your fingers, which may not suit those with sensory needs.
  • Scent - Do you want a deodorant with a perfumed scent or would you prefer a fragrance-free option? A scent-free deodorant is less likely to contain perfumes that can be an irritant, but a natural, fresh scent may be appealing to teens. 
  • Cost - How much do you want to spend? Some products are more expensive than others, but it’s worth considering package size and how often the deodorant needs to be applied. Some natural deodorants are more expensive initially, but require less frequent application meaning they work out more reasonable on a cost per use basis.
  • Is your child particularly active? - Whilst some of the natural options and deodorants aimed at children will be effective for young users experiencing mild body odour, if your child is particularly active, sporty or exercises regularly, they may need a stronger adult deodorant. 

When should kids start using deodorant?

When they start to smell. That’s about the size of it. Sure, Grandma might question the wisdom of an eight or nine-year-old wearing deodorant, but to her we’d simply repeat the words of one wise Mumsnetter. In a world of undeniable BO stigma, she simply said: “Better to wear deodorant than to be known as the smelly kid.”

Is deodorant safe for kids?

Despite some concerns from parents about the safety of deodorant for kids, there are no medical age restrictions on the age children can start using deodorant. The biggest concern is around the ingredients, particularly aluminium. 

Parents will naturally be concerned about both the confronting reality of a child’s emerging maturity and also giving them a safe start by ensuring they are not needlessly pumping their bodies full of carcinogenic chemicals.

Cancer Research have created a helpful report on the controversies surrounding deodorant additives and the specific risks associated with cosmetics and toiletries.

What kind of deodorant is best for a child?

Starting out, the best advice is to embrace first principles. When your child uses a deodorant for the first time, you simply won't know how it will affect their skin or how effective the spray, roll-on or cream will be. Children with sensory issues might struggle with the feel of a product, or simply resist altogether, so take it slow.

Common sense suggests starting with a deodorant that's specifically gentle on skin – look for a product that's 0% aluminium, 0% alcohol and has a sensitive skin formulation. And remember, you’ll need to support whatever deodorant you choose with a regime of regular bathing and daily clean clothes, preferably in natural, breathable fabrics.

Do a patch test first and within 48 hours you’ll see evidence of any allergic reaction in itches, bumpy or red skin.

Should kids use deodorant or antiperspirant?

While deodorants simply mask body odour, antiperspirants prevent sweating by blocking the sweat ducts. As such, antiperspirants can also help with body odour. There have generally been concerns from parents about antiperspirants preventing harmful toxins from leaving the body, so most deodorants for kids work by neutralising odour rather than preventing sweat. 

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