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SnuzCurve review: is this the best pregnancy pillow for back support?

Featuring a unique 'KneeBlade' design, the SnuzCurve pregnancy pillow has been designed to encourage the optimal sleeping position for pregnant women. But how does it actually feel to use day-to-day (or rather, night-to-night)? Expectant mum-of-twins Tara put it to the test.

By Jenny Wonnacott | Last updated Jan 31, 2024

Price on writing: From £50 | Buy now from John Lewis

It may be on our list of the best pregnancy pillows to buy in 2024 thanks to its innovative design, but does the SnuzCurve really offer all the support, comfort and pain relief it purports to? Our parent-tester Tara - who is currently in her third trimester with twins - put this popular pregnancy pillow through its paces over several weeks of rigorous testing. Here's what she thought.

Great for posture, not the comfiest
What we like
  • Helps encourage side-sleeping, which is recommended for pregnancy

  • Creates a neutral spine posture to reduce back pain

  • In-built KneeBlade design supports legs

What we don't like
  • Can take some getting used to

  • Not as comfy as other pillows used by parent-tester

  • Some reviewers felt the knee section wasn't wide enough

Key specs

Pillow type: Full body pillow | Suitable for infant support: No | Size: 135 x 30 x 25cm | Outer materials: Cotton, elastane | Inner composition: Polystyrene beads, polyurethane foam | Machine washable: Yes

What Mumsnet users say
Parent-tester Tara · Tried & Tested
I do like the pillow and it does offer really good support... but it wasn't as comfortable as my rectangular pregnancy pillow.
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Our verdict

It looks a little odd and it feels a little odd, but the SnuzCurve certainly doesn't lose any points in terms of innovation. It comprises of two parts - the top is soft and squishy and designed to cushion your bump while the bottom 'KneeBlade' section goes between your legs to help encourage the best sleeping position for you and your baby.

Our pregnant tester Tara found that she could sleep with the pillow but that it took a while to find a comfortable position. She said that while the design helped ensure she stayed on her side with her spine aligned properly and praised the pillow for its hip and back support, it ultimately lost points for comfort.

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What is the SnuzCurve?

The SnuzCurve is a pillow designed by a panel of two chiropractors, a midwife, health visitor and physiotherapist to be used by pregnant women in a way that encourages the best sleeping position for pregnancy. It is made up of two parts (joined) which comprise a top section full of squashy beanbag type filling and a curved, foam-filled lower section. The cover is removable and machine washable.

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How we tested the SnuzCurve

Tara tested the SnuzCurve over a period of several weeks which spanned the end of her second trimester and beginning of her third. During this time, she put the pillow through its paces over several nights and also assessed it thoroughly for comfort, design, wash-ability and ease of use.

I do think this pillow is worth it in terms of posture. I would recommend other mums-to-be use it from earlier on in their pregnancy to give them time to get used to it.

-Tara, expectant mum-of-twins

How easy is the SnuzCurve to clean?

The SnuzCurve's cover is removable and washable but shouldn't be tumble-dried. Tara said, 'Washing instructions are both on the box and inside the box in a leaflet. They are super easy to follow.'

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How does the SnuzCurve compare to other pregnancy pillows?

Tara tested the SnuzCurve against a U-shaped pregnancy pillow and a long, rectangular maternity pillow. On reflection of all three, she said: 'I couldn't seem to get comfortable with the U-shaped pillow. As the SnuzCurve is made for posture and keeping your back in the right position, for me it wasn't as comfortable as it might be for others. I also found the textures took me a while to get used to. I did manage to sleep with the SnuzCurve, but I prefer the long, rectangle pillow going forward.'

I like the two different parts to it. My hips and legs feel very supported with the blade and the other part with the tiny balls is great to position under my bump. I had bad SPD with my first pregnancy and this time around have hardly suffered from it and wonder if early use of the Snuzcurve has helped.


SnuzCurve Pregnancy Support Pillow

From £50

Buy now from John Lewis

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SnuzCurve: Overall Verdict

We asked Tara to rate the SnuzCurve out of five for the following:

Comfort: 2

Bump support: 3

Back support: 4

Hips/Leg support: 5

Value for money: 3

While the SnuzCurve is great for ensuring good posture, it loses points for comfort, which is while overall it only scores 3.5. However, it's important to point out that pregnancy pillows are quite personal in terms of what will suit one person more than another - if you suffer with back issues or struggle with sleeping positions during pregnancy, the SnuzCurve is well worth consideration. And, at £50, it's certainly cheaper than the likes of bbhugme and Simba.

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SnuzCurve here! It's relatively new out and I already had a different one, but was desperate as I had awful sciatica and SI joint pain. It really helped.


SnuzCurve Pregnancy Support Pillow


Buy now from Natural Baby Shower

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Will a pregnancy pillow help with back pain?

"There’s never any guarantees and sometimes you can do everything possible to prevent/manage this but these pregnancy pains may still appear," experienced midwife Marie Louise told Mumsnet. "That said, looking after your posture is key. It’s recommended mums fall asleep on their side by 28 weeks of pregnancy - the third trimester. This optimises blood flow to you and your baby.

When laying on your side it can be hard to keep your pelvis aligned. Mums tend to have one leg raised up over the other, which can increase statin on the pelvis/ligaments. Ensuring your pelvis is in alignment can reduce PGP. A pregnancy pillow may help when positioned correctly. Or if you use one that’s been especially designed for this.

-The Modern Midwife, Marie Louise

Why is it important pregnant women don't sleep on their back?

"As your baby grows alongside the fluid around your baby and amazing placenta - the weight of your uterus increases. This can put pressure on major blood vessels and can reduce blood flow to the baby.

"Some pillows you can buy support you to remain in side laying position. Or encourage you to fall asleep in that position and research shows the position you fall asleep in is often the one in which you remain in for longest."

Is 13 weeks too early for pregnancy pillow?

No - marking the start of the second trimester, 13 weeks is a great time to start using a pregnancy pillow if you feel in need of extra support and comfort in bed. Our SnuzCurve tester actually recommended that the pillow be used 'from as early as possible' to give the user time to get used to its shape and the positioning it encourages.

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