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Explore Learning has won Mumsnet Rated for its delivery of extra tuition for students aged four to 14. Choosing the right tuition for your child can be a big decision – you want a provider who you can trust to support your child in a safe, fun environment. When Mumsnet users were given the chance to try out the service, they were impressed with the quality on offer.

Who are Explore Learning?

Since 2001, and with 144 centres across the UK, Explore Learning has helped more than 250,000 children achieve their goals with award-winning Maths and English tuition, delivered through their own specially-tailored programme.

At Explore Learning, support goes beyond a quick win with spelling or moving up a set in Maths. The team places a huge focus on developing children's learning attitudes and building confidence – setting your child up for life, rather than just for now.

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What do Mumsnet users think?

After 63 Mumsnet testers used the Explore Learning service, 76% said they would use it again and 86% said they would recommend it to a friend. Here's what they had to say.

“Staff were friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. They helped my children progress academically and socially. The parents' evening provided an overview of their progress and the feedback after each session was fantastic.”

“The centre was calm and welcoming and all the children seemed happy. My daughter enjoyed every session and the reward system (cards and prize cabinet) was fantastic.”

“I've been recommending Explore Learning to other parents. Our son is very bright and Explore Learning challenged him beyond what he gets at school.”

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“The manager at the centre we visited knew her stuff. The feedback I got was comparable to the kind I got from my child's teacher in school.”

“Staff were enthusiastic and welcoming. I liked the drop-in arrangement rather than fixed times.”

Try Explore Learning for free

Interested in discussing your child's needs with the Explore Learning team? Call them on 01483 447414 or head to explorelearning.co.uk to book a free trial in your local Explore Learning centre, open seven days a week.

Special offer: In February, the first 50 members to join their local Explore Learning centre will save £50 off their membership.

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What Explore Learning have to say

Our national network of 144 Maths and English tuition centres support children in progressing academically. More than that, we inspire fearless learners: children who are brave, determined and excited for their next steps. Whether it’s getting ready to start a new school, meeting a teacher for the first time, or making friends – we ensure children have the confidence and self-belief to tackle anything.

Olive's story

One parent who has seen their child benefit significantly from Explore Learning’s approach is Olive Savafi. Olive’s six-year-old daughter Kimiya has attended the Explore Learning centre in Woking since August last year, to tackle ongoing issues with her confidence.

“When you have a child,” says Olive, “you have huge ambitions for them. I wanted Kimiya to study ballet, to do gymnastics, to learn to sing – to have all of the experiences that I didn’t. It took me almost no time at all to change my mind though, realising that all I really wanted was for my daughter to be confident, happy and settled.”

Olive continues: “Kimiya was struggling at school and was isolating herself from the class due to her shyness. She was reluctant to ask for help, was struggling with her work and was becoming unhappy.”

Olive turned to Explore Learning to look into the areas of study which Kimiya could improve on, but more importantly, to help her feel more content – and to begin to see learning as something fun.

“Explore has changed our lives,” says Olive. "The team is welcoming, friendly and supportive – and the positive atmosphere makes learning much more enjoyable for Kimiya.

“Importantly, the Explore Learning team is able to give me lots of feedback about how Kimiya is progressing, helping me to pinpoint where we can help her make progress. Kimiya is much more sure of her own abilities now, and is able to take this confidence into class with her.

“One of the often-overlooked areas when it comes to tutoring is parental support,” says Olive. “I used to panic a lot, worrying that I didn't understand my daughter’s homework or that I wasn’t supporting her in the right way. Explore Learning has become a vital outlet for me, too.”

She continues: “The team is a lifeline for me as well as for Kimiya. They help me to explore my feelings about Kimiya’s progress, and they explain what she's learning in a way that I can understand.”

To find out more, visit Explore Learning.

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Try Explore Learning for free

Interested in meeting the Explore Learning team? Want your child to see a centre in action? Then try Explore Learning for free. Call them on 01483 447414 or head to explorelearning.co.uk to book a free trial in your local Explore Learning centre, open 7 days a week.

Special offer: In February, the first 50 members to join their local Explore Learning centre will save £50 off their membership.

For full terms and conditions, visit explorelearning.co.uk/offer. Participating centres only. Offer ends 29th February 2020.

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