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Mia&Coco Heated Throw review: can this budget-friendly blanket save you money on your energy bills?

Thanks to its relatively low price tag and range of temperature settings, the Mia&Coco Heated Throw is one of our bestsellers this year, but does it live up to the hype? Three Mumsnetters tried out the blanket – here's their verdict.

By Natasha Gregson | Last updated Dec 4, 2023

Mia&Coco Heated Throw

Overall star rating: 5/5

Price on writing: From £45 | Buy now from Amazon

Now we're well and truly in the depths of winter and there's an icy chill in the air, Mumsnetters have been stocking up on kit like the best hot water bottles and warmest women's slippers in an attempt to stay toasty and cosy at home. However, with the ongoing cost of living crisis and news energy bills will rise again in January, it's not just warmth and comfort at the forefront of many people's minds – efficiency is now high on the list too.

Over the past year, Mumsnet users have been swapping tips on savvy ways to stay warm, and using the best heated throw is something that comes up time and time again. A type of electric blanket, they work by heating the person rather than the home, which often works out far more cost effective than cranking up the thermostat as they cost just pennies to run. The drawback is that they can be pricey to buy initially though, with a lot of blankets retailing at around £100.

At half the price of some other options, the Mia&Coco is relatively affordable, but can it compete with its more luxurious competitors? Three Mumsnetters who own the blanket and use it daily in winter shared their honest thoughts, scoring it on its warming power, temperature settings, ease of use, ease of cleaning, and value for money. Read on for their full verdict.

What we like

  • Great price compared to other heated throws

  • Super easy to use

  • Energy efficient and cheap to run

  • 10 temperature settings

  • Machine washable

  • Cosy and warm

  • Choice of sizes and colours

  • Loved by Mumsnetters

What we don't like

  • Not as thick and luxurious as more expensive options

  • Takes a while to air dry after washing

  • One of our testers reported that the edges didn't warm up

Our verdict

Mia&Coco heated throw
  • Warmth: 5/5

  • Temperature settings: 5/5

  • Design: 4/5

  • Ease of use: 5/5

  • Ease of cleaning: 4/5

  • Value for money: 5/5

Boasting 10 impressive temperature settings, a handy timer for safe use in bed, and an easy-to-operate control panel, the Mia&Coco Heated Throw is a standout choice for those looking to stay warm and cosy without blowing the budget.

All of our Mumsnet testers – Briony, Kate and Lucy* – loved the throw, rating it highly across the board after daily use. While Kate called it "bliss", Briony described it as "a game changer", and its warmth, softness and energy efficiency were all highlighted as excellent features.

There were a few minor drawbacks; it's not as thick and luxurious as other more expensive options and it takes a while to dry after being washed, but overall these were small gripes and we think it's a great buy for winter.

What is the Mia&Coco Heated Throw Blanket?

The Mia&Coco is an electric over blanket, designed to be used either on top of the wearer in bed or for snuggling up to on the sofa. It has heating elements throughout the blanket which are powered via the mains, and there's a control panel which you use to toggle between the different temperature options and set the timer (up to nine hours).

Crafted from a soft flannel and sherpa fleece, it has a two-sided design for extra comfort, and there's a choice of three sizes and four colours to choose between. We also love that it's machine washable too; you just need to make sure you remove the control panel before popping it in your washing machine.

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How easy is the Mia&Coco Heated Throw to use?

Mia&Coco Heated Throw control panel

The Mia&Coco was extremely easy to operate, an opinion that was unanimous with our three Mumsnet testers. "It's very straightforward to use, just plug it into the mains and then use the controller to adjust the heat setting," Lucy reported.

"There is a timer and various heat settings. It's very clear and easy to use" - Kate

Briony also found it was easy to set up initially: "The instructions are clear and simple, not that you really need them as the controls are so simple. It's got 10 different heat settings, a timer function and pre heat mode."

How warm is the Mia&Coco Heated Throw?

Onto the important question: does the Mia&Coco provide sufficient warmth on chilly winter days? Mumsnetter Briony certainly thought so: "It's so cosy and can warm you up even when you're chilled to the core. Football mums will understand! It also definitely works for the whole warm yourself, not the home thing. We've got the thermostat set to 17.5°C," she said.

There are 10 temperature settings to choose between, but both Kate and Lucy found that the fourth setting was optimum for them, agreeing that it was "plenty warm enough". Lucy did add that she thought "it would be a plus to have all the edges heated up too", and reported that she "felt there was only a certain part of the edge that was heating up".

That said, there's no doubt this is a toasty buy for cold days working from home, and Briony found that even with the blanket's temperature settings turned off, it was still cosy. However, she added that "the heat functions are just game changing though. It's the difference between turning the heating up in the whole house or not." 

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Design and style: Mia&Coco Heated Throw

Mia&Coco Heated Throw

The Mia&Coco heated throw is a stylish choice, which looks just as good draped over a sofa as it does on a bed. "It's super soft and cuddly with a deep fleecy lining and a soft grey velour-type top. It looks nice as well as being practical," Briony reported. Kate also commented that the material felt "super soft and comfy", something she appreciated on chilly days.

In terms of size, there's three dimensions to choose between (160 x 120cm; 180 x 130cm; 200 x 180cm), and which one is the right pick for you really comes down to personal preference. While Lucy chose the small one and found it was just right for her, Briony wished she had sized up: "The only thing I'd change is to make it bigger, I wish now I'd bought the bigger version. Mine is the size of a single blanket, and whilst me and the kid can definitely snuggle under it, it becomes more of a lap and leg blanket if I'm sharing with my husband."

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How easy is it to wash the Mia&Coco Heated Throw Blanket?

Luckily, any spills or stains can easily be sorted out in the washing machine. "It unplugs easily from the temperature control, and then pop it in the machine. It's super easy, but I wouldn't want to do it that often," Kate said. Briony also found that it washed well, but it does take "an age to dry".

Price: does the Mia&Coco Heated Throw offer good value for money?

We think the Mia&Coco offers exceptional value for money. With prices starting from £45 depending on the size, it comes much cheaper than some other options on the market. It's also built to last – our tester Kate has been using it for over two years now and remarked that "it's lasted incredibly well after being used for long periods of time".

"At approximately 4-10p to run per hour, it has meant that I don't have to put the heating on during the day if working from home" - Kate

It's not just the initial cost where this blanket offers good value; it can even save you on heating bills in the long run. "I bought the blanket as I'd been thinking about one for a while, we're really trying to be more energy efficient, both because of the costs and to be more environmentally conscious," Briony said. "I'd seen this blanket on offer and it got great reviews. I'm glad I took the plunge and am considering getting a second so that I don't have to share it. It's such good value for money. It costs pennies to run and is a lot cheaper than our oil central heating."

How we tested

We first asked Mumsnet users the heated throws they recommend, recruiting our Voices Panel to give their feedback on everything from ease of use and cleaning, features, design, and how warm and cosy each blanket was.

Once we had collated these results, we consulted with our three Mumsnet testers to get their in-depth feedback on how they found the Mia&Coco Heated Throw after extensive use in their own homes. Our feedback panel consisted of:

  • Briony, mum of one in Norfok. Has owned the blanket for over one month and uses it almost daily.

  • Kate, mum of one in Oxford. Has owned the blanket for over two years and uses it every day from mid-September to the end of April each year.

  • Lucy*, mum of two in Yorkshire. Has owned the blanket for just under a month and uses it every day, whenever she works on her computer or enjoys a movie in bed.

Through using unbiased Mumsnet users for reviews, we ensure we give you an honest account of how products fare after thorough use in a real family home.

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