Best Maternity Pillow 2018

Dreamgenii review

After more than a week’s worth of use during both overnight sleeping and daytime resting, the Dreamgenii came out on top for both comfort and support

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We found the Dreamgenii Pillow to be the best product for overnight sleep during pregnancy. What we loved most was that it offered plenty of support without compromising on space in the bed.
Dreamgenii pillow

Its easy-to-move shape also means that you can sleep on either your left or right side without having to forego any comfort.

Its manoeuvrability and light weight also meant it was super easy to transport and store, which is great if you intend to escape from DH for a couple of hours stay overnight with friends and relatives.

While maternity pillows are often pretty sizeable, we found the Dreamgenii to be unobtrusive, leaving plenty of space in the bed for you and your partner.

But what really makes this pillow unique is its shape, consisting of a long, supportive pillow attached to a padded back support. The padding helps to discourage you from rolling onto your back during the night, and you can even choose whether you’d rather sleep with the pillow in front supporting your bump, or at your back, stopping you from rolling over.

The leg support pillow is totally versatile, and can be used from either in front or behind, making the multi-shaped pillow helpful for many different sleeping positions. If you’re a light sleeper who tends to move around a lot, this pillow would stay comfortable and supportive no matter what position you end up in.

The pillow therefore provides ample support to your whole body, and allows you to turn over easily during the night.

I got mine a week ago at 29 weeks and it's the best night's sleep I've had in weeks. I chose it because it gave back and bump/leg support - my stack of pillows kept falling off the bed!

However, some Mumsnetters found that this shape took some getting used to, and it’s true that this pillow may not suit everyone. In particular, height seems to have an impact, so if you’re on the tall side this pillow might not be right for you. That said, in our testing, we found the shape stood out in terms of the comfort it provided and how convenient it was to use.

Dreamgenii nursing pillow

The Dreamgenii’s cotton cover was softer and more malleable than others we tested. The pillow is compact enough to store easily and the cover is straightforward to remove and then put back on again. The cover is also machine-washable and, after a couple of washes, it still felt smooth and comfortable. However, because of its shape, it is not really practical to use as a downstairs cushion and it is definitely geared more towards use on your bed.

We feel that this pillow is safe and supportive and, while more expensive than other models, we found it to be worth the money. A good night’s sleep is invaluable during pregnancy, and this pillow will certainly offer you that.

The Specs

Product dimensions: 40 × 10 × 30cm.
Weight: 998g
RRP: £37-£45

  • Supports your body
  • Prevents you rolling onto your back (which can restrict blood flow)
  • Can be used as a nursing pillow
  • Additional spare covers available separately D4058 Blue Oriental, B7362 Plain White

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  • Best Maternity Pillow 2018

How we test

A pregnancy pillow can be a lifesaver for many mums, especially during the third trimester. So we put 15 of the best maternity pillows through three months of testing. Here's how we tested them.

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