Best Budget Maternity Pillow 2018

babybundle Widgey review

A maternity pillow which is small enough to take into the office and cosy enough for feeding once your baby arrives, all without the huge price tag? Enter the babybundle Widgey

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This little pillow offers plenty of support for both neck and back and we found it extra helpful for use during the day. It is easy to transport with you anywhere, providing support and aiding posture whilst sitting at your desk at the office, or during classes such as Pregnancy Yoga. It can also be used overnight, although it is slightly less supportive than other pillows we tested.

Boasting multiple uses, the Widgey is small and compact enough to be placed behind your back or under your stomach during the day, or between the knees whilst sleeping. You can also wedge it under your tummy when lying on your side, which comes in handy during those long uncomfortable nights.

However, the biggest perks of this product actually come once baby has arrived, as its uses extend long after birth. It would come in super useful by taking the weight off your arms as a cosy and comfortable feeding support, and we would even see it helping baby through tummy-time. It would also be invaluable as a support when the time comes for baby to learn to sit upright.

The pillow itself could afford to be a little softer as it is a bit hard to the touch, but that may be more to the preference of some mothers, who may find that the extra firmness offers more support.

I loved my Widgey. It was great for getting comfy when pregnant, fine for feeding with and good for propping up DD when learning to sit up. It sort of grips onto your body more than other cushions, so it stays still.

The cover is decorated with a subtle pattern, making it attractive enough to use in all parts of the house. It washed well and was easy to put back on, saving us a lot of faff and time.

While this pillow is not brilliant for overnight sleeping, it is great for support at other times and we feel it is a good price for what it offers.

The Specs

Pillowcase: 100% jersey cotton
Dimensions 60 × 15 × 60cm
RRP: £29.99

  • A removable cover which is machine-washable at a cold temperature
  • Inner cover can be hand-washed. Squeeze gently, drip dry and shake well to restore shape

Anything else I need to know?

It is packed in a bag which doubles as a waterproof carrier with handles, making it easy to transport to the sofa the office.

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  • Best Budget Maternity Pillow 2018

How we test

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