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Kuddly Komfies Heated Slippers review: a cosy treat ideal for working from home

Thinking of upgrading your regular slippers for something with an extra boost of warmth? We tested the luxurious Komfies from Kuddly, the purveyor of all things cosy, to see if they're worth the investment. Here's what we thought.

By Natasha Gregson | Last updated Feb 6, 2024

Kuddly Komfies Heated Slippers

Price on writing: £29 | Buy now from Kuddly

It's pretty hard to beat that feeling of sliding your feet into a pair of the best women's slippers at the end of a hard day. In recent years, however, we've seen a spike in interest in an updated version of this classic: the heated slipper. Usually warmed by a quick blast in the microwave, these foot warmers provide an extra boost of heat that you wouldn't get from a normal slipper, so whether you're feeling the chill working from home, or want to be super cosy when snuggled up on the sofa, they can feel like a real treat.

When I heard that Kuddly – the brand behind one of our best blanket hoodies – had branched out into heated slippers, I was very keen to try them out. Over the course of a week, I put the slippers through their paces, carefully analysing their warmth, comfort, fit, overall design, and value for money, while comparing them to other heated buys I've tested out for Mumsnet over the past few years. So, without further ado, here's my verdict.

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What we like
  • Offer a boost of gentle warmth

  • Super comfy

  • Elasticated at ankle to trap warmth

  • Non-slip soles

  • Machine washable (inserts must be removed first)

  • Storage bag included

What we don't like
  • Heat only lasts 30 minutes (though this is standard for this style of slipper)

  • Noisier than a normal slipper when walking about

  • While the heated inserts are very lightweight, some may prefer no weight on top of the foot at all

Key specs

Materials: Super-soft 280 GSM plush, all-natural clay bead inserts, polyester sole | Colours: Taffy (pink) and Earl Grey | Sizes: S/M (UK 3 to 5.5) and L/XL (6 to 8)

Our verdict

Kuddly Komfies Heated Slippers
  • Comfort: 5/5

  • Warmth: 3.5/5

  • Style: 5/5

  • Value for money: 4/5

Crafted from a soft, fluffy fabric and with microwavable inserts to provide a gentle warmth, the Kuddly Komfies are a great buy for wearing around the house. I loved testing them, and even after the inserts' heat had faded, they still were a real treat to wear thanks to how cosy they felt.

The inserts were very easy to heat up, though their heat only lasted around 30 minutes. That being said, this is the amount of time the brand claims they stay warm for and is standard for this style of slipper, so that wasn't too much of a surprise. Electric foot warmers do tend to provide heat for longer, but the beauty of these slippers is that you can move freely about the house in them. They are a little noisy underfoot – more of a padding sound than anything too annoying – but the grip is fantastic, even on wood floors.

What are Kuddly Komfies Heated Slippers?

A boot-style slipper with a zipped-up section containing heatable clay inserts, Komfies are designed to be worn at home for ultimate comfort.

Kuddly also claim that they help to improve circulation and aid muscle relaxation, while also being beneficial to those who suffer from arthritis.

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How easy are Kuddly Komfies Heated Slippers to use?

Very easy. Simply unzip the top section on the boots, remove the inserts inside, and pop in the microwave to warm through.

You should only ever heat the inserts from room temperature, and Kuddly say they should be heated for a maximum of 60 seconds in a 300W to 600W microwave, followed by a further 30 seconds if they're not hot enough. As with any other heated product, it's essential to read through the brand's safety advice before using these heated slippers.

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How warm are Kuddly Komfies Heated Slippers?

They offer a lovely, gentle warmth across the top of the foot. It's certainly not enough to make you break out in a sweat, but the heat is comforting and I found it made working from home extra cosy. However, I'd say it's more of a nice-to-have level of warmth rather than a cold weather game changer that'll have you turning the thermostat down.

How long do the Kuddly Komfies Heated Slippers stay warm?

They last around 30 minutes, which is fairly standard for microwavable heated products. So, while they may not provide the hours of warmth you'd get from a heated gilet or a heated throw, they still offer a decent amount of comfort, plus you don't have to worry about staying close to a plug point or sourcing a battery pack to use them.

Design and style: Kuddly Komfies Heated Slippers

Kuddly Komfies Heated Slippers

While they won't be to everyone's taste, I loved the overall design of the slippers. I tend to favour slipper boots over other styles, so these were ideal for me, and the lightly elasticated cuffs were a nice touch to trap extra heat in the slippers. My only complaint is that there are only two colour choices in the range – more choice would have been ideal for matching them with my dressing gown.

The anti-slip silicone dots on the sole were great; the floors in my home can be quite slippy, but these provided great grip so there were no accidental calamities.

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Do the Kuddly Komfies Heated Slippers offer good value for money?

I certainly think so. While they retail at a slightly more expensive price than the Warmies Slipper Boots (currently £25 on Amazon), you can currently get two pairs of Kuddly slippers for £39 with the code LOVE24, bringing them down to less than £20 each.

Kuddly also sell replacement clay inserts for £9 if yours start to look a little worse for wear, giving this slipper added longevity.

How we tested

I tested the Kuddly Komfies Heated Slippers in my north London home across a week in February. During testing, I carefully rated them on their warmth, how long their heat lasted, their ease of use, and overall value for money.

  • Tested across a week in winter

  • Used indoors when working from home and also for pottering about the house

  • Cross-compared with other heated products I've tested

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