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Essentials C10DH19 Dehumidifier review: our verdict on this sturdy home dehumidifier

Looking for a dependable, no-frills dehumidifier for your home? Mumsnetters really rate the Essentials C10DH19 Dehumidifier from Currys, so we put it through its paces to see if it cuts the mustard in a real family home.

By Poppy O'Neill | Last updated Dec 6, 2023


Price on writing: £129 | Buy now from Currys

Key specs

Type: Compressor Dehumidifier | Extraction amount: 10L | Tank capacity: 1.8L | Dimensions: H57.5 x W34.5 x D23.6cm | Weight: 9.6kg | Power: 280W | Cost per hour: 9p | Noise level: 47dB | Max room size:  25m² | Laundry mode: No | Warranty: 1 year

What we like

  • Efficient dehumidifying 

  • Large water tank

  • Timer 

  • 4 humidity settings

  • Pipe for continuous drainage included

  • Easy to empty

What we don’t like

  • Heavy

  • No wheels

  • No quiet mode

  • You need to remember to open and close the vent

  • No child lock

What Mumsnet users say

“I really recommend it, it has transformed my bedroom and makes it much easier to heat. Cash is tight at the moment, but I think if you can get a bigger capacity one, it is worth it. A few years ago, I bought a cheap one which only had a few litre capacity, and it didn't do anything to affect the moisture in the air. As well, the one from Currys has a timer so you can put it on in the morning and go out about your day. Also, it can start automatically if it detects moisture in the air above a certain threshold (which you can change).” (Tried and trusted by Mumsnet user Needmoresleepmorecoffee)

Our verdict

A no-nonsense dehumidifier at a reasonable price, this compressor dehumidifier from Currys own brand Essentials range is great for clearing lots of moisture in a problem room, helping your washing dry indoors or leaving on while you’re at work.

Not as quiet as other 10l models, we liked the timer and custom humidity levels, which mean you can set it to turn off after a certain amount of time or when your room reaches the desired humidity level. 

It’s quite heavy and doesn’t come with wheels, so it’s not one to cart around the house if you can avoid it. At 9p per hour it’s not the cheapest to run, but if you’re looking for a powerful dehumidifier you can set and forget, it’s a solid choice.

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How easy is the Essentials C10DH19 Dehumidifier to set up and operate?


Very easy - you simply unpack, plug in, open the vent and off you go. Opening and closing the vent isn’t complicated as such, but you do need to remember to do it when you turn the dehumidifier off and on, which is an extra step other dehumidifiers don’t require. 

The unit has three buttons with which to operate the timer, humidity levels and power. There are also lights that come on when the tank is full (it’ll also beep at this point) and when the dehumidifier has gone into auto-defrost mode.


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How effective is the dehumidifier?

The C10DH19 Dehumidifier sucks up an impressive amount of water. We tested it with a load of wet laundry overnight and it definitely made a difference to drying time and prevented condensation from forming on the windows. 

For general dehumidifying, it does the job well, collecting lots of water when placed at the centre of a three-bedroom house. When left running continuously, the tank filled up about once every 24 hours but that’ll vary defending on the size and dampness of your house.

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What’s the Essentials C10DH19 Dehumidifier like to use day-to-day?

The Essentials 10l dehumidifier is efficient and fuss-free. Apart from pressing a button, it doesn’t require any effort from you until it’s time to empty the water tank. One thing I did notice is that it tends to make the room it’s in cold, so it’s not a great winter work-from-home companion.

Having tested a few dehumidifiers, this one isn’t the quietest. However, the timer enables you to have it on for a set time while the noise isn’t going to bother you. Not one for in or near the bedroom, unfortunately.

As it’s noisier than other models, this dehumidifier is best for shutting away with a load of wet washing, or popping on during the day to keep the moisture in your home under control.

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Does the Essentials C10DH19 Dehumidifier offer value for money?

At £129, it’s about average price for a 10l dehumidifier. You could spend £30 more on the 10l Meaco Arete One and get a quieter model with an air purifier function, child lock and wheels, but if those features aren’t important to you, the Essentials offers good value for money.

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How we tested

Mumsnet editor Poppy tested the Essentials C10DH19 Dehumidifier over the course of 2 weeks in her 3-bedroom house. She tested it in the utility room and for drying laundry, noting how effective it was at reducing moisture and humidity levels. 

Poppy also took note of how straightforward the dehumidifier was to set up, refill and what it’s like to use day to day.

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