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Dehumidifier usage advice

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Witch2 · 25/11/2022 13:58

How is best to run the dehumidifier?

It's for one room that we have an ongoing issue with patches of mould at times - we had the pointing redone last year and that has helped but I noticed a tiny bit this morning and want to make sure it doesn't get worse. I have sprayed the area for now.

Is it best to run the dehumidifier all day/night (it's my grown up child's bedroom) or for a few hours at a certain point of the day? I think we need new windows in that room - it is the corner of the house that gets battered by all weathers.

OP posts:
JuneOsborne · 25/11/2022 13:59

Does it tell you how humid the room is?

Witch2 · 25/11/2022 13:59

Yes it was at 78 the other morning, after all that insane rain!! But it is around 58 now.

OP posts:
Needmoresleepmorecoffee · 25/11/2022 14:13

So for the time being I would just leave it on all day for a good few days and then thereafter only leave it on for a few hours a day. I've recently got a dehumidifier for my bedroom as it was really damp and cold. I left it on all day for a few days and it transformed the room. Nowhere near as cold. Now it's a bit better I just put it on for a little bit each day.

Abra1t · 25/11/2022 15:33

Ours is set at 60 and comes on automatically. It will dehumidify the whole house.

At first (three weeks) it was on almost all the time. Now it cuts on and off. The house feels dryer and we think we are using less oil for our central heating. The windows are as wet in the mornings.

pjparty · 26/11/2022 18:57

Can I ask what dehumidifiers you are using/ if you would recommend them? My bedroom is quite damp feeling and cold so think I need to get one but no idea what kind I would need

Needmoresleepmorecoffee · 26/11/2022 19:03

So I bought the dehumidifier from Currys essentials range. It was about £150 and has a 10litre capacity I think. I really recommend it, if has transformed my bedroom and makes it much easier to heat. Cash is tight at the moment but i think if you can get a bigger capacity one it is worth it. A few years ago I bought a cheap one which only had a few litre capacity and it didn't do anything to affect the moisture in the air.

As well the one from Currys has a timer so you can put it on in the morning and go out about your day. Also it can start automatically if it detects moisture in the air above a certain threshold (which you can change).

PerkingFaintly · 26/11/2022 19:07

I just put the power on in the morning and let the humidistat switch it on and off all day.

Unless I'm drying laundry , I usually set it to 60% relative humidity.

I don't run it overnight or when I'm out of the flat, but that's for usual safety reasons same as tumble drier.

AnnieSnap · 26/11/2022 23:58

I bought this one on Amazon last week. As you can see, it’s sold out now (there is a run on them this Winter), but it’s probably available elsewhere. My asthma has been playing up for several weeks. We found some mould (our heating has been on much less and at lower temperatures than last year) and dealt with that. It improved things a little, but still my lungs were not settled. After I’d had the dehumidifier on all day (once), there was a big improvement in my asthma that same night! It continued to improve over the following 48 hours and was then (and remains) settled 🙂 We’re also avoiding using the tumble drier routinely and clothes dry so quickly when hung up near the humidifier. It was £186, but is so much more powerful than the smaller one we’ve had for several years.

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