Best Baby Carriers

So, you've considered ‘wearing’ your baby in a sling, carrier or wrap. Alongside being a super cozy and reassuring way to carry your little one, research has shown that this type of closeness promotes contentment and bonding. And, of course, these clever pieces of kit leave your hands free to get on with your day.

Best Baby Carrier 2018

Our Best Baby Carrier 2018

The MyCarrier is ergonomic and practical, and its design is faultless. It is the ultimate baby carrier that will last for as long as you need it.

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Baby being carried in amawrap

Best Baby Carrier for Newborns 2018

Best Baby Carrier for Newborns 2018

The beauty of the AmaWrap lies in its simplicity. The Amawrap offers a hands-free approach to walking, talking and eating - basic things that can become very challenging once a new little person comes along.

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Mother carrying baby in ergo carrier

Best Baby Carrier for Days Out 2018

Our Best for Days Out Carrier 2018

The Ergobaby All Position 360 is an all round brilliant baby carrier, perfect for long periods of use. It's practical, easy to use, and supportive, making it a joy to wear.

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Mother with baby in bobo 4g carrier

Best Budget Baby Carrier 2018

Our Best Budget Baby Carrier 2018

Comfort is what really makes the Boba 4G stand out. Perfect for taking on holiday, it’s a non-bulky all-in-one carrier, and also covers the largest weight range, making it a great investment.

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How we test

After lots of research, we handpicked 10 of top UK baby carriers to test - collating the models most frequently searched for, both on Mumsnet and across the web.

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Baby carriers

Buyer's Guide

Baby slings, carriers and wraps have been used worldwide for centuries, and in our modern world ‘babywearing’ isn’t going anywhere

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