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Boba baby wrap...thoughts please?

3 replies

gg321 · 21/08/2020 00:09

Looking to get a wrap for newborn, any thoughts and experiences of the Boba? Thanks

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TheVeryHungryTortoise · 21/08/2020 00:18

I loved my boba wrap! My son refused to be transported in any other way so I spent pretty much all of my waking day in those early months in my boba wrap. The prints are beautiful!

MOLLY17 · 21/08/2020 00:23

Yes, I just got one for my 2nd DC as I wanted to try a sling this time round & its worked well so far. Felt like its a 2 man job putting the baby into the sling but that might just be me worried about trapping a limb in the process.

gg321 · 21/08/2020 10:08

Thankyou. Any more ratings for the Boba wrap?

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