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Carrier vs sling - please help!

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Hatepickinganame · 29/12/2020 10:15

Looking at getting one from Amazon (we were given a voucher) not the end of the world if its from somewhere else but looking for recommendations for good quality durable ones and whether to go for a sling or a carrier. There seem to be so many on amazon I don't wanna end up getting one cause its cheap and it not being safe! Will now go and start reading reviews and googling but I find mum recommendations to be much more reliable.

Oh, Baba is 3 weeks old, and I need to be able to easily pop her in and out alone as my oh is back at work.

Thanks in advance!

OP posts:
Noornie · 29/12/2020 10:22

I absolutely adored my close caboo sling. It was more structured than a loose sling you had to wrap yourself but more comfy and soft than a sling. My DD practically lived in hers for the first 6 months! Plus you can feed in the sling if you’re breastfeeding which was helpful, I remember walking around the local shopping centre with her blissfully feeding and no one could see anything.

I’ve just found out I’m expecting number 2 and it’s the first thing I said to DH we need to find and dig out as I couldn’t be without mine.

Gabbbbbbby · 29/12/2020 10:31

Boba wrap saved my life in the early days! I found the proper carriers like ergo baby not supportive enough for a teeny tiny newborn. I managed the boba wrap fine on my own, whereas always needed some help with the carrier.

Aroundtheworldin80moves · 29/12/2020 10:31

Look for your local sling library. I hear they are working by post currently.

It's very personal. Different people find different things comfortable, need it for different reasons etc.
My personal favourite was the Connecta (now called Integra? The baby I had it for is 7yo!) I also had a ring sling, and one of those hiking backpacks. Used at different ages for different things. I was scared f stuff you had to tie yourself... But friends lived them.

Most important is baby position... Avoid anything where their legs dangle straight down, it's bad for the hips. They need to sort of sit in the carrier.

ALew15 · 29/12/2020 12:50

FTM here and baby due in March so haven't tried out products yet... but We have bought the Baby Bjorn mini carrier. It's suitable from just after newborn up until roughly 1 year. It's so much softer than the Ergobaby for instance. I plan to get a tie up sling too, my sister in law has the Freerider so I may copy and go on her recommendation

Milkand2sugarsplease · 29/12/2020 21:33

I second finding your local sling library who will assist you with slings and carriers for all ages. The close caboo is my fave for tinies, they just look so cosy in there but are well supported.

A sling library will talk you through the TICKS guidelines for safe baby wearing along with looking at the position of baby (eg, legs in the right M position rather than just dangling).

You'll also be able to try a few and hire one which can be useful for a newborn one though most have a decent resale value of you do choose to buy one.

RMarieClaire · 29/12/2020 21:35

You could try something like the ergo embrace - a bit of a mixture of both. Ultimately you'll get more longevity out of a carrier, but in those newborn days a sling is wonderful. If you can find second hand and afford, I'd get both.

Buttercupcup · 29/12/2020 21:47

I’m going to second the close caboo I love minelayer!! it is probably my most used item I got for DD when she was born earlier this year. I had baby during lockdown and didn’t have any luck with the sling library at the time but I think things are running as best they can now. I have found it easy to use when alone and it’s been great to have hands free to play with my older child and get jobs done while she’s napping in there. She’s about to move into the carrier I had for her older brother (can’t remember the brand but got it off Amazon for around £40) as a PP said if you can get both I would as they both serve different stages. I got my caboo second hand brand new in an unopened box for £20 it was a bargain!

Mc3209 · 30/12/2020 07:44

Another one for Close Caboo. I mainly use it around the house to have free hands to do stuff. Easy to wash in the washing machine. I also just ordered Nuna Cudl carrier to give me a facing outwards option, it's more structured than Caboo and apparently those magnetic strap clips are bees knees. I haven't tried it out yet as it's arriving in Jan.

Sitt · 30/12/2020 07:49

I love my connecta/integra for when they are a little older. I have a boba wrap for newborns and I love it - yes you have to tie it yourself but I could tie it on and pop baby in and out as required and wear it like an extra top. If you can get online advice from a sling library then I would - they can help to work out what fits best with your baby, lifestyle and budget and can give lots of tips about safe carrying, getting baby in and out and so on

SunnySideUp2020 · 30/12/2020 07:55

Due early April and we bought the ergobaby embrace as it's for newborn too.
I received it yesterday and it's super soft and seem relatively easy to put on.
Now obviously haven't tried it as FTM like you.

Sitt · 30/12/2020 07:57

Even if you have bought one already it may be worth getting in contact with a sling library when the baby arrives - they can help with tips etc

Whatelsecouldibecalled · 30/12/2020 07:58

I third a sling library. Lots still open if via zoom and post. There are so so many different options and finding one that’s right is a bit like finding a good pair of jeans. So comfy but have to try loads first! I had a hana wrap when my boy was tiny bit bit of a faff when in a hurry. Switched to ergo omni 360 which I liked and was easier when he was about 3 months. Tried a boba x Buckle and hated it. Tried a Tula and fell in love and bought my own. It gets lots and most of use. There are a few on Amazon that I really am not sure about carrying positions in. You need something with good support and allows baby to sit in the M position nicely with an open airway and close enough to kiss top of their heads. The beauty with the sling library is there will be people on hand that can help you get the right fit

Sitt · 30/12/2020 08:00

Ooh I had a Tula free to grow from a sling library for a while and it was great

ramblingsonthego · 30/12/2020 08:03

I used a close caboo until about 4 months and then moved on to an ergo and a tula. I tried the connecta but it didn't suit me. A caboo are great for newborns. Whatever you buy make sure it is certified as hip healthy by the Institute for Hip Dysplasia and also follow all the TICK rules. A sling library is a great place to try out slings you might not normally try. Its A Sling Thing are a postal sling library and are still going through the pandemic.

CovidCakeConundrum · 30/12/2020 08:05

Honestly I think you will need 2. Stretchy wrap now and then a more structured carrier from 4-6months. I had an ergobaby omni 360 which can be used from birth but when they're tiny and you are post partum the stretchy wraps are so much more cosy. Very easy to wear all day and slip baby in and out. I had a je mon porte bebe basic wrap and the fabric was lovely.

Jojo19834 · 30/12/2020 08:06

Another recommending a sling library, as a FTM the advice was invaluable, you don’t want to do anything to hurt your little one. We had a sling and they showed me how to do a really secure wrap and I also trialled a carrier and fell in love with the Tula which we use a lot

Skyla01 · 30/12/2020 09:25

In my area gumtree has loads of baby carriers, we've got an ergo one for £10. I think they are £100+ new in the shops? Haven't used it yet but for £10 won't be too disappointed if we don't like it. Also have a sling & babybjorn (both given to us for free). I'd never heard of a sling library but sounds like a great idea!

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