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Best baby carrier from newborn?

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Moonshine160 · 17/04/2022 10:16

I’m sure this has been asked thousands of times but can anyone recommend a baby carrier from newborn onwards for DC2 due in September? With DC1 we bought slings, carriers and I could never get on with any of them so I’m keen to get the right one this time, even if expensive. I don’t want a sling really as I used to struggle too much with the wrapping technique. It’s going to be for everyday use around the house, dropping DC1 off at pre-school etc. It needs to be easy for me to get baby in and out on my own, something I really struggled with last time! A friend recommended Baby Bjorn but there’s that many different styles that I’m not sure which one is best. Any suggestions please? :)

OP posts:
Hugasauras · 17/04/2022 10:21

I found Ergobaby 360 the best all rounder but I really loved our Close Caboo for the first few months. No complicated wrapping or tying. Just shoulder straps on, baby in, and tie piece round the front.

AnotherNC22 · 17/04/2022 10:25

I had a ergobaby aura wrap sling and an ergobaby 360 carrier (although my DD was too tiny to use them until she was about 8 weeks old). I liked both of them but the aura wrap is a bit fiddly.

Do you have a sling library or a sling shop nearby? I'm in S London and there is a shop called "Wear my Baby" - you can go and try different slings and hire them by week to see if you get on with them. Maybe you could see if you have something similar near to you?

SamMil · 17/04/2022 10:27

We used an Izmi carrier, which was great. It has a little booster cushion so you can use from newborn and I always felt like her head was well supported. It is like a sling but has clips so no faffing trying to tie it up!

We travelled quite a lot when the baby was little (pre-covid) and it was nice to have something not too bulky. It was also easy to adjust to fit husband or I when we swapped around.

ChateauMargaux · 17/04/2022 10:35

I think a carrier for the first few months has different requirements to one that can be used from 5 months and beyond. Close caboo type for the early months and then something more structured when they can hold themselves a bit more. I loved the ergo for the second stage but think it's too much of a compromise for the newborn stage. I also found wraps really tricky. I haven't read loads about the hip support etc but I can't see how the baby born design addresses the hip issues adequately for the newborn stage either. I look at the pictures, if they show a robust baby, then probably not great for the early stages. I still used my ergo baby occasionally when my child was 4. I can barely remember the newborn one but I bought and sold them all second hand so it didn't feel like I was investing unnecessarily.

JC12345 · 17/04/2022 10:47

We were really pleased with our connecta carrier and used it almost from birth up until about 2 when we bought the toddler version.

I'd suggest finding a sling library (many offer online hires too) as slings/carriers can be quite a personal decision.

Ellebee459 · 17/04/2022 14:47

Another vote to try a sling library - different carriers suit different people.

We adore our Oscha Bairn carrier which works from newborn til about 2 and is v easy to use (really comfy as well) but it's hard to know what you'll like without trying it on first!

TheCheeseBadge · 17/04/2022 16:16

We love our Tula Free to Grow. It is adjustable so can be used from newborn, super comfy and you can easily put it on yourself, feed in it, etc.

Vsirbdo · 17/04/2022 16:21

I’d recommend a close caboo; it’s like a sling that’s already been wrapped so very easy to pop them into. We also had a baby bjorn which DH liked but my torso is fairly short and I found it uncomfortable and too bulky

annlee3817 · 18/04/2022 17:09

I loved my ergo 360 with my DD, didn't get it until she was eight months, and have bought another one for this DD, but with a newborn insert this time, we used it up until she was around 2 1/2, was good for me and didn't cause any back issues and comfortable to wear.

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