Valentine's menu

Valentine's Day is upon us once more. If finances are a little stretched, or you've not an earthly chance of finding a babysitter for the 14th, resolve to stay at home and whip up one of these romantic recipes for your beloved (Barry White soundtrack optional)  

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Start your romantic meal with this zingy, palate-cleansing salad - a cinch to prepare with only four ingredients.

Smoked mackerel pate

Easily prepped in advance, this smokey mackerel pate is delicious with toasted bread, and contains horseradish for an extra kick.

Raspberry, asparagus and prosciutto

Blanch asparagus and combine with some top-notch salty prosciutto ham to make an impressive starter. Serve it drizzled with (optional) framboise syrup.

MainsAubergine and halloumi stacks with coriander pesto

Slice and stack roasted aubergine and Mediterranean halloumi to make this lovely vegetarian main – fantastic with cherry tomatoes and chopped chives on the side.

Asian duck salad

Duck is a perfect match for the tangy flavours – soy sauce, Thai fish sauce and mint – in this Asian-inspired dish. 

Smoked salmon tagliatelle

Creme fraiche, dill and lemon bring out the rich flavour of the smoked salmon in this posh twist on a classic Italian dish.Desserts

Easy pots de crème

These simple pots de crème taste delicious, combining chocolate, liqueur and very strong coffee to make a deliciously rich pudding. 

Valentine's heart biscuits

If you can't make heart-shaped desserts today, when can you? With chocolate and cherries, these are perfect for serving up with an espresso. 

Fantastic strawberry ice-cream

No ice cream mixer needed! Just blend these ingredients to whip up a gorgeously creamy and fruity ice cream.

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