Where do children think food really comes from?

Did you know that eating broccoli is an environmental crime? Or that spaghetti is harvested from camels? Behold: the origins of food, as recounted by Mumsnetter's children




"A neighbour's child came home from school to impart the very interesting fact that 'in the olden days milk used to come from cows'. My mum had to break it to him that nothing had changed."



boy and chicken

"My son, aged six, is firmly convinced that there are eating chickens and normal chickens, and that they are two distinct animals."



broccoli on Make A Gif

"My daughter had been learning about the environment at school...a few days later we went shopping at the supermarket and she had a massive rant at the person putting the broccoli out on the veg aisle because it wasn't doing the environment any good cutting down baby trees to eat."



rabbit and carrot

"I was very proud when my nearly-three-year-old told me the other week that honey comes from bees, milk comes from cows...and carrots come from rabbits."




"I was having a lovely conversation with my five-year-old. She confidently informed me that 'spaghetti comes from camemels (camels). They make it in their humps and go nom nom nom when they're hungry'."



peppa pig

"We've always been extremely clear about where food comes from. This worked brilliantly when we were at a christening with a hog roast. My son announced, with absolute glee, 'Oh yummy, Peppa Pig!' Cue lots of crying children who clearly had no concept of the food chain."



child cereal

"My daughter was about three, and was learning that meat comes from animals. At breakfast one day she asked, 'Mummy, what animal do you have to kill to make Cheerios?'"



boy and cat

"We have a farm, so I thought there would be no confusion about where meat came from, until I caught my son eyeing my neighbour's cat and saying, 'Are we going to eat it?'"


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