Suzi Witt's Zachery the Zebra

Zachery the Zebra

You can make this character any size you choose. For the size shown here, use the templates below. The fondant colours for Zachery are white, grey, black and pink. For the accessories you will need red, yellow, mauve, green and blue fondant. 

You will need:

  • Basic modelling kit
  • Fondant (white, grey, black, pink, red, yellow, mauve, green and blue) 
  • Small heart plunger cutter
  • Light muscovado sugar
  • Teaspoon 


1. Roll 2 white balls – 1 large and 1 small – for the body and head.

2. Roll the larger ball into a cone shape. Use your thumb to push down on the front to make a curve. Push a piece of spaghetti all the way to the bottom.

3. Place the smaller ball in your palm and roll one end so it becomes narrower than the other end.

4. Push the smaller ball onto the spaghetti. Do not roll.

5. Roll out some grey fondant to a depth of about 3 mm. Cut an oval shape about the same size as the wider end of the face.

6. Using your fingertips, squash the oval to make it thinner and larger.

7. Push the oval onto the end of the face and smooth down the edges to merge with the white.

8. Use a small ball to make 2 nostrils.

9. Using a size 2 nozzle, push one side of the large end into the fondant to make a smile (the more you push, the bigger the smile).

10. Use a cocktail stick or a pin tool to make 2 indents for the ears and 2 more for the eyes.

Step 10

11. Roll 2 black balls to make the eyes and glue in place. Glue 2 tiny white balls on top, for pupils.

12. Roll 2 equal-sized balls for the ears. Taking each one in turn, pinch one end to form a triangle.

13. Cut off the rounded end of each piece. This will give you 2 soft-edged triangles.

14. Cut 2 small triangles of pink fondant and glue them to the larger white triangles 

15. Glue the ears into the grooves you made in step 10.

16. Roll out a piece of black fondant very thinly, then use a scalpel to cut out long triangles. Don't make them too perfect.

Step 1717. Position them all over the body in horizontal bands. They should be a little jagged.

18. Roll a few small balls of black fondant, then shape into long thin cones.

19. Cut the rounded ends off the cones and glue them between the ears.

20. For the legs, roll 2 white balls about 1.5cm in diameter and roll out one end, leaving the other end ball-shaped.

21. Tap the ball end on your work surface to flatten the base of the foot.

22. Use a scalpel to cut a soft crease into the foot.

23. Place black fondant triangles on the legs, as you did with the body.

24. Roll out some black fondant and cut out 2 heart shapes using a small heart cutter. Glue them to the bases of the feet. 

25. Glue the legs to the base of the body, tucking them underneath the body slightly.

Step 2526. Roll 2 white balls (about 1cm in diameter) for the arms. Roll out one end.

27.  Repeat steps 21–22 to make the arms, then attach heart shapes as in step 24.

28. Attach stripes and a small piece of black fondant to cover the join. Leave to dry for a few minutes. 

29. While the arms are drying, roll a ball of white fondant and shape it into a tail. Cut off each end.

29. Roll a small ball of grey fondant and shape into a cone.

30. Attach stripes to the tail. Glue the flat end of the grey cone to one end of the tail, then mark lines on the grey piece with a wheel tool.

31. Attach the arms and the tail, ensuring the arms sit in front of the tail. Glue the head in place. (Always glue the pieces in place as late as possible, once you are happy with the zebra's position.)



Step 11. Roll a cone of red fondant, then cut off the top and bottom.

2. Using a large ball tool, push the fondant against your finger to make a rim.

3. Wrap a thin strip of fondant around the rim of the bucket.

4. Cut a thin strip of yellow fondant and curve into an arch. Leave to dry for 1 hour.

5. Fill the bucket with light muscovado sugar (this resembles sand) and glue the handle in place.


Step 2


1. Roll 2 sausages of yellow fondant – 1 long and 1 short – and glue together to form a 'T' shape. Roll an oval about 4 mm thick, then cut off one end.

2. Glue together, then use a large ball tool to shape the inside of the spade.



Step 31. On a non-stick board, roll out some mauve fondant to a thickness of 5 mm. Using a scalpel, cut out a freehand 5-pointed star. 
2. Gently pinch each point between your thumb and finger to soften the edges. 
3. Texture the surface using a small ball tool. 
4. Make a smile with a nozzle. Glue on 2 white balls for eyes, with black pupils on top. 

Crocodile in the water

1. Roll a green ball and cut off one side. Shape both pieces so they have flat bases and curved sides. Take the large piece and make indents for the eyes using a ball tool.
2. Fill the indents with 2 white balls, then add 2 tiny black balls to make pupils. The pupils should look up towards the zebra. 
Step 43. Add 2 small balls of green fondant to the top of the nose. Make indents with a small ball tool as shown. 
4. Make a back shape (and, if desired, a tail) and pinch along the top to form a visible spine. Ensure this piece has a flat base.
5. Roll along the spine with a wheel tool. Insert small triangles of darker green fondant into the ridge. You can repeat this along the tail. 


Sea and island

Step 41. Cover your cake or board with light blue fondant, then paint edible glue over the area where the island will go. 

2. Pour light muscovado sugar over the glue, building up an island. Pat down the sugar to compress. Remove any stray granules with a soft dry brush.

3. Put some piping gel in a bowl, then add a little ice blue paste food colouring and mix with a teaspoon. 

4. Use the spoon to pour the blue piping gel onto the iced cake or board around the island, until all the blue fondant is covered. 


Top tip: Piping gel is perfect for creating a water effect. If you find it too thick to pour from a spoon, heat in the microwave in 5-second bursts until it reaches the desired consistency.

Cake Design

You can set your zebra in the middle of a cake of any size. The piping gel can either sit flush with the top of the cake or you can leave a slight border.


Zachery Template (click for printable)


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