How to make the best potato salad ever

Recipes for the best potato salad

Take centre stage at the next barbecue by upping your potato salad game

I never knew I was living such a sheltered life potato salad-wise,” lamented one recipe-fatigued MNer on our Food and Recipe talk board. We know the feeling.

If you're making the same old potato salad recipe year in, year out, broaden your horizons with these ideas from adventurous Mumsnetters.

First, pick your potato..


I'm starting with a bag of baby Jersey Royals…


I use tinned potatoes now – it's much easier and cheaper!


Buy Charlottes or generic 'salad potatoes' for potato salads, it's much cheaper.

Next, prep the mayonnaise
Mayonnaise for your potato salad


We make a mix of mayo and creme fraiche which I think is lush.


I like to vary my mayonnaise by stirring something into it, like different types of mustard or pesto.

Not a fan? Forgo entirely it in favour of one of these mayo-free ideas
Non-mayonnaise dressings for potato salad


I hate mayo and salad cream, so I use Greek yogurt and creme fraiche, and mix in lots of wholegrain mustard and honey.


I use a wholegrain mustard vinaigrette in my spud salad, not a spot of mayo in sight.

Cooking time – but do you peel before, or after?
Potato salad recipe


I peel the potatoes, chop them, then chuck them in the pot to boil.


My mum's tip is peel the potatoes when they're hot (and salt them immediately.)


For my south German-style potato salad, I boil firm/waxy/salad potatoes until just done, then peel them afterwards and slice thinly.

Now it's time to beef up your salad with seasonings and extras


I add a little butter, chopped mint, chives and any other herbs I have, like coriander and flat leaf parsley. I also a small bit of chopped onion and sliced tomato, season it with salt and black pepper and serve it with smoked fish.


I sometimes add sliced hotdog, which I've been told is the German version!


Along with chopped herbs like chives and dill, I add little bits of cooked bacon.


I only add red onions, marinated with some salt and cider vinegar, chopped parsley and dill, then dress while still warm with olive oil.


I'm shocked at anyone leaving out anchovies in a potato salad! I put anchovies into anything savoury, they are deliciously umami.

And don't forget, it's fine to cheat every now and then…

Readymade sour cream for your potato salad


I sometimes cheat and buy a tub of sour cream and onion dip and mix in cooked potatoes…


Would it be wrong to say my favourite potato salad is the one from the Pizza Hut salad bar?

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