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John Lewis Advent Calendar 2023, Day 5: The ultimate Christmas Eve bath

An easy, affordable Christmas tradition that’s suitable for all ages and will last for years to come.

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Dec 13, 2023

John Lewis Advent Calendar 2023, Day 5: The ultimate Christmas Eve bath

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When it comes to Christmas traditions, Mumsnetter MrsPworkingmummy isn’t short of ideas, and there’s a particular one we think is an easy one to bring into your own home.

Christmas Eve bath with a bath bomb, matching jammies, followed by hot chocolate in front of the fire.

It sounds so simple and yet, a Christmas Eve bath can be a wonderful tradition for a family for several reasons. After all, it’s an easy activity that doesn’t require elaborate planning or resources. A bath bomb or some scented bubbles can transform an ordinary bath into a magical experience for family members of all ages. 

Plus, it’s an affordable way to create special moments together, especially when paired with matching pyjamas - a small detail that can bring everyone together on Christmas Eve. Follow this with hot chocolate and you have a Christmas tradition that’s suitable for all ages, from your kids to grandparents, that can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Don’t have a fire? No sweat. Netflix has a “Fireplace for your Home” that you can play to add to the ambience as you get cosy and watch a Christmas film together. 

What is the John Lewis Advent calendar 2023?

For the first 12 days of December, we’re serving up Christmas inspiration, gift ideas and thoughtfully curated products that carry the seal of approval from our very own Mumsnet users. Make sure you check back daily!

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