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John Lewis Advent Calendar 2023, Day 9: Opening stockings in your bed

If you’re in need of some new Christmas stockings to put out for Santa, these ones are affordable yet luxurious and everyone can have one...

By Gemma Wilcock | Last updated Dec 13, 2023

John Lewis Advent Calendar 2023, Day 9: Opening stockings in your bed

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Nothing beats seeing the joy on your child’s face when they wake up on Christmas morning (even if it is at 5am). The moment they climb into your bed full of excitement that Santa has been is the moment many parents look forward to the most - and makes all that rushing around getting the shopping and prep finished worth it! 

For lots of our Mumsnet users, their child will come in clutching the stocking full of gifts that they left out for Santa the night before and they’ll open the presents together in their bed. The stocking can contain anything from sweets and chocolate treats to little books and toys. This is a tradition that can last for many years, even if it's just to give parents more time to wake up and stop children from going downstairs too early! 

For me, traditions we have are stockings that always contain certain items, like socks, chocolate and a satsuma, must be opened in parents bed, and contents pretty much instead of breakfast.


So, if you're wanting an extra hour or so in bed before your living room descends into wrapping paper chaos, here are a few things worth getting while you enjoy opening your stockings together.

For a warm and cosy bedroom

Enjoy a Christmas film in bed

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Kids Pro Edition

Kids’ Fire is really easy to set up and pretty indestructible.


Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Kids Pro Edition


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Obviously, as any parent knows, you can only hold your children off for so long and you’ll soon be heading downstairs to watch them excitedly rip open presents from under the tree. If it’s your first Christmas with your child, you may need some gorgeous matching stockings to put out for the whole family or you may be looking for some new stockings for Christmas 2023 - and John Lewis has some gorgeous offerings. 

There are knitted stockings, those with a traditional fur trim, personalised options, fun animal themed stockings and even your beloved pets can get in on the fun. A Christmas tradition for the whole family! 

Velvet Faux Fur Trim Christmas Stocking, £15

We used to put stockings on the bed and the DC would come in and open them in our bedroom.


Velvet Faux Fur Trim Christmas Stocking, £15

John Lewis

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Babyblooms Personalised Christmas Stocking, £28

Hanging a stocking downstairs that they wake to on their bed, which contains some little activities so they have something to do before the main presents. Coming into bed with parents to open the stocking.


Babyblooms Personalised Christmas Stocking, £28


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Nkuku Karru Velvet Christmas Sack

We've always had a sack each at the end of the bed that the children wake up to.


Nkuku Karru Velvet Christmas Sack, £50


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