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Fairplay for women take ONS to judicial review for redefining sex in census

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fatblackcatspaw Wed 17-Feb-21 19:49:40

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Oldstyle1 Wed 17-Feb-21 19:53:11

Oh yes! Bring it on!!!

Well done FPFW. Off to find the trowel again.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 17-Feb-21 19:55:29

I just wish I had a JCB sad

Signalbox Wed 17-Feb-21 19:59:01

Yippee! Well done FPFW.

KitchenFairy Wed 17-Feb-21 20:04:47

Brilliant, thank you FPFW.

WednesdayalltheWay Wed 17-Feb-21 20:05:30

I can't find it on that link- is there another page you can link to OP?

yourhairiswinterfire Wed 17-Feb-21 20:13:06

They've tweeted too!

BREAKING: Our legal challenge is on!

The ONS has acted unlawfully by redefining sex in the census

ONS will be invited to withdraw the guidance failing which we will be applying for an emergency judicial review to seek trial before 21st March

Pls donate

fatblackcatspaw Wed 17-Feb-21 20:13:33

18000 carrots

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KitchenFairy Wed 17-Feb-21 20:14:27

@WednesdayalltheWay try this

UppityPuppity Wed 17-Feb-21 20:30:15

Brilliant! Will do some early spring gardening.

However posts with direct links will be removed. Happened to me before. I tried to google the crowd funder to get to the right page - but it didn’t work.

Has anyone got any advice on how best to access the crowdfunder page for when the links are removed?

OvaHere Wed 17-Feb-21 20:34:47

It's a big ask in a short amount of time but we've done it before and can do it again.

OvaHere Wed 17-Feb-21 20:35:30

Has anyone got any advice on how best to access the crowdfunder page for when the links are removed?

I just checked their twitter feed.

KitchenFairy Wed 17-Feb-21 20:35:59

Hopefully my link won’t get removed, it simply takes you to FPFW’s Instagram bio.

yourhairiswinterfire Wed 17-Feb-21 20:37:32

Just out of interest, why aren't links allowed? Is it to avoid spamming or something?

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Wed 17-Feb-21 20:37:37

I’ve done some spadework.

Twunk Wed 17-Feb-21 20:37:58

I’ve donated to the crowdfunder. It’s very important to have accurate data on sex for planning and analysis.

I don’t understand why TRAs don’t want accurate data to be collected either - surely it is also important to collect accurate data on people who identify as a different “gender” too?

PurpleWh1teGreen Wed 17-Feb-21 20:38:45

Thank you for posting this. FairPlay for women have a fascinating Twitter feed. Worth a deeper look.

PurpleWh1teGreen Wed 17-Feb-21 20:40:28

I agree, you would have thought accurate data to inform health planning would be desirable.

MaudTheInvincible Wed 17-Feb-21 20:41:29

Search crowdfunder dot co dot uk

Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner


Keyword search: Stop the ONS redefining sex in the Census

fatblackcatspaw Wed 17-Feb-21 20:43:48

4600 carrotts

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Barracker Wed 17-Feb-21 20:53:09

Brilliant news.

Directions to a vegetable patch of note can be found in the bio of the FPFW Instagram page.

ToastTriangles Wed 17-Feb-21 21:11:03

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ToastTriangles Wed 17-Feb-21 21:11:33

Argh *wording

SomeonesRealName Wed 17-Feb-21 21:32:38

This is wonderful so heartwarming to see the total shooting up. Worth doing it just for the happy feels!

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Wed 17-Feb-21 21:33:00

8217🥕 planted already.

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