Aimee Challenor welcomed into the Lib Dems

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TurfClub Sun 30-Sep-18 08:48:14

Just for quick context, Aimee Challenor resigned from the Lib Dems under a cloud of shit, after Aimee's father was charged for raping a 10-year-old-girl while dressed in a nappy, and Aimee continued to employ him as an agent.

So there is currently an investigation by Veritas into what happened, this has not been completed, but already welcomed with open arms into the Lib Dems.

Sickening. (Sarah Brown i think) (candidate for Bristol West, Lib Dem held till 2015)

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borntobequiet Sun 30-Sep-18 08:50:49

As I said on the other thread, glad I left.

Charliethefeminist Sun 30-Sep-18 08:52:04

Resigned from the greens

VickyEadie Sun 30-Sep-18 08:53:46

Could the Libdems get any worse? Clearly they can.

TurfClub Sun 30-Sep-18 08:53:59

yes resigned from the Greens sorry

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ChrysanthemumsAreMums Sun 30-Sep-18 08:55:56

This is sickening; yet unsurprising.

UrsulaPandress Sun 30-Sep-18 08:57:11

They really have no shame do they.


Babdoc Sun 30-Sep-18 09:00:37

Perhaps we should remind the Lib Dems that there are far more angry women voters than there are trans rights activists. And we shall make this abundantly clear at the next election.

ChrysanthemumsAreMums Sun 30-Sep-18 09:01:17

For 'growing transphobia problem" read: The Greens realised that, rather than having vaunted me (a deeply troubled teen with a sickeningly abusive father) into a position I was stunningly ill-equipped for, simply because I am 'trans', what they should have done is treated me with the due diligence any non-trans person would have faced

TheCuriousMonkey Sun 30-Sep-18 09:01:28

That is completely nauseating. WTF are the lib dems thinking?

TurfClub Sun 30-Sep-18 09:01:38

No it was blatantly obvious, Aimee is a horrendous opportunist with no interests other than Aimee's self. Shat on supposed hero Caroline Lucas from a great height, then ran over to the Lib Dems to try and join in.

Remember that Aimee's 'Green' activities constituted 99.9% trans-related issues, and almost nothing on the environment.

Vile person.

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ChrysanthemumsAreMums Sun 30-Sep-18 09:01:50

And now the Lib Dems look like they are going to follow suit

IdaBWells Sun 30-Sep-18 09:03:58

It seems as if policy doesn’t matter, they are just replicating a trans model of activism in each party and the party is clearly interchangeable.

SwearyG Sun 30-Sep-18 09:04:27

Is there a screen shot for the blocked? Challenor being fond of the old blocklists.

ChrysanthemumsAreMums Sun 30-Sep-18 09:05:02

Remember also that Aimee is still on the Stonewall trans advisory committee, and still involved in an LBTQ youth group in Coventry which appears to have no documented safeguarding policies

TurfClub Sun 30-Sep-18 09:05:49


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ChrysanthemumsAreMums Sun 30-Sep-18 09:07:12

Let's also remember that Aimee's mum and chums outed the identity of the 10 year old raped and tortured by her husband, David.

Needmoresleep Sun 30-Sep-18 09:08:18

Due diligence!

AsAProfessionalFekko Sun 30-Sep-18 09:08:34

Can they exist if they are not in the public eye? What drives people like that? It's like talentless reality TV folks or not very successful pop stars who can't fart without tipping off the paparazzi to get attention.

It's an illness surely?

SwearyG Sun 30-Sep-18 09:09:26

Thank you

boldlygoingsomewhere Sun 30-Sep-18 09:09:33

WTF are the Lib Dems thinking? Where are the responsible adults to say that perhaps Aimee should take a step back from politics for a while?

ChrysanthemumsAreMums Sun 30-Sep-18 09:09:34

I think it's a reflection of the result of the kind of upbringing Aimee had

ChrysanthemumsAreMums Sun 30-Sep-18 09:12:14

^ my last post was to AsAProfessionalFekko

dolorsit Sun 30-Sep-18 09:12:47

I don't think the Lib Dems can automatically bar someone from joining.

It will be interesting to see if the Lib dems give AC any authority to speak on their behalf.

TimeLady Sun 30-Sep-18 09:13:15

I'd have been more worried if Aimee had joined Labour. They are daft enough to put someone like that up for election in a safe seat.

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