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The Times - smear campaign by trans lecturer at Goldsmiths

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tiredandweary Sat 08-Sep-18 00:45:23

The Times reporting on the smear campaign against academics run by 'Natacha Kennedy' of Goldsmiths. Given how movingly women academics have written here about the fear and intimidation they experience working in universities, how good to see the source of the bullying exposed. share token:

And a brilliant article by Janice Turner about dangerous trans rapists in women's jails:

So pleased that I took out a subscription to the Times.

boatyardblues Sat 08-Sep-18 01:21:04

Both are excellent articles.

MonotonousSeagull Sat 08-Sep-18 01:36:20

Those articles!
<breathes more easily>
Still a shitty, fucked up situation, but yes, tide is turning. Thank god.

RedToothBrush Sat 08-Sep-18 01:54:05

Hmm Goldsmiths you say...

RedToothBrush Sat 08-Sep-18 01:57:02

All the named academics were women.

Theres a surprise

Lovelydovey Sat 08-Sep-18 02:05:11

Both excellent articles - thanks for sharing.

AngryAttackKittens Sat 08-Sep-18 02:11:50

And boom goes the dynamite. Radfems have known about Kennedy for years, and now the general public will too.

Wheels are officially coming off the propaganda bus now.

Materialist Sat 08-Sep-18 02:15:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NorasBarnacle Sat 08-Sep-18 02:18:36

Thank you for posting - we are in the bloody twilight zone with some of these antics.

Setting up secret FB groups to target academics? This was always going to leak out. Apart from the fact that it was a remarkably stupid approach, it is so petty and dumb! These activists are not very bright are they?

ALittleBitofVitriol Sat 08-Sep-18 02:41:46

Gendertrender has this video from Mr Kennedy/Hellen posted in 2015

There's more info/links (and comedy grin ) in the comments

Materialist Sat 08-Sep-18 02:48:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

numberseven Sat 08-Sep-18 03:54:10

So Kennedy has coauthored and published a paper with her deadname. grin

radlyreading Sat 08-Sep-18 05:45:18

Thanks for the links - these are excellent articles

TimeLady Sat 08-Sep-18 06:12:35

Politicians can no longer say 'We didn't know', can they?

SusanBunch Sat 08-Sep-18 06:26:26

This needs spreading far and wide! This guy is a disgusting misogynist of the highest order. As the article reveals:
- He is listed twice on his institution's website- as Mark and as Natacha. Wtf? How can that even be allowed? It's a joke.
- He has co-authored an article WITH HIMSELF. Again, I feel like I am in a parallel universe here. I have never heard anything so bizarre.
- He has actively tried to get academics fired, including Rosa Freedman and Kathleen Stock. Just for having an opinion.
- Most important: every single one of the academics on his hit-list was female. There are definitely male ones around, but no, the male ones didn't bother Natacha/Mark so much. Just the women.

If anyone is in any doubt, this person is a grade A misogynist and does not deserve to be working anywhere near academia. This is going too far. I am so glad that Reading and Sussex are supporting their staff and ignoring this ludicrous shit.

I am heartened by the fact that the tide seems to be turning a bit. The Karen White case, this article, Aimee Challenor etc. The TRAs are really showing their true colours.

Igneococcus Sat 08-Sep-18 06:57:41

Goldsmith again

MinecraftHolmes Sat 08-Sep-18 07:00:23

Oh my days “she [sic]”.

Janice’s article has left me feeling energised, which is an unusual feeling for this time in the morning.

stillathing Sat 08-Sep-18 07:01:17

How anyone could say, after reading these two articles, that the expressed gender of these two individuals was anything more than hair and a dress I don't know. Their actions speak loud and clear - rape and institutional bullying of women.

JoanSummers Sat 08-Sep-18 07:02:47

I'm glad Natacha* Kennedy is getting some exposure. NK is a total creep.

*I'm convinced this name was chosen as a nod to a fetish. 'The Natachas' (or Natashas) is a term used to describe victims of sex trafficking.

PersistenceIsNotFutile Sat 08-Sep-18 07:07:57

This needs to be on AIBU.

Igneococcus Sat 08-Sep-18 07:08:30

Does anybody remember the blog post by some woman who is doing social work/activism somewhere close to Goldsmith who said how Goldsmith students with their transactivism have made her work more difficult? Can anyone remember that? It's quite a while ago but there were several links to it here. I wonder if it's worth linking that in the comments section of the first article.

PeakPants Sat 08-Sep-18 07:09:44

Apparently Natacha is a bolshie trans girl. Why do so many of these middle aged men pick sexualised names and then describe themselves in words you might use about a teenager? I am pretty sure Mark is in his 40s. I wonder if any natal women his age would call themselves ‘bolshie girls’. My guess is no.

KERALA1 Sat 08-Sep-18 07:11:11

Marvellous fun for these individuals. They get to dress up as women, harass us under the cloak of being right on and get to be the victims. Strange times.

SophoclesTheFox Sat 08-Sep-18 07:15:24

Bloody hellfire, that first article is dynamite!!

I'm going to need to read it again when I've had my second coffee and I'm properly awake.

I've heard murmurings about Natacha being iffy, previously, though so you can colour me entirely unshocked.

SophoclesTheFox Sat 08-Sep-18 07:17:01

Yes yes to the "transgirl".

You're in your forties. You're not a girl (and never were).

I wouldn't like to say why I think it's such a thing. It's too gross and I haven't had that second coffee yet.

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