I am a science teacher teaching secondary sex education and genetics

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Clairetree1 Sun 10-Jun-18 10:12:29

Ever single time. Every single time. Every single time.

I am being asked how men turn into women.

I say they can't. They turn into transwomen. These are men who change their bodies to be as much like women as possible, but are still men.

Every single time I teach pregnancy I am asked how men can do it.

Every single time we go through genetics I get a shocked response for saying "this is male, this is female"

Every single time I make any distinction between male and female I am asked "are you allowed to say that?

I equate being ordered to teach that men can become woman to previous generations of teachers being ordered to teach nazi race science.

I am quite sure I will be sacked one day

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LemonJello Sun 10-Jun-18 10:15:27

So you mean the kids don’t understand that changing sex is not possible? How many think this?

Sevendown Sun 10-Jun-18 10:15:38

It’s only a matter of time before all the biology text books are burned

TheFallenMadonna Sun 10-Jun-18 10:19:30

I am very rarely asked those things, nor are students shocked when I refer to male and female gametes.

Are you ordered to teach in Biology that men can become women? Where?

Clairetree1 Sun 10-Jun-18 10:19:53

most kids think you can change sex

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PerryPerryThePlatypus Sun 10-Jun-18 10:20:20

Its really worrying that people are transing children who don't know how biology works and are being encouraged by the adults around them to believe in this fairytale of you say therefore you are.

Butterflystar76 Sun 10-Jun-18 10:20:47

I teach biology too and have never once been asked any of those questions, have you any thoughts as to why children are asking you those questions? What is the culture in the school like.
No need for you to worry about being sacked, you are teaching factual science and then answering questions factually 😊


ltk Sun 10-Jun-18 10:21:20

I am asked this in KS2 SRE.

Clairetree1 Sun 10-Jun-18 10:22:04

Are you ordered to teach in Biology that men can become women? Where?

In the school it has never been mentioned in the context of science teaching. However in the school policy, not refering to transwomen as women is listed as transphobia.

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borntobequiet Sun 10-Jun-18 10:24:21

I retired from secondary five years ago. I’m Maths/Computing but like many teachers of other subjects got a bit of PSHE on my timetable, so did Puberty with a couple of Y7 groups and this wasn’t anywhere on the radar. It’s very very recent. And very very worrying, not least because it’s complete bollocks (pun intended) and no child should be encouraged to believe in made up counter factual nonsense.

whathaveiforgottentoday Sun 10-Jun-18 10:28:09

I will be sacked too!
I go off on a rant at them. I then go off on a lengthy explanations of the difference between biological conditions that cause intersex and the the psychological disorder that gid. I've taught the biological development of gender (role of the various hormones etc involved in development of boys).
After that, they tend not to question and some of the gender critical voices come out in agreement. Most kids are either being polite about the issue and trying not to offend, or actually disagree. I get a lot of 'but my mum says. ..... it's a load of rubbish etc. Helps that I teach science and psychology. However I am supportive of those suffering from gender dsyphoria and do emphasis the need to treat with respect their choice to transition as adults.

yellowsnail Sun 10-Jun-18 10:31:02

Strange, I've not come across this as a secondary science teacher

TheFallenMadonna Sun 10-Jun-18 10:31:21

You go off on a rant?

qumquat Sun 10-Jun-18 10:31:23

Is your school pretty white and middle class? My anecdotal observation is that transgender ideology is very much a hinge among white middle class teens but not elsewhere. I teach mainly black and working class teens and this very rarely comes up.

terfinginthevoid Sun 10-Jun-18 10:33:19

I fully believe and am not surprised that kids are asking questions like that, given the absolute bollocks claiming to be science being passed around on twitter etc..
I think a lot of people believe that people can actually change sex.

ltk Sun 10-Jun-18 10:36:15

I teach in a very mixed school for race and background. It comes up from Y4 onwards. Has for about 3 years now.

Clairetree1 Sun 10-Jun-18 10:37:18

Is your school pretty white and middle class?


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whathaveiforgottentoday Sun 10-Jun-18 10:43:23

Mine is white and middle class. When I mean rant .... I tend to go off at a tangent and fully answer their question. But I've had it asked at my current school and my last school, but I've had a few goady questions. There are several transgender individuals in the school.

LangCleg Sun 10-Jun-18 10:45:40

I have anecdotal evidence of primary school age kids who have watched the transition cheerleading programmes on BBC3 and the YouTube teen transitioner videos and sincerely believe that humans can change sex.

Wanderabout Sun 10-Jun-18 10:51:54

I fully believe and am not surprised that kids are asking questions like that, given the absolute bollocks claiming to be science being passed around on twitter etc..

It's not just twitter unfortunately. The Science Museum and even a BBC kids programme have been disseminating incorrect, unscientific information to young kids.

And what are lobbying groups like Stonewall saying to young kids in school they talk to and train? Given their line is they won't even engage with transwomen who don't believe they are female, and suggested people listen to a transwoman who says she is biologically female.

JoyTheUnicorn Sun 10-Jun-18 11:00:33

I mentioned this to dd. She is sitting biology GCSE tomorrow morning, which will include genetics and reproduction.
No-one has asked this in her lessons, and she bluntly said "why would it come up, it's not true is it? Teachers wouldn't be allowed to teach lies"
We live rurally, which probably makes a difference, although dd's gender critical views are at odds with some of her friend's views, who think that trans women are women, and that people can literally change sex.

Terfulike Sun 10-Jun-18 11:03:05

This is obviously an exceptionally important thread. I was a KS5 Biology teacher until 4 years ago. This never happened but it was a 6th form college.

I'd like to ask the OP, and anyone else who hasn't already given age details, what the year groups are who are saying these things.

Pratchet Sun 10-Jun-18 11:04:36

Kids are definitely being told that people can change sex. Not a bit surprised by this OP.

Amazing how many adults believe you can have an opposite sex brain in your body. But they do.

Pratchet Sun 10-Jun-18 11:05:20


whathaveiforgottentoday Sun 10-Jun-18 11:08:53

I've had the discussion with 6th form in several lessons but in psychology lessons and when having general chat and just this week with a small group of year 8 girls (who weren't being goady but it came in in discussion and yes they thought you could change sex). I had it last year with a year 11 class who were being goady/trying to be clever!!

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