Seven Pounds in Five Weeks

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DirtyDennis Sun 02-Jun-19 13:44:02

Just that, really. I’m aiming to lose 7lbs in 5weeks primarily through calorie counting though I’ll try and exercise as much as possible (things are very hectic at work ATM). Anyone care to join me?

I’m looking at average about 1,250 calories each day which should shift about a pound and a half each week.

There are a few events on at work where I’ll have to be sensible but these are only lunches so it should be much easier.

My go-to evening meals are:
- Cauliflower curry with poppadoms (400 cal)

- Vegetable one pot with vegan garlic bread (450 cal)

- Baked salmon with avocado/black bean/spring onion/coriander salad and mange tout (450 cal)

- Pumpkin/sweet potato burgers with rice and some kind of veg (400 cal)

For nights when I need something a bit weekend-y feeling I go for:
- Vegan kebab meat or vegan chorizo sausages or in pitta bread with sweet potato fries and homemade garlic mayonnaise (700 cal)

For lunches, I’m bang into wraps at the moment. They’re only about 80-90cal each so that gives a lot of freedom for fillings. I tend to cook up some frozen vegetarian stuff (veggie burgers, falafels, bean burgers etc) then chop them up and put them in the wrap with lettuce and grated carrot. That normally comes out at just over 300 cal which gives room for crisps. I physically can’t eat lunch without crisps blush

In terms of exercise, I’m a keen swimmer and try and swim most mornings but it doesn’t always work out that way. I walk the dog for about a mile and a half every day and days I’m in work (as in not working from home), I walk about 3 miles.

I know I could do with doing more exercise but it’s difficult to fit in and I don’t want to get into the situation where I’m getting up at 5:30am to squeeze in a run because I know I’ll end up resenting this and giving up!!

Will be checking in regularly to update on progress but I hope some other folks will join me….

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DirtyDennis Wed 05-Jun-19 16:43:08

Okay, no-one wants to join me that's fine grin

I'm going to use the thread to keep myself motivated and ticking along. So far, I'm doing okay but I've only managed to be about 500 calories under 2000 each day so I'm not sure I'll lose that much this week.

Saturday (a week after I started) will be bang in the middle of my period and I get awful water retention so I might skip the weigh-in until sometime next week when I'll get a more accurate picture of things.

Last night DH suggested we could do a one-week on/one-week off type diet but for longer than five weeks. I was very assertive and determined that it was absolutely not going to happen. I was very proud of myself - I normally give in to things like that grin

Exercise hasn't been fantastic. In fact, I'm not saying anything about that because all I've managed to do is walk the dog blush

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AirbnbHost Thu 06-Jun-19 07:05:42

Hi - join the thread here. It’s very active and is roughly your goal

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