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Tomorrow will be the start of the new me

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chubchubchub Sat 07-Jul-18 19:03:06

I have reached that moment.

I'm going to lose weight.

Join me starting from tomorrow.

RunMummyRun68 Sat 07-Jul-18 19:09:42

How much are you aiming for?

I'm putting on a bit.... knew I would! No motivation and appetite all over the place

KateGrey Sat 07-Jul-18 19:10:27

Yes me 2. I would like to lose 5 stone at least.

chubchubchub Sat 07-Jul-18 19:16:57

Hello, I need to shift probably 2.5 stone. I haven't weighed myself in a long time. I would like to be around the 9 stone mark. My height is 5'4

Being overweight is really getting me down.

Ethiopianflower Sat 07-Jul-18 19:39:37

I am well up for joining you. I started yesterday after I stepped on the scales and saw I am at my heaviest ever!!! I am aiming to lose a stone and a half to start with. Had a great big salad 🥗 for my dinner and heading out for a run now. We can do it!!!

chubchubchub Sat 07-Jul-18 19:40:02

Kategrey what is your plan?

itsBritneyBeach Sat 07-Jul-18 19:41:15

This is probably my 150th thread of starting this! But this time I won't vanish. 1400 calorie limit a day and making healthier choices. Let's goooo!

5"2, need to lose around 3 stone in total. blushbiscuitcakegin

50shadesofbeige Sat 07-Jul-18 19:43:06

Like @itsBrineyBeach this is probably the millionth time I've said this but I would love to join if that's ok. I've lost just over a stone by myself but I would love some support to lose the next two smile

chubchubchub Sat 07-Jul-18 19:46:06

ItsBritneyBeach no don't vanish. I will be lonely.

The more of us the better.

itsBritneyBeach Sat 07-Jul-18 19:46:51

Let's kick some fat ass! More specifically my fat ass.

chubchubchub Sat 07-Jul-18 19:47:52

50shadesofbeige you have lost a stone. That's brilliant.

pushpops Sat 07-Jul-18 19:48:03

I've had a day of utter misery about my weight gain. I need to do something!

I'm 5'3" and need to lose at least 3 stone confusedblush

chubchubchub Sat 07-Jul-18 19:49:49

ItsBritneyBeach my ass is massive, as is my stomach. My arms are getting flappy too.

chubchubchub Sat 07-Jul-18 19:51:13

Shall we all be brave and have a mass weigh in tomorrow morning and then we could have Sundays as our regular weigh day.

KateGrey Sat 07-Jul-18 20:04:23

I’m going with calorie counting. We’ve had a really bad year as a family so I’ve comfort ate. I can’t do that anymore. I feel and look disgusting.

itsBritneyBeach Sat 07-Jul-18 20:05:26

I'm going to go off clothing sizes because seeing a huge number on the scales depresses me and triggers anxiety blush hoping one day I'll feel confident enough to!

Lowest: Size 8 on top, 10 on bottom
Currently: 12/14 on top, 16 on bottom
Goal: 10 on top, 10/12 on bottom!

chubchubchub Sat 07-Jul-18 20:11:25

Kategrey sorry that you've had a bad year.

Howareya123 Sat 07-Jul-18 20:19:35

Hi, can I join?! I'm 5'4" and am 78kgs. Would love to get down to 65kg at least! Not sure how I'm going to do it but I'm starting tomorrow! So sick of myself, just back from a weeks holiday and I can't even look at any photos of myself with my kids, I just want to delete them all!!

Rufustheyawningreindeer Sat 07-Jul-18 20:21:46

I'll start on monday

But i will start grin

RunMummyRun68 Sat 07-Jul-18 20:21:47

I've stopped running

It's too hot and I've no time. That's why I've put weight on!

It's got to go!! I've got two half marathons to train for

chubchubchub Sat 07-Jul-18 20:43:50

I am exhausted just reading your post! How much weight have you gained. Is it just since the hot weather that you have stopped running?

chubchubchub Sat 07-Jul-18 20:46:13

Hello Howareya123 I won't let a camera anywhere near me. I get a big enough shock when I see my reflection in shop windows as I'm walking past.

Howareya123 Sat 07-Jul-18 20:58:06

I know that feeling too!! The dreaded full length reflectionshock not for much longer though now that we've reached this point!! Enough is enough, a bit of motivation and determination is all we need... less calories and more exercise might help toogrin

chubchubchub Sat 07-Jul-18 21:04:25

Somehow being fat and round makes me look shorter than I am. I look really dumpy at the moment.

Myownwendyhouse Sat 07-Jul-18 21:15:31

I'm in. I hVe lost a stone so far. I have a few left to go. To be honest as long as I can fit comfortably into my clothes I don't mind where I sit.

I recently went down from being in the obese category to being in just the over weight category. I am 5 foot 3 and weigh 12 stone.

But. I blight a size 12 shorts yesterday and have thrown away my size 14 trousers.

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