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CAMBRIDGE Diet Support Thread

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ASecretLemonadeDrinker Mon 14-Feb-11 13:03:10

2nd thread, I know, but the first was asking Qs. So, those of us that are doing it (not many seemingly!) can moan chat here I am starting tomorrow (I think - seeing lady tonight) - I am 5'3" & 13st 3lb (ish) and goal is 8st (used to be 9 and to be honest was kinda chubby still, I'll see how I am at 9st and tone though)

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Tue 15-Feb-11 13:57:34

Lady forgot it was Valentine's Day so am seeing her tonight. I think this thread will end up being more a blog for meeeeee grin wine Is Camrbidge diet out of vogue now or something? confused [echo]

Foreverondiet Tue 15-Feb-11 14:32:56

Good luck.

TBH 8 stones sounds unrealistic and too thin.

I am 5 4 and am now 9 10 lbs, want to get to 9 5 lbs.. which is BMI of 22.5.

I'd have to starve myself for months to get that (ie under 9 stone) (am on 1200 calories a day and lucky to loose 1lb a week) and I'd never be able to sustain it.

Better I think to get to a healthy BMI on the cambridge diet (say 23?) and then try and maintain through normal eating for several months before trying to go lower.

Geepers Wed 16-Feb-11 07:25:31

My Cambridge diet lady is ringing me today and said I should be able to start immediately. Can't wait! Im a bit worried about headaches from caffiene withdrawal though.

Not brave enough to say how much I weigh, but will say I have gained <gulp> over five stone in the three years since my first set of twins, and three of those have been in the last year since the second set were born.

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Wed 16-Feb-11 09:57:55

Are you seeing her today? I am seeing mine tonight (she cancelled again!) - I am now about 13 6/ 13 7 after getting down to 13 two weeks ago I stopped swimming because of earache, and stopped running because DH has a new job that's 12h a day so either have to go out at 5am, or 9pm. Hoping this diet motivates me again

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Wed 16-Feb-11 09:58:41

Two sets of twins - goodness me! grin

Geepers Wed 16-Feb-11 11:47:28

Im seeing her this evening so planning on starting tomorrow. Just hope it doesn't make me too irritable or shaky. Im crossing my fingers that i can see it through the first week and then it will get easier.

Geepers Wed 16-Feb-11 17:15:09

ASLD, what time are you seeing your consultant? I have 45 minutes until i see mine. Presume she will take a cheque for payment of the meal things?

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Wed 16-Feb-11 19:49:53

I'm seeing her at 8.30. How did you get on? No idea about cheques... I'm taking cash confused I think the first few days/week is hardest

Geepers Wed 16-Feb-11 19:53:46

It went well. I only weighed 1lb more than I was expecting so that was good.

I paid by cheque, and have enough shakes and soups to last two weeks. It cost £76 so I'd better stick to it. We have two weddings in June so they are my incentive.

In the morning I am going to take a picture and my measurements so I can see my progress in a few weeks time.

Are you planning to start tomorrow?

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Wed 16-Feb-11 20:02:58

Hopefully, yeah. Did you just get shakes? Congrats at being just 1lb more than you thought grin Good idea about measurements

Geepers Wed 16-Feb-11 20:16:06

I got shakes and soups. She didn't recommend the bars for the first few weeks.

Really dreading how i will feel this time tomorrow, but I know the rapid weight loss I will see in a week will help.

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Wed 16-Feb-11 22:57:28

I am back now with an armful of shakes and soups in every flavour, & 1 plain porridge to try grin Can't wait!

Geepers Thu 17-Feb-11 08:19:26

Good luck for today. Are you doing SS or SS+.

I went for SS, but will be having some skimmed milk in tea.

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Thu 17-Feb-11 09:33:18

SS - just 3 sachets a day. Got hot chocolate for breakfast - bit lumpy though, I need to get a shaker or a whisk What are you having?

Geepers Thu 17-Feb-11 12:09:19

Just had my first shake of the day - butterscotch. I have to say it isn't too bad at all. It's a bit lumpy even though I used a Lakeland blender bottle to make it but it is way nicer than the slim fast shakes I have tried.

Feeling really positive. My plan is to carry on drinking diet coke this week, and give up next week, and maybe the following week stop drinking tea with milk in it.

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Thu 17-Feb-11 14:16:32

I think I am making mine too watery - I had my shake as hot chocolate and it was very weak - but ended up making 2 mugs worth from one sachet so maybe that's why! Just had chilli soup (with pepper), struggled to finish it - again, got the water wrong and ended up making 2 bowls worth! Evening is the real test, I can go all day without food but the evenings are long and I get really hungry.

Geepers Thu 17-Feb-11 16:17:00

How are you feeling? I feel weak and have a headache. Hope this phase doesn't last long, I just want to lay down in bed at the moment.

Currently having my second shake of the day, chocolate. Not too bad but leaves a funny after taste.

lollyheart Thu 17-Feb-11 16:23:50

U did the diet a few months ago, a couple of tips that worked for me,
1 I had a baby bottle to measure the 8 oz of water and it's handy to take out just at the powder, I took a plastic cup with me to pour it into.
2 I bought a hand blender in tesco for a fiver and just used 1 arm thingy, a smooth shake in mins.

Good luck ladies, it will be worth it in the end smile

lollyheart Thu 17-Feb-11 16:24:34

I did the diet.

TooManyButtons Thu 17-Feb-11 16:28:07

Thought I'd pop in as a ex-cambridge dieter and wave my cheerleading pompoms in support!

I successfully lost 6st on cambridge, and have pretty much kept it off - put on a bit over Christmas but am losing it again with healthy eating.

Geepers your headachey/weak feeling will pass - on my 2nd day I thought I might die, but on day 3 woke up feeling full of energy, and stayed that way throughout my 6 months on the diet.

Regarding lumpy shakes (bleurgh), I bought a stick blender from Asda - think it was about £4 - lumps no more! If you have a proper blender or smoothie maker, try mixing your shake with lots of ice cubes, it makes an (almost) Mcdonalds thick shake.

To avoid caffiene withdrawal, I used to mix a warm vanilla shake with coffee in the morning - it tasted like a yummy latte.

If I think of any more tips I'll be back...any questions please ask!

Geepers Thu 17-Feb-11 18:26:01

toomanybuttons congrats on your weightloss.

I have retreated to the bedroom while the rest of the family eat their chicken curry. My husband feels guilty for still eating tasty things in front of me but to be honest im not finding the not eating hard yet, but I am sure that will come.

I have my eye on a gorgeous Karen Millen dress that I want to wear to a wedding we are going to in June. I figure I can lose four stone by then and be a size 16 if I stick to it.

TooManyButtons Thu 17-Feb-11 18:49:36

Geepers you can easily lose four stone by June! I found that by focussing on exactly why I wanted to lose weight (in my case I was a size 22 and had ordered my wedding dress in a size 12 - couldn't afford for it not to fit!) I managed to avoid temptation. I even managed to sit through a Christmas dinner and not eat a thing. I usually have zero will power shock

What I did find strange was that I developed an addiction to baking, I regularly spent weekends cooking up a storm that I didn't eat - my family appreciated it though, it was like eating by proxy.

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Fri 18-Feb-11 09:36:47

How are you getting on today? I went on the scales earlierand 5lb gone! Prob be 2lb heavier by evening though. Went out last night for a mates birthday, had water all night so am pleased I didn't cheat (on day 1!) Got mnt hot chocolate for breakfast - tried my whisk out and sprayed lots of it 'round the kitchen! Not overly hungry, but banging headache.

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Fri 18-Feb-11 11:02:35

Just made DSs a sausage sandwich - I am struggling! biscuitbrewbiscuitbrew

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