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Blondeshavemorefun Thu 19-Nov-20 14:48:25

I love foreign dramas. Been a few recently

Icelandic drama

An ex drug dealer is found murdered in the okd harbour area of Reykjavik

Detective Katrin investigates

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wizzywig Thu 19-Nov-20 14:49:36

Yessssss I love scandi stuff. I'll put the series link on

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 19-Nov-20 14:51:39

Me too

They seem to have better stories

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knittingaddict Thu 19-Nov-20 15:50:22

Is it subtitled? I like to knit in front of the tv and subtitles are not my friend.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 19-Nov-20 17:11:02

Most of the foreign ones are

But I like subtitles. Little dead plus people mumble

Grew up with them as dad is deaf so I can read and watch

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elliesdad2006 Thu 19-Nov-20 17:39:55

Just been watching series 4 of The Bridge (the Scandi-noir, NOT the Channel 4 reality show!), repeated on BBC 2 which has to be one of the best! Looking forward to the Valhalla Murders this weekend.

Wingedharpy Thu 19-Nov-20 21:06:30

Another BBC 4, Saturday night, 9pm fan here too.

There are some cracking tales. Only one I'm not a fan of is Montalbano, but agree, elliesdad, The Bridge is superb.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 20-Nov-20 10:51:38

I need to start the bridge @elliesdad2006. Meant to be good

@Wingedharpy they are fab. Always a good ending

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diddl Fri 20-Nov-20 14:47:06

This sounds just the sort of thing that I'd enjoy.

Just had a quick look on Imdb.

Just love Icelandic surnames!

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 21-Nov-20 15:54:17

Hmmmmm this v celeb

Which shall I watch abs which shall I record

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WhentheDealGoesDown Sat 21-Nov-20 17:10:18

I think I might watch this tomorrow and watch I’m a celeb as subtitles require more concentration and I start flagging about 10grin. It looks good though

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 21-Nov-20 18:03:32

I was thinking the same @WhentheDealGoesDown

I watched 7 last week of dna but left 8 the ending till Sunday as tired and. Didn’t want to not understand it

I’ve worked the past 5 nights so will probably end up in bed 930/10 abs record both 😂😂😂

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SchadenfreudePersonified Sat 21-Nov-20 18:43:38

Adding to watch list - sounds like my sort of thing.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 21-Nov-20 21:15:06

Liking so far

Recorded celeb so can zap adverts 😂

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Halsall Sat 21-Nov-20 21:32:02

Watching, and more than happy to give this a go, but we've already had the separated husband and demanding-mother-who-doesn't-realise-her-daughter's-in-the-police to tick off the bingo card.

2Rebecca Sat 21-Nov-20 22:02:22

That wasn't getting too close at all!

ageingdisgracefully Sat 21-Nov-20 22:17:07

Seems a bit clichéd. The interiors are very IKEA.

notacooldad Sat 21-Nov-20 22:31:17

Seems a bit clichéd. The interiors are very IKEA
HA I just said that to DH!

Wingedharpy Sun 22-Nov-20 01:48:58

I'll stick with it for now but have to say, it didn't have me hooked.
I found myself dozing off at one point which is not a good sign.
Nothing whatsoever to do with the gin I'd had😉

Maireas Sun 22-Nov-20 07:14:19

How blood thirsty is it? I love a good detective series but am a bit squeamish.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 22-Nov-20 08:12:12


I'll stick with it for now but have to say, it didn't have me hooked.
I found myself dozing off at one point which is not a good sign.
Nothing whatsoever to do with the gin I'd had😉

I did start dozing tho more to do with working last 5 nights

Didn’t reliese was 2 episodes

Will watch no 2 today

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Peregrina Sun 22-Nov-20 09:45:22

I watched, but is it going to be a bit cliched, with a plot line which has been rather overdone? I can't say more without a spoiler.

Peregrina Sun 22-Nov-20 09:55:35

But I read a Financial Times review, which told us not to forget the 30 year old skeleton, that someone was working on.

notacooldad Sun 22-Nov-20 11:15:48

It appears to be some paedophile/ murder ring.
The Skelton was if a child who was 12 years old 30 years ago.
That seems the obvious story line but I hope I'm wrong because I want something a bit different.

Peregrina Sun 22-Nov-20 11:27:25

That's what I thought too, and that the murderer is someone getting revenge... but then there is the story with the Oslo detective.

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