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EASTENDERS 38 - no spoilers. That means NEVER EVER

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Blondeshavemorefun Fri 15-Nov-19 14:27:57

Soooooooooo what an exciting 2 episodes

MEL is dead. Didnt expect that after the car crash tho agree would have looked more splattered and squashed , then just a bit of head blood on the road

Few weeks to Xmas - will Phil find out baby isn’t his

Don’t think Louise’s baby is keegans as he said he was a virgin to tiff

Tho when keanu starting dating LOUISE , keegan did say about his left overs so maybe he wasn’t a virgin .....

Would be an amazing twist if baby is black

Ollie. He could be a lot worse not sure why L is so cut olio

Not sure if anything else exciting is happening

Dentist and honey. She stays with him tho cheating

Ben bullying Martin. Needs to stop and Stacey to come back

Are kats kids going to make an appearance soon ?

Bobbys religion

What else have I missed

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The80sweregreat Fri 15-Nov-19 14:36:52

Blondes, thanks for the thread!
Lots going on, place marking.
How will Phil find out? It is intriguing.

iknowimcoming Fri 15-Nov-19 14:39:54

Thanks as always Blondes!

Will Alfie ever come back or is he dead dead?

Will Callum join Jack at the cop shop?

Will Gray get his comeuppance?

Will we ever see Kats kids again (and Cherry and Arthur)?

The80sweregreat Fri 15-Nov-19 14:42:29

Callum will have to go away from the square to Hendon to train up! Fancy having to commute away from home? How will he manage?

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 15-Nov-19 14:49:51

Oh yes gray. Hmmmmm Chantelle needs to leave him

And blame the Mc on him lying to her

And yes why didn’t the lorry driver stop. Say to police she just jumped out and nothing I could do

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SoupDragon Fri 15-Nov-19 14:53:07

I don't think Keegan was with Louise at the right time for the baby to be his.

nancy75 Fri 15-Nov-19 14:54:15

Would be an even better twist if Sharon's baby was black - the DNA test just said baby wasn't Phil's, she might have been carrying on with Patrick for all we know grin

SoupDragon Fri 15-Nov-19 15:00:54


The80sweregreat Fri 15-Nov-19 15:15:07

Patrick and Sharon! Goodness me ! That is funny.
I don't think Lou's baby is Keegan but what a twist if it is! Tiffany will be another one gunning for a punch up.

lazymum99 Fri 15-Nov-19 16:32:26

Where is Patrick and his new woman?

nancy75 Fri 15-Nov-19 16:52:57

lazymum99 probably hiding from Dee the miserable.

The80sweregreat Fri 15-Nov-19 17:15:53

No EE on tonight! Humbug.

catinb0oots Fri 15-Nov-19 19:10:38

Oh no!!! Gotta wait to Monday angry

The80sweregreat Fri 15-Nov-19 20:29:30

'Dee the miserable! 'Lol
Sounds like a ' game of thrones ' type character!

SalemSpellman Fri 15-Nov-19 21:03:31

Thanks for the new thread

nancy75 Fri 15-Nov-19 21:33:50

80s an angry Dee is more scary than any Game of Thrones baddie!

SinisterBumFacedCat Sat 16-Nov-19 00:15:20

There’s the grim story Whitney’s latest ill advised boyfriend.

catinb0oots Sat 16-Nov-19 05:25:38

What's happening with Stuart, Rainie and baby Abi? I've forgotten

SoupDragon Sat 16-Nov-19 07:13:56

Rainie is in prison for deliberately punching Kathy in front of police. She wanted to get off drugs and somehow thought this was the best way.

Baby Abi is in the kiddie cupboard.

Stuart is around in the background

The80sweregreat Sat 16-Nov-19 09:43:31

Nancy, true! 'Dee the terrible ' 's looks could curdle milk as they say.
Maybe she has a stock of dragons somewhere. ( the only thing I know about GOT is someone has pet dragons! Lol)

renniks Sat 16-Nov-19 10:00:06

I don't understand where EE are taking this Whitney storyline with her abusers son confused

The80sweregreat Sat 16-Nov-19 10:08:28

I'm hoping that the Whitney story ends up with her getting some revenge on this Leo and showing some guts over his feeble attempts to clear his late dad's name. I want him to squirm and for her to get the upper hand.
His dad groomed and abused Whitney and his son needs taking down a peg!
The story line is awful.

lazymum99 Sat 16-Nov-19 10:45:59

I thought Rainey was in rehab. Not sure she would go to prison for giving kaf a punch.

SoupDragon Sat 16-Nov-19 11:36:41

🤷🏻‍♀️ She was arrested and then nothing much more was said. She said she did it deliberately to get off the drugs though.

X0X0 Sat 16-Nov-19 11:40:27

What about the van that was in front of mel, blocking her view until the last minute ? Surely the driver would have seen mel crash in his mirror??

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