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Blondeshavemorefun Sun 01-Apr-18 17:49:15

Obv we have the sad death of mrs spam

Thankfully Aiden storyline finished

No one seems to know or care where baby abi is

Ben is still wandering round France

Poor karen and she has grown on us. Just like carol branning did. Anyone who comes in with lots of kids and shouting etc - seems to warm the cockles of our hearts

Jack will shag mel

Will kat /slaters stay or disappear again

Any more stories going on?

EveningHare Sun 01-Apr-18 18:01:35

just checking in

The80sweregreat Sun 01-Apr-18 18:32:30

Marking place. Thanks blondes

qazxc Sun 01-Apr-18 18:37:50

What's happening to baby stabby?
Is there anything more cringey than Jack's attempts to be smooth/ woo Mel?
What nickname will be bestow on hunter?
Does Patrick not wonder why he didn't get a thank you?
Will alfie appear?

youarenotkiddingme Sun 01-Apr-18 18:43:40

I misread that as

^Jack will shag Me!

theotherendofthesockportal Sun 01-Apr-18 19:31:59

I also saw as:
Jack will shag me! 🤣🤣

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 01-Apr-18 20:17:31

I’m quite happy to shag jack 😂😂

Who also has Stacey’s kids as they seem to not be livin with Martin - wherever he lives now

The80sweregreat Sun 01-Apr-18 20:41:43

Jack is too smooth - I prefer the more rough and ready types!
The kids have disappeared since Mo n Jean have shown up.

iheartmichellemallon Sun 01-Apr-18 21:51:42

I'm checking in - hoping all the Slaters disappear as can't stand any of them!

EveningHare Mon 02-Apr-18 20:21:21

why would Martin not wash Kats shirt?
why cant she hand wash it?

EveningHare Mon 02-Apr-18 20:26:00

why do they dress Sharon so badly - and that awful hair
this is her 2 years ago - looks amazing

The80sweregreat Mon 02-Apr-18 20:32:09

I missed it as was watching the millionaire holiday club - rob Beckett was funny! What happened?

MrsJayy Mon 02-Apr-18 20:45:00

80s Rob Beckit heaving at overproofed run was hilarious grin not watched EE yet justchecking in,

popcorneveryminute Mon 02-Apr-18 20:48:32

My DM asked me the other day if Sharon was pregnant grin She couldn't understand why she would be wearing such baggy, shapeless clothes if she wasn't!

youarenotkiddingme Mon 02-Apr-18 21:12:34

Sharon and Mel pudding accident had me in stitches!

Bernie was great with Ted. Karen just makes me laugh! She has such a big heart but a big mouth with it!

The80sweregreat Mon 02-Apr-18 21:21:50

Rob Beckett was great! That rum though. Firewater!

LineysInTheSand Mon 02-Apr-18 21:26:51

It wasn't a great episode really. The shirt thing was just weird.

The80sweregreat Mon 02-Apr-18 21:31:44

I will have to catch up tomorrow.

southeastdweller Mon 02-Apr-18 21:49:49

I enjoyed it. I liked the scenes of Karen and Bernie helping Ted in his grief and the dinner scenes were fun to watch.

I think I've been on MN too long because I'm now wondering where the Slater's are all sleeping and how many bedrooms Stacey's house has.

ElizabethG81 Mon 02-Apr-18 22:56:33

I missed the week when Kat came back. Where are Alfie and the kids supposed to be?

Choccywoccyhooha Mon 02-Apr-18 23:37:07

I thought the way the other characters were around Ted tonight was very realistic, everyone is so awkward around death.
Phil show closing Sharon was amusing, as was Jay starting that the lunch "wasn't a classic Mitchell dinner, but it was strong!" grin

Thebirthdayparty Tue 03-Apr-18 01:27:42

Back to the good ole EastEnders!

Why doesn't anyone know where anything is in the Mini Market? Everyone asks where everything is even though they all do all their shopping there. Sharon: 'Where are the stock cubes'?

I like Hunter. Why is Mel telling him to stay away from Louise? They greeted each other like old friends who grew up together. Suddenly Mel is telling him to stay away.

I thought it was really poignant how Louise beelined for Hunter yet Bernie who is the same age, didn't' even give or get a second glance aware she was out of his league. The scenes of her helping Ted tonight were sweet.

Lily had a good few lines tonight. Would Martin really hold up a dirty pair of Kat's knickers, really?

Choccywoccyhooha Tue 03-Apr-18 01:29:52

"Show closing" in my post should read "slow clapping." Fgs!

Mc180768 Tue 03-Apr-18 06:00:07

Thoroughly enjoyed last night's episode. Sharon and Mel scrapping over blokes. It's the best. grin

And I'd shag Jack too.

Afreshcuppateaplease Tue 03-Apr-18 06:04:49

I do hope louise and hunter wont turnout to be related angry

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