What are you wearing today? Autumn/Winter 2021

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OublietteBravo Wed 06-Oct-21 09:46:13

I’m hoping I’ve been here long enough to be allowed to start the new thread. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s outfits as we move into my favourite fashion season.
Link to old thread:

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OublietteBravo Wed 06-Oct-21 09:50:35


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OublietteBravo Wed 06-Oct-21 09:51:00

Please tag anyone I inadvertently forget!

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EllaPaella Wed 06-Oct-21 09:54:23

Brilliant- thanks @OublietteBravo

EllaPaella Wed 06-Oct-21 09:56:35

@Softpebbles I love your boots, don't you dare send them back 
@Sooverthemill all perfect choices, can't wait to see. There was a speckled navy jumper I really wanted but as usual all oos in a 10

Sooverthemill Wed 06-Oct-21 11:10:01

@EllaPaella that's the Juliette I think. All reports I've seen are that's it's super itchy even on 'normal' people. I LOVE it but it's all pointless given my allergies. Such a shame. I will report back, nothing has shipped yet

OublietteBravo Wed 06-Oct-21 11:13:13

I love the cord shirt @Sooverthemill. Great colour!

I’m currently struggling to find a jumper in khaki - I got rid of one at the end of last winter because it was old and almost worn through at the elbows. Now I can’t seem to find a replacement - I’m after fine knit with no itchy wool content.

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EllaPaella Wed 06-Oct-21 11:13:13

Oh yes I don't get on well with itchy wool either- in fact anything with even a sniff of Mohair in I find unbearable- my eyes itch and water uncontrollably, I really don't know how anyone can bear it!

EllaPaella Wed 06-Oct-21 11:14:10

@OublietteBravo https://www.seasaltcornwall.com/shillings-merino-jumper?glCountry=GB&glCurrency=GBP&color=19501&lgwcode=11383-213204B061&cmmmc=google--Smart-ShoppingKnitwear213204B061&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-Ibls8a18wIV4ujtCh2QnACDEAQYASABEgJbkfDBwE

EllaPaella Wed 06-Oct-21 11:14:52

Merino wool which shouldn't be itchy at all

Softpebbles Wed 06-Oct-21 11:23:29

@EllaPaella that was like challenge accepted 🤣

Thanks for the new thread @OublietteBravo

I also like the look of the cord shirt @Sooverthemill

Sooverthemill Wed 06-Oct-21 11:34:29

Just reposting photos for people . @OublietteBravo yes I am also an itchy person and need fine kind to skin stuff. Honestly I sometimes think the M&S pretend cashmere are the best! I'm sure @EllaPaella has and I do too. Not in khaki though

EllaPaella Wed 06-Oct-21 11:39:00

@Sooverthemill yes I have the M&S cashmere - very lovely

Gonnagetgoing Wed 06-Oct-21 11:40:43

This new jumper


Beige long sleeved basic H&M top underneath

with M&S denim jeggings and Nike black internationalist trainers.

Gonnagetgoing Wed 06-Oct-21 11:42:16

PS - hoping it's ok I join!

EllaPaella Wed 06-Oct-21 11:48:53

Welcome @Gonnagetgoing - lovely jumper. Like the sound of your outfit.

EllaPaella Wed 06-Oct-21 11:51:27

Everybody welcome here, we are a lovely bunch Just here to enjoy sharing clothes chat 😊

Gonnagetgoing Wed 06-Oct-21 11:51:46


Welcome @Gonnagetgoing - lovely jumper. Like the sound of your outfit.

Thank you! The blue is the most gorgeous blue. Am only buying things I love right now and that jumper was one of them smile.

Sooverthemill Wed 06-Oct-21 12:29:51

@Gonnagetgoing you should only buy things you live! Welcome

AudTheDeepMinded Wed 06-Oct-21 12:34:13

Very think violet coloured tights and a vintage-style short-sleeved cotton dress which is purple with pink Bambi deer on, toadstools, flowers and foliage, by run and fly. Think I've posted it, so hope it works.
When I went out earlier I put a navy down/quilted jacket on and brown lace up ankle boots. I've not yet pulled my winter wardrobe out,, but really need to.

Gonnagetgoing Wed 06-Oct-21 12:35:59


*@Gonnagetgoing* you should only buy things you live! Welcome


That is my new mantra - only buying things I love - after being a shopaholic for ages and getting rid of a lot of things!

I love blue so this works.

Lj8893 Wed 06-Oct-21 12:37:21

Hope it’s ok to join!

I’m working today so my workwear is slightly more conservative than my normal wear (although still very much me).

I’m wearing a black and white floral tiered midi dress, black tights, fur lined DMs and a forest green fluffy cardigan. I feel quite stylish in a slightly boho way!

Greyhairwarmheart Wed 06-Oct-21 15:58:34

Great jumper @Gonnagetgoing. I love that shade of blue. Lovely dress @AudTheDeepMinded. I've got full length trousers from M&S like those culottes @OublietteBravo. I love them and they're very comfortable. Top jigsaw, skirt white stuff.

AudTheDeepMinded Wed 06-Oct-21 17:19:15

Thanks! I love how different everyone's styles are!

cruelladepoppins Wed 06-Oct-21 17:31:02

Back in the office today, but not client-facing. Everything is from last Autumn/winter. Office has "green" heating policy, so:
Grey jumper with pink patterned yoke - Hobbs
Grey dogtooth cosy jersey treggings - M and S
Black leather plimsolls with leopard detailing - Hotter.
Boring black mask.

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