What are you wearing today? July/August

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EllaPaella Mon 19-Jul-21 07:50:49

Hi everyone
Link to old thread https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/styleandbeauty/4243585-what-are-you-wearing-today-may-2021

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EllaPaella Mon 19-Jul-21 07:55:59

@Greyhairwarmheart @Shannith @Softpebbles @Sickoffamilydrama @Sooverthemill @Justonedayatatime11 @MerlinsButler @MaizeBlouse @Tehmina23 @Purplecatshopaholic @KiteflyingKat @Rollerbird @toastfiend @PawsQueen
Please tag anyone else I've forgotten

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EllaPaella Mon 19-Jul-21 07:56:42


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Shannith Mon 19-Jul-21 07:57:56

Hello! Thanks for starting a new one. It's brilliant how we keep on going!

Justonedayatatime11 Mon 19-Jul-21 08:00:50

Thanks @EllaPaella

NotMyCat Mon 19-Jul-21 08:17:35

Long tall sally vest top
M&S trousers

Sooverthemill Mon 19-Jul-21 08:20:48

@EllaPaella gosh that confused me!

Not quite so warm yet today but hoping for garden time. I keep trying on the Hush jeans!
Top: everlane
Shorts: H&M
Sandals: saltwater ( wearing in, meant to be waterproof so good for beach)


Softpebbles Mon 19-Jul-21 08:41:54

Thanks @EllaPaella

Love that cami with those jeans @Sooverthemill

Justonedayatatime11 Mon 19-Jul-21 09:49:09

Skirt New Look
Top H&M
Will stick some sandals on when I go to the post office. So hot here again!

20FlowerPower Mon 19-Jul-21 10:20:11

Oh when I saw the old thread was full I was worried I wouldn't find you all!

Today it is literally 10 degrees (+?) cooler than yesterday, but still nice and warm smile

Top : Boden
Culottes : Whistles
Earrings : Anthropologie (sale)

Sooverthemill Mon 19-Jul-21 10:37:18

@Shannith great charity haul
@sickoffamilydrama I love the bikini. You look great

EllaPaella Mon 19-Jul-21 10:47:31

Hello everyone! Glad you found the thread.. lovely pics today. I am currently in my joggers working from the kitchen table but will post later on when finished.

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OublietteBravo Mon 19-Jul-21 11:29:30

I wasn’t sure how arctic the aircon in the office would be (I’m still squatting in other people’s office space - my designated office space should finally be open next week). Turns out I don’t actually need the shirt (except in the break room which is freezing).

Shirt: Boden
T-Shirt: ??? (From TKMaxx)
Trousers: White Stuff
Trainers: Boden

Purplecatshopaholic Mon 19-Jul-21 12:04:09

Hello everyone. Thanks for the shiny, new thread @EllaPaella. Took the day off today for some recharge time. All Saints sundress and Tommy Hilfiger impulse buy shoes from John Lewis sale. Messy garden and dog, models own.

Shannith Mon 19-Jul-21 12:26:41

@Sooverthemill keep the jeans!

Greyhairwarmheart Mon 19-Jul-21 12:36:08

@Shannith great charity shop haul.
@Sickoffamilydrama lovely bikini.
Top white stuff, skirt Laura Ashley.

OublietteBravo Mon 19-Jul-21 12:46:07

Love the earrings @20FlowerPower.

Enjoy your time in the garden @Purplecatshopaholic.

PalacePaper Mon 19-Jul-21 14:11:40

Still warm where we are on holiday - it's like being abroad!

Today's outfit (for crazy golf grin) - playsuit Boden, top under primark, sandals Boden. Will shortly be changing into swimming costume and rash vest and heading for the sea! @Sickoffamilydrama I love your bikini, looks fantastic!

I read a very funny thread on here about someone getting stuck in a jumpsuit - luckily my playsuit is a fabric which stretches but I can see how it could easily happen if it didn't have any give!

OublietteBravo Mon 19-Jul-21 14:24:29

(I once got stuck in a jumpsuit and had to unpick part of them stitching around the zip to release myself blush).

Sooverthemill Mon 19-Jul-21 14:38:53

I saw the thread too @PalacePaper and i nearly wet myself. It's spurred me on to sell my Hush jumpsuit because although I like it I just find it too awkward to get in and out of fast! My linen one from H&M is a breeze! I have a dress with a side zip that DH has to do for me because I faint if I turn that far round to use the zip ( I dk t know why. I also sometimes faint doing up seatbelt as a passenger, I accept I'm odd)
@Shannith yes I think I shall keep. I bought an expensive but lovely blouse in the net a Porter sale which I am now angsting about but DD says I should keep. I may try on again tomorrow

I love this weather!

EllaPaella Mon 19-Jul-21 16:06:24

Ugh soooo hot 🥵🥵
I am taking the kids camping tomorrow, single handed as DH is working, am a little concerned it's going to be blisteringly hot in a tent!
Talking of jumpsuits (great thread) I am now in mine. Bought last summer.
@Purplecatshopaholic I love your shoes 😍

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EllaPaella Mon 19-Jul-21 16:07:24

Have never been stuck in a jumpsuit but I did get stuck in a warehouse dress a few years ago, one of those zips that goes up the side of the chest area. Just couldn't get it undone - that was a scissor job to escape!

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LemonPeonies Mon 19-Jul-21 16:17:48

Dress size 12 from SHEIN about a tenner 😂

Shannith Mon 19-Jul-21 16:40:28

@PalacePaper and @EllaPaella nice jumpsuits. My short one requires all my yoga skills (which are minimal) to get out of.

I once got stuck in a corset top in Karen Millen. I had to ask a very unamused assistant to help after 20 mins of increasingly panicked sweating. It rolled up somewhere under my armpits and stayed there.

And this bloody belt which I still optimistically wear despite a mini wrestling match, occasional despair and a promise to never wear it again every time I need the loo.

MrsBerthaRochester Mon 19-Jul-21 16:52:59

Jemima floral dress from Collectif,Vivienne Westwood Melissa gold bow heels. Ted Baker bag.

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