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Plus size chat / what are you wearing today sort of thread 2!

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ParisJeTAime Thu 25-Feb-21 19:19:47


Following on from our previous thread, here is a shiny new one to see us through Spring / Summer and maybe beyond!

Feel free to join. We are very friendly and size inclusive.

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TaylorSwaft Thu 25-Feb-21 20:24:45

Thanks @ParisJeTAime looking forward to lovely spring fashionista fun!

ParisJeTAime Thu 25-Feb-21 20:26:12

Me too smile!

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Pob13 Thu 25-Feb-21 20:31:02

I would like to join please. I have been living in joggers and may have to wear proper clothes in a couple of weeks if we have to go back into work. Im dreading it.
Im just so clueless and dont know how to dress my lumpy size 24 body.

ParisJeTAime Thu 25-Feb-21 20:36:34

Welcome @Pob13 smile! Yes, lockdown has been a fashion killer! I say this, sitting in jeans, trainers and a hoodie, which says it all grin. Will wear something fancier tomorrow.

Weekend is style challenge! Some of us pick one item from our wardrobes and try to style them three ways. It's quite fun and helps me look at my wardrobe a bit differently. Join us doing that, anyone who feels like it!

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LivingDeadGirlUK Thu 25-Feb-21 21:48:08

Checking in, I wore a wrap dress today as it felt like Spring, still a bit nippy though.

greyinganddecaying Thu 25-Feb-21 22:11:14

I've been following the previous thread smile

I'm actually leaving the house tomorrow (covid jab) & no clue what to wear!

The4ks Fri 26-Feb-21 00:27:35

God imagine going for a jab as an occasion!
Been living in joggers here too mostly but put on jeans earlier to visit my sister. So uncomfortable!
Bought a few dresses from next sale earlier in the year and some snag tights so just need an excuse to wear them??

SynchroSwimmer Fri 26-Feb-21 01:25:00

Just got back into a bra today (after the entire winter in those vest things)

...and the new M&S camouflage print trousers

Divebar2021 Fri 26-Feb-21 07:34:19

Oooh hello all. Waves. Nice to see everyone. I agree that getting back into real bras and non stretch clothes is a bit of a shock to the system. I’ve been going into the office one day a week so have been keeping my hand in.
I came home to 3 parcels yesterday ... 1 cropped jacket from Cos via eBay that I love. I pair of 7/8th s trousers also Cos and also eBay which I think will be good when I’ve lost a bit more weight ( they’re very slim cut).... and then the 4 pairs of trousers from my DM ( M&S) which I didn’t really want which are OK. Would I have bought them myself? No. So now I can add them to the huge pile of fucking trousers I need to be rid of and I get to feel guilty about it too.

We did chat about a great French style pharmacy near your work. I’m Jnct 9.... I used to be Jnct 6
Very cryptic messaging. wink

greyinganddecaying Fri 26-Feb-21 08:16:23


God imagine going for a jab as an occasion!
Been living in joggers here too mostly but put on jeans earlier to visit my sister. So uncomfortable!
Bought a few dresses from next sale earlier in the year and some snag tights so just need an excuse to wear them??

Yeah I'm shielding & not left the house for 3-4 weeks!

ParisJeTAime Fri 26-Feb-21 08:44:52

Good luck with the jab today @greyinganddecaying! My sister and dad have had their first jabs and no problems at all.

<waves back at @Divebar2021 and everyone else> smile

Here I am in:

Tunic dress (bit short? Or clinging on my hips a bit? Something looks a I'll put a jumper over the top anyway as it is 🥶), 18, Thought
Black Snags, E
Out of shot, Seasalt Towpath brown boots, 7

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alphaechokiwi Fri 26-Feb-21 08:47:03

Thank for the new thread @ParisJeTAime - looking forward to the 3 way challenge on Saturday. Such a great idea!
I'm dressed head to toe in Decathlon lycra this morning! I'm going to aim for some exercise outside before getting properly dressed....but there's a good chance I'll still be wearing Lycra this evening 🤣

ParisJeTAime Fri 26-Feb-21 08:50:40

Oh well done @alphaechokiwi! On at least the plan to exercise wink.

I might get a walk in and I might book some online yoga classes. I hate cardio, but I know I need to do some.

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fairydustandpixies Fri 26-Feb-21 09:05:42

Helloooo! Just hopping on the thread, hope that's okay. Had to go 'out' yesterday for a work meeting (usually wfh), had nightmares (literal ones) about my clothes but wore black trousers, white blouse (not a tucky in one!) and a floral rain coat from Joe Browns. I was most excited about taking my £12.50-in-the-sale new leather boots from Matalan out for a trial run! (No running though, I'm built for comfort, not speed!) Today I'm back in purple joggers, no bra, no make up and a men's black jumper (the jumper was given to me by a client because it was too big for him and he wondered if one of my DS might wear it...!).

greyinganddecaying Fri 26-Feb-21 09:40:02

I've been playing around with Stylebook & am going to wear this outfit for my jab trip grin

Not very exciting but a change from my normal day pyjamas!

StCharlotte Fri 26-Feb-21 09:50:00

Morning all and Happy Friday! Thanks for the new thread @ParisJeTAime.

Looking forward a DH-free non work day tomorrow (first one in a year - I love him but...) and planning a [^nother^] wardrobe sort-out and the Saturday challenge. Followed by some trash TV that he hates ha ha!

Today's outfit is an M&S ribbed swing dress with pockets grin. Crocheted necklace is from the Ideal Home Show a few years back. Boots are Evans or Simply Be.

Depending on timings of - ahem - deliveries I plan to get out at lunchtime and do some errands. A couple of returns to the local Hermes shop and taking the boots to be stretched.

Gorgeous weather here and I'm feeling very positive about life today smile

StCharlotte Fri 26-Feb-21 09:50:29


ParisJeTAime Fri 26-Feb-21 09:51:01

Oh nice @greyinganddecaying!

Welcome @fairydustandpixies smile! Oh I can imagine having clothes nightmares too if I had to go back into an office. Although, it also sounds rather nice too!

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StCharlotte Fri 26-Feb-21 09:55:28


That's a cool outfit. And @ParisJeTAime will love those boots!

Good luck with the jab smile

Divebar2021 Fri 26-Feb-21 09:56:31

Oh another Stylebook user Yay. I’ve been a bit crap at photographing my stuff... although the clothes are coming in and out at a steady rate of knots at the moment. A very stylish jabbing outfit
@greyinganddecaying - I’m in the market for a blue denim jacket... I just haven’t decided what sort I want. A classic Levi’s is obviously up there though but I think I might wait until I can try them on.

Good luck with your jab... I’m very jealous. I’m just in Decathlon Lycra too today so nothing to see here.

greyinganddecaying Fri 26-Feb-21 10:10:03

Thanks! The boots are from Heavenly Feet - so comfortable, and wide enough for my huge feet.

UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme Fri 26-Feb-21 10:12:06

Hi everyone. Nice to see the new thread. I'm just placemarking really as I have to take dc2 to the doctor's in a minute. I feel as though I live in an alternative reality somewhat as I've never stopped going to work, but also never have a reason to wear smart clothes as its very much a jeans workplace!
I have had both my vaccinations due to my job, and took a few people for their vaccinations yesterday (that was fun - involved some meltdown containment and one vaccination was done at a run... shockgrin ). I'm glad our cluents are getting vaccinated finally though as some are very vulnerable. One lady hasn't been out for months and enjoyed her vaccination outing so much she refused to leave the center for a while...

I'm wearing Next jeans, a uniqlo heattech turtleneck and a funny purple waterfall cardigan which according to the label is from principles (Debenhams?) making it a UK purchase so at least 14 years old... Sizes range from 14 to 18.

StCharlotte Fri 26-Feb-21 12:56:34


M&S jeans need to go back. I'm just destined never to own jeans again.

ParisJeTAime Fri 26-Feb-21 12:58:29

Oh boo! Sorry @StCharlotte. But, at least it's one less item in your wardrobe!

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